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  • Carpentry, Windows and Doors Costs

    Painting Exterior Doors Cost

    In this article, we will look at the costs involved in painting exterior doors, including the types of doors, material costs...


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    Cost of Hanging Curtains

    In the following guide, we’ll break down how much it costs to hang and install different types of Curtains and Blinds. This article...


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    Fire Door Cost

    In this article, we're going to explore everything you need to know about hanging fire doors, whether this can be done as...


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    Floorboard Repair Costs

    The most common floorboard issues can be fixed relatively easily. Many homeowners can fix a faulty floorboard as a DIY job. However, it's...


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    Cost of Installing French Doors

    In the following guide, we’ll break down how much it costs to install different types and sizes of French doors. This article...


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    The Cost of Replacing Skirting and Architrave

    On average, the cost of hiring a professional carpenter to replace skirting boards and architrave for a medium-size room...


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    The Cost of Repairing Roof Joists

    Roof joists are structural beams that are typically made from wood. These beams usually run horizontally, connecting opposing walls...


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    The Cost of a Bespoke Child's Bed

    A bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home. The design of a bed can instantly transform the look and...


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    Cost of Installing Soundproofing

    Soundproofing is a great way to separate one room from another or to diffuse the noise from neighbouring properties. Reducing noise...


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    Cost of Installing uPVC Cladding

    If you're looking to add value and a sense of personality to the exterior of your home, UPVC cladding is an excellent option.


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    Cost of Fitting a Home With New Windows

    Fitting a new set of windows has a number of positives, and is something every homeowner should consider doing at some point. Most...


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    Cost of Resealing Windows and Doors

    Resealing windows and doors is a common necessity for most homes, especially older homes that tend to show signs of wear...


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    Cost of Removing Partition Walls

    Many home owners are removing partition walls in their homes to create one large room. Not only does removing a partition wall in...


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    Cost of Replacement Kitchen Units

    Kitchen units are often the focal point of your kitchen but with so many designs to choose from it can be a little overwhelming fi...


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    Window Condensation Removal and Reseal

    When the seals fail on double glazed units there used to be little you could do about it in terms of repairs, the double glazed un...


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    Cost of Replacing Blown Windows

    Replacing blown double glazed windows can often seem like an expense you could well do without. However, if the problem is simply...


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    Cost of Fitting Pet Flaps

    Is your dog often gets locked out or you are sick of draughts because the back door is nearly always open - then fitting a dog or...


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    Cost of Building a Wheelie Bin Cover

    Wheelie bin storage units are becoming more and more popular in the UK as they really help to keep your garden looking neat and of...


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    Cost Of Installing Loft Legs

    Loft legs or stilts serve the purpose of raising the loft level; however, they can also serve the general purpose of leveling. Dep...


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    Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Cost

    Flat pack furniture assembly is something which you might want to rely on the professionals to perform...


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    Velux and Skylight Window Cost

    A roof window is a fantastic way to bring more light into a room as they allow the sunlight to transform those dark and dingy area...


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    Cost of installing a Roof lantern

    The glazed roof lantern was originally developed during the Middle Ages and was used in Renaissance architecture in cathed...


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    Professional Window Cleaning Cost

    Cleaning your windows is a great way to give your home a fresh look. Not only from the exterior, but you are also going to feel be...


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    Cost of Getting Your Locks Changed

    A locksmith can replace and upgrade your home's locks, the most common reasons why new locks need to be fitted include moving...


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    Cost of Replacing a New Front Door

    Replacing a new front door can completely transform the look and feel of your home. It will instantly enhance the curb appeal from...


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    Woodworm Treatment Cost

    Woodworms can wreak havoc to your home. They will eat away at wood-fixtures, furniture, and pricey wooden-beams, which will end up...


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    Cost of Installing Fitted Wardrobes

    A new fitted-wardrobe can do wonders for your home. Stating the obvious, it will give you more storage space. More room to hang up...


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    Double Glazing Installation Cost

    New windows can liven up the appearance of your home while adding value and appeal to your property. New windows also increase...


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    Secondary Glazing Cost

    Secondary glazing involves installing supplementary glazing on the inside of an existing window and can be permanent...


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    Loft Ladder Installation Cost

    If you have just moved into a new house with a loft space but no easy way of accessing it or are planning to use your attic space...


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    New Kitchen Cost

    If you’re thinking of having a new kitchen installed, you will probably be shocked at the expense. The actual cost of a new kitc...


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    Cost of Triple Glazed Windows

    Triple glazing simply uses three panes of glass within a sealed frame, instead of the more traditional two panes. Between the thre...


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    Cost of Installing a New Staircase

    Whether you are replacing existing stairs or adding a new staircase as part of a bigger renovation or building project, this is a...


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    Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost

    Trying to find out how much it will cost to replace your conservatory roof? In this article, you'll find prices for changing...


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    Costs of Changing your Bay Window

    Bay window is the name given to any type of window that projects out from the wall to form a bay. A popular feature in Victorian h...


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    Cost To Replace Kitchen Worktops

    Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to cost the Earth! Spending thousands of pounds to install a brand new kitchen is not always...


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    Bifold Door Cost

    Trying to find out how much new bifold doors will cost? In this article we provide a detailed breakdown of bifold door prices...


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