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Carpentry, Windows and Doors Costs

Cost of Replacement Kitchen Units

Kitchen units are often the focal point of your kitchen but with so many designs to choose from it can be a little overwhelming fi...


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Window Condensation Removal and Reseal

When the seals fail on double glazed units there used to be little you could do about it in terms of repairs, the double glazed un...


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Cost of Replacing Blown Windows

Replacing blown double glazed windows can often seem like an expense you could well do without. However, if the problem is simply...


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Cost of Fitting Pet Flaps

Is your dog often gets locked out or you are sick of draughts because the back door is nearly always open - then fitting a dog or...


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Cost of Building a Wooden Wheelie Bin Cover

Wheelie bin storage units are becoming more and more popular in the UK as they really help to keep your garden looking neat and of...


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Cost Of Installing Loft Legs

Loft legs or stilts serve the purpose of raising the loft level; however, they can also serve the general purpose of leveling. Dep...


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Velux and Skylight Window Cost

A roof window is a fantastic way to bring more light into a room as they allow the sunlight to transform those dark and dingy area...


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Cost of installing a Roof lantern

The glazed roof lantern was originally developed during the Middle Ages and was used in Renaissance architecture in cathed...


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