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    Whether you're a builder, plumber, or any other trade, find out how you can increase the number of job leads you receive.

    Latest Job Leads

    Plaster Skimming

    Looking for two rooms to be skimmed including ceilings. Moved into a house that needs updating. Will strip wall paper prior. Would also like second quotes for painting if a service offered.

    Under £500 Upminster Submitted 17:36 on 26th Jun 2019
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    Wall Tiling

    We are having our kitchen fitted and need a quote for the tiling. Approx 5 square meters. The walls will already be plastered before you start and I will get the tiles but please supply grout and edging. Thx

    Don't Know Farnborough Submitted 16:58 on 26th Jun 2019
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    Sockets, Switches & Fittings

    I need my electric cooker installing but also an electric point for the cooker as there is only a gas connection in this property

    Under £250 Ripley Submitted 16:43 on 26th Jun 2019
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    Lawns - Turfing / Seeding

    Rotavator needed to level, top soil and turf. 36 square metres Flat ground 4 straight edges

    Don't Know Biggleswade Submitted 16:35 on 26th Jun 2019
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    Lighting & Power - Internal

    Switch board is outdated I want it to be replaced by modern type. A couple of double sockets don't have switches and need replacement.

    Under £500 Bletchley Submitted 16:00 on 26th Jun 2019
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    Electrical Inspecting / Testing

    House is currently going through a sale. P cert required. Therefore electric testing required.

    Don't Know Rotherham Submitted 15:52 on 26th Jun 2019
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    How to get more work

    Job leads don't just grow on trees and if you're reading this page, chances are you're looking to get more. Word of mouth is the tried and tested method but it's not as effective as it used to be, especially when you're just starting out.

    When you're new to the trade, the best advice is to take on as many small jobs as possible in order to build up your customer base. Taking your time with each job, making sure your work is excellent, and following up any issues, as well as charging a decent rate, is the best way to create a solid foundation for your business.

    But how do you get those initial jobs in? Or perhaps you've never quite managed to build up your base of customers? MyJobQuote could well be the solution for you!

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    Ready to start receiving job leads?

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