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  • Woodworm Treatment Cost

    What is the true cost of terminating woodworms? .

    The average cost of treating woodworms is between £500-£1000, depending on the home's size.

    Treatment can last anywhere from 1-day to 1-week.


    Woodworms can wreak havoc to your home. They will eat away at wood-fixtures, furniture, and pricey wooden-beams, which will end up costing far more to replace in the long run. If however, you properly pinpoint and set up a target-treatment plan, you can rid your home of woodworms in a matter of days. And, if you opt to hire a licensed professional, they can offer you various treatment methods to target the problem.

    The furniture beetle is the most common species of woodworms. Not only do they damage wooden furniture and fixtures, they can spread throughout the home, infest the home, and eventually cause damage to the foundation, siding, walls, and other wooden surfaces. So, the sooner you can determine the cause and location of infestation, and hire a licensed professional to treat it, the less it will cost you, and the far fewer headaches you'll have to deal with, in treating these issues.

    Woodworms can lead to other forms of infestation in the home; and, even if it doesn't, these small animals can cause quite a bit of damage to wooden-furniture and fixtures, and end up costing you thousands in treatment costs. So, let's take a look at the general costs, and the reasons why it is best to hire a professional at the first sight of infestation, rather than attempt to rid the infestation problem yourself.

    Costs of hiring fumigation experts to treat woodworm infestation.

    Job DescriptionDurationMaterial CostLabour Cost
    Surveying the home/land.1-4 hours depending on the home’s size.N/A£100-£250/hour.
    Borno-treatment (vapor-less, odour-less, water-based treatment).1-hour up to 2-days.N/A.£30/25 sq.meters
    Fogging treatment.1-2 days.N/A£500-£1000
    Fumigation (this will include cost of hotel/room, as you will typically have to leave your home for a few days).1-3 days.N/A£500-£1000

    Things to consider when treating woodworms.

    Woodworms might seem easy to remove/fumigate from your home. However, the wrong treatment method can do far more harm than good. Further, if you don’t use the right chemical-compounds, treatment solutions, and don’t go in the proper order when treating the woodworms, further infestation can occur down the road. So, consider a few of these factors, when deciding if you should hire a licensed specialist to remove the woodworms from your home.

    Possible future outbreak -Sure, you can get rid of them, if you attempt to do the fumigation yourself. But, what about 6 months to 1-year down the road? If you don’t choose the appropriate method to eliminate the woodworms, future infestation can occur. This will result in more harm, damage, and obviously additional costs to you.

    Dangers to your family –This is more so an issue with fumigation, and chemical-based treatments. With borno-treatment methods, or water-based treatments, you don’t have to worry about these possible complications. However, if fumigation is the chosen method to remove the woodworms, you will have to leave the home for several days, to prevent breathing conditions, or possible respiratory issues later down the road.

    Damaging other surfaces –This is another issue as it pertains to DIY treatment. Sure, you choose the most potent chemical-based agent available. But, you accidentally spray it on other surfaces, or leave it on the wooden surfaces too long. Now what? If damage ensues, you might have to dispose of certain items. So, if you don’t know what you are doing, it is best to leave the fumigation and treatment up to the specialists.

    It might look simple from the outside looking in. But, a quick inspection of the home will dictate just how serious the infestation really is. It will detail how deep the woodworms are on surfaces, and which areas of the home they have penetrated. All of this is relevant in choosing the appropriate treatment method, and in choosing one which will prevent future outbreaks down the line as well.

    Before you attempt a DIY fumigation or treatment solution, consider a few of these aspects, to determine if you should first call a fumigator instead.

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    Doing it Yourself

    Fumigation, or borno-treatment (most commonly used) aren’t treatments you should attempt yourself. It is best to leave woodworm treatment up to the professionals. This is not a simply DIY project you can complete over the weekend. In fact, if you don’t choose the right treatment solution, further infestation can occur down the road. And, if you choose a chemical-agent which is too strong, or isn’t specifically intended to treat and kill woodworms, you can cause damage to wooden surfaces.

    Licensed professionals know what they are doing. They survey the home, floorboards, doors, furniture, and all wooden surfaces. Many will even do an inspection of foundation if there is wood below the home. So, you know they are inspecting all areas, and ruling out areas which infestation hasn’t occurred. From there, they decide upon the best treatment and solution methods. They don’t simply bomb the home with powerful chemical-agents, or start fumigating, if this is not necessary.

    Professionals will offer different approaches as well. So, they will present you with the most-drastic, versus the easiest treatment methods. They will inform you of duration, costs, expectations, and how they will go about removing and ridding the woodworms from future infestations. They will provide you with full details about the services they will render, and how they will go about properly conducting surveys and treatment, to prevent issues or damage to your property.

    Woodworms can wreak havoc to wooden surfaces, furniture, flooring, and even foundation. If it is properly treated at the first sign of infestation, it will greatly reduce costs and headaches. But, as a homeowner, this is not a DIY-fumigation job you should attempt. Rather, leave it up to the professionals. Not only for your peace of mind, but also to ensure you don’t cause great damage to your home, by choosing inappropriate treatment methods.

    Hire a specialists for treatments.

    • Choose a specialist who knows the methods: borno, water-based, fumigation, etc.
    • Choose a specialist who is familiar with approaches, equipment, chemical-agents, and other treatment options.
    • Make sure they are familiar with all forms of infestation (house longhorn beetle, furniture beetle, etc.).


    Should I fumigate the home?
    No; this is not the first solution, nor is it the only alternative to treating woodworms. In fact, this should be the third, even fourth option, down the road. Borno-treatments (water-based treatment) is the most common form of treatment. Before you attempt anything, have a specialist visit and assess your home, and provide you with a detailed-quote about infestation levels/type, before treating the problem. With a few alternatives/quotes, you will choose the best treatment methods.
    Can I fumigate the home myself?
    This is not advised. Not only is it dangerous, it can result in the use of heavy-chemical agents being used, when they really don't have to be. Rather, learn about alternative treatment methods, to determine how to treat the woodworms, and a specialist will inform you of the best approach going forward.
    What does woodworm damage look like?
    Woodworm damage is quite easy to spot as the wood will have small exit holes with some dusty around the hole. Woodworm is most active around May and Septemeber.
    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 7th May 2019.

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