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About Us

Here's a little bit about us.

At MyJobQuote we connect homeowners with local trades people based on location, job skills and a range of other factors. By combining the latest technology with manual checks we keep costs to a minimum while making sure our users get a quality whether they are a homeowner or tradesperson.

How it works in short:

  1. Customer submits details about the job
  2. MJQ Staff check the job and ask for more details if required
  3. We send the job to relevant trades people who can complete the job
  4. Trades get in contact with the customer to complete a job
  5. Customer submits feedback.

Who we are

After promoting websites online since the early 2000's we have developed a platform that allows consumers to connect with businesses without having to search for hours. This platform allows businesses to connect with consumers without the need for any marketing experience. We are keen to offer a transparent, powerful and useful service by leveraging the power of digital marketing techniques to target consumers at the point of intent, passing them to trades people in an instant making for a positive experience for all.

Why we are different:

  1. We are measured - We connect with customers who are seeking work in the areas we have trades - Sounds crazy but many of our competitors invest in generic campaigns which ultimately generate waste, where there is waste everyone loses. Customers don't get quotes, trades are paying expensive memberships for a hit and hope approach.
  2. We are fair - Our job prices are generated based many factors, we understand that location, budget, distance, skills all contribute to value of a job, so why price jobs from a single price list?
  3. We listen - If you want a trade category / job type we will do our best to accommodate, after all you know what jobs you want to do better than anyone.

Reasons to join:

  • No Signup Fee - We charge only per accepted lead you wish to buy
  • Free profile for all members which is listed in the directory
  • Leads generated where our members want them
  • Fair pricing calculated to still leave you a margin
  • Join over 2700 other trades who have signed up to MyJobQuote
  • We generated £1.6 million worth of work for trades last month


Our leads range from 50p to £100. You see, we don't price our leads based on a set price list. We take into consideration:

  • Trade
  • Job description
  • Budget
  • Location
  • Timescale
  • Validity of the lead
  • Cost to generate
  • Competition for the lead
  • Age of the lead
  • Trade feedback
  • Jobs offered VS Purchased

Signup, add your information, get job leads sent to you and if you like what you see go ahead and purchase if not, there will be other jobs just around the corner.

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