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    Get a local painter and decorator to turn your home in to the masterpiece you have always dreamt of. Use our quote form to get free, no obligation quotes from local tradesmen. Compare quotes from painters and decorators and select the one that suits your needs. Customers using our service often save money by getting lower quotes from our trades people. No job is to small or too big, from stripping wallpaper to full room decoration we have tradesmen suited to the job. Looking for a commercial painters or decorators we have them too, make sure to describe the size of your job to be matched up.

    Painter and Decorator Overview

    Professional painting and decorating firms pride themselves on treating customers the way they would like to be treated and always leaving a finished room in a clean and tidy state. Most painter & decorators offer a full range of services including internal and external decoration, paper-hanging, artexing, coving, floor sanding, woodwork staining/varnishing and even minor building work and alterations. Painter and decorator companies also carry out a range of insurance work, carrying out repairs for fire and water damage claims. Reputable companies will have a Health & Safety certificate and offer guarantees as standard.

    Interior and exterior painting and decorating can obviously be done on a DIY basis if you are competent, as can wallpaper hanging. However, many of us have busy lives and want to spend our time at home relaxing, rather than working! Wallpapering and painting can be a time-consuming process and untrained decorators are much more likely to make a mistake, which could ruin the look of a newly decorated room and end up costing more than hiring a professional in the first place. If you're worried about the cost of professional wallpaper hanging, painting and decorating, rest assured that although the hourly rates may seem high, professional decorators can make short work of projects due to their experience, finishing jobs in a fraction of the time it can take a DIY enthusiasts, so the price for the finished work can work out to be quite reasonable.


    The main cost on any wallpapering project is the labour, so when estimating costs, remember that the harder it is to hang wallpaper, the higher the labour cost. So for a room with very high ceilings, or for a stairwell, you will have to spend more to get a professional job done. The opposite is also true, if it is a standard squared room with no awkward cut outs or high ceilings, then it will be quicker to wallpaper so therefore expect a better price.

    Most decorators will usually charge by the day or the hour for wallpapering, although some charge by the roll of paper or give a fixed price based on the size of the room. Always check that any quotes include the cost of removing scrap paper and rubbish on job completion. Most people will supply their own choice of wallpaper, but if this is being supplied by the decorator, then this will obviously be another variable which will affect the price. The cost of materials can vary greatly, from cheap paper at your local DIY store to unique or hand-printed designs from designer outlets.

    One final point to consider is the condition of your walls, once they are clean and free of old paper your decorator may need to fill in any holes or uneven parts of the wall for a smooth finish. Small divots in the wall should not have a huge impact on costs, but a wall that needs to be re-plastered will add to the costs substantially. Unfortunately the condition of your walls is hard to establish until the old paper is removed, so bear this in mind when getting wallpapering quotes. Although plastering will add to the cost, it is well worth getting done, as smooth walls will ensure the wallpaper will then last longer with a superior, professional finish.

    Choosing a Painter & Decorator

    A recommendation from someone you know is a great way to find a painter & decorator as this gives you a good place to start and an opportunity to see their work first hand. You can also check with the Painting and Decorating Association who can provide a list of painters and decorators in your area. Choosing a painter who is a member of a trade association means they have been thoroughly vetted and keep abreast of the latest techniques and regulations in the decorating industry.

    When hiring a decorator, always check they carry adequate Public Liability Insurance and remember that any quality painter and decorator will be more than happy to supply references and examples of past work. professional painter and decorator can also be invaluable in terms of offering advice on the best way to achieve your aims when it comes to decorating projects. when choosing a painter and decorator, don't worry if they cannot visit for a few weeks, this is a good sign as they are in demand and also gives you plenty of time to gather paint and wallpaper samples.

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