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  • Cost of Getting a Bespoke Child’s Bed Made

    Cost of a bespoke bed project.

    Average cost of a bespoke bed

    This job could take several weeks or months to complete depending on the complexity of the job.


    A bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home. The design of a bed can instantly transform the look and style of a room, but more importantly, can also have a dramatic impact on sleep quality. If you’re currently redecorating your child’s room, you may be considering having a bespoke bed built to suit a specific style of decor, or even to meet their functional needs. Searching for suitable ready-built beds on the high street can be an extremely time-consuming task and you may still leave without finding the exact bed that you had in mind.

    You may be considering having a bespoke bed built because your child’s room is uniquely shaped, meaning certain width and lengths need to be adhered by, or perhaps you’re looking to give their bedroom the 'wow-factor' with a custom novelty design that suits a certain theme. The latter will require the element of artistic imagination and creativity, which is where a professional carpenter will come in to bring your vision to life.

    Building a bespoke bed is often beyond the scope of a DIY enthusiast; unless you have had relevant training in carpentry or experience building furniture. Beds need to be structurally sound to take the weight of a body and of course, be visually pleasing when it comes to attention to detail.

    When it comes to prices for building bespoke beds, it is best to shop around. As building a bespoke bed is a creative project, companies may come up with any random figure that comes to mind, so always get at least three quotations to determine whether the prices you have been given are fair and accurate. Finding local tradesmen to offer quotations is quick and easy using the free service that we provide. Simply post the details of the job you need doing along with contact details, then sit back and let up to 3 local contractors get in touch to provide written quotations.

    Typical prices

    Job Description Duration Cost
    Bespoke Novelty Bed 2 Weeks Between £150-£1000
    Bespoke Bunk Bed 1-2 Weeks From £500
    Bespoke Divian Bed 1 Week From £170

    Things to consider for your child's bespoke bed project

    A standard ready-made bed will cost significantly less than a custom-built bed. This is due to the fact that they are designed and manufactured in bulk by companies, rather than a single tradesman working on a self-employed basis to design and build the bed from scratch to your specifications.

    However, paying that little bit extra for a bespoke bed is a worthwhile investment as it can meet your exact requirements. However, you will need to think carefully about the design of the bed for a child's bedroom - age may play a major factor in this decision. The last thing you want is for your child to outgrow it in just a few years.

    Most companies will charge a standard rate for the cost of the project, rather than the product and labour costs separately. Typically, the hourly rate will average between £15-£20 per hour, but the project could cost you between £150-£1500, dependant on your requirements.

    Upon first contacting a tradesman, it’s highly unlikely they’ll be able to give a ballpark figure on the spot. Instead, you may have to request a quote by describing your requirements in terms of the type of material you want, as well as the design and measurements; all of which will impact the price.

    Another benefit of a child’s custom bed is that there is the opportunity to have special features installed; whether they be visual or practical. Visual features may include specially designed headboards, while practical features may include the likes of an extra fold-up bed or storage space beneath the slats.

    Ready to get a price for your job?

    Building A bespoke DIY Bed

    Building a bespoke bed is often beyond the scope of a DIY enthusiast unless you have had the relevant training in carpentry, or experience building furniture.

    A bit of DIY can save a lot of money especially when it comes to labour costs, however building a child’s custom bed may be a little ambitious even for the most eager DIY enthusiasts. As custom beds are completely unique, it can be difficult to build a design without any guidelines to follow. There may be some instruction guides online for certain designs, but the actual build is easier said than done if you have no relevant experience. A DIY custom-made bed could take days or even weeks of hard graft to complete, dependant on your familiarity with this type of project. Realistically, it isn’t a simple task, so would be best left to a qualified tradesman.

    As mentioned, be sure to shop around. Don’t agree to the first price that you are quoted. It may also be an idea to meet the tradesman personally, so you can describe exactly what you’re looking for and prevent any hidden costs cropping up a little later down the line. As your bed will be designed and built completely from scratch, you may have to wait several weeks or possibly months for completion.

    If you are looking to cut down the costs of the job, dismantling the old bed and discarding of it yourself may be an option to consider. You could even make money by selling the old bed via online selling sites and put the cash towards the bespoke project. Once the old bed is out of the way, clear any remaining clutter where the new bed is set to be installed and measure how much room you have to work with. This information can then be passed on to the tradesman to work out a rough cost of the project.

    Child's Bespoke Bed Checklist

    • Plan the design and get rough measurements to send to the tradesman for quotes
    • Decide on the material
    • Think about functional features
    • Specialist tradesmen and specialist companies will offer varying prices for the same job - be sure to shop around for the best deal.


    Are child’s custom made beds cheap to make?
    No. In most cases, even the simplest of bespoke beds will start off at a rough price of around £400 and could cost up to around £5000, dependant on the scale of the project. If you’re looking to stick to a strict budget, it may be best to talk with the tradesman see how you can slash the cost of your bespoke idea. The professional may suggest removing certain features or changing the design slightly.
    Can you have a custom mattress made for your bespoke bed?
    Yes. Even though your child’s bespoke bed has been designed to an original size or shape, you can still have custom mattresses made to suit. Again, these will be more expensive than standard mattresses as they are made to measure and can be adapted in certain ways, such as the arrangement of layers and densities.
    How long will it take for the bespoke bed to be made?
    Bespoke design projects such as bespoke beds need accurate plans drawn up by a carpenter, which could take several weeks. Then, the actual build of the bed may take another 2 weeks or more, dependant on their workload. Once you have confirmed your measurements and talked through every element of the design with the tradesman, they should be able to give a rough time scale on when the bed will be completed and delivered.
    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 29th November 2019.

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