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    Power Showers and Pump Specialists

    Power Showers are manual shower units designed for use with a mains voltage electrical supply and gravity fed hot and cold water. They feature a built-in pump with controls for flow and water temperature, producing a more powerful spray than conventional shower units thanks to the integral pump boosting the water pressure. They are particularly popular in homes with low water pressure, giving you that boost for a refreshing shower. They work by mixing hot and cold water together to reach the ideal temperature, then increasing the pressure/flow rate with an electric pump.

    Power showers allow greater control over water temperature and pressure but use almost three times more water than a standard electric shower. There are two main types of power shower and they are defined by the type of pump, single and double impeller. Single impeller shower pumps are placed between the mixer and the shower head, fed a mixture of hot and cold water then pumped straight to the shower head. The double impeller pump type is the more popular choice for most properties today as one double impeller pump can power multiple showers and is fed both hot and cold water directly from the water tanks thereby maintaining a high water pressure to any other water outlets.

    All-in-one power showers take water from both the hot and cold water storage tanks and produce a more impressive spray than gravity mixers or electric showers, this is all down to the internal pump which boosts the water flow. There are hundreds of shower pumps to chose from and the key to a great power shower is good water pressure, high water volume, easy temperature control and of course reliability.

    Power Shower Water Pressure, Temperature and Volume

    Some gravity showers can give you a decent shower with as little as 0.1 bar of pressure, raising the tank up in a loft can increase the pressure and give you a better shower. But shower pumps can boost the pressure from 1 bar up to 4 bars. In terms of water volume, a traditional shower offers as little as 3.5 litres a minute, whereas a decent power shower will typically offer 12 litres per minute or more, which makes for a great shower experience, but can empty the hot water cylinder before everybody has had a shower!

    Although the best shower temperature is obviously a personal choice, power showers offer more reliable temperature control, whether in a gravity fed hot and cold system, or a gravity boosted hot and mains pressure cold system.

    Power Shower Installation Cost

    There are a number factors which impact the price of a power shower installation, but mainly it's the cost of labour and the cost of the shower unit itself. Based on a tradesman’s typical daily rate, you should expect a cost of around £200 should be expected for the fitting, plus buying the electric shower system which can range from £50 to £200, depending on the specification. For more accurate pricing, click the "post your job" button to have local plumbers get in touch with you to provide advice and written quotes.

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