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Hire a House Renderer Near Me

Looking to hire a local house rendering company? Having an external wall of your property rendered simply means the repair and maintenance of any damaged exterior surfaces. Professional renderers check for cracks, peeling, flaking and damp; then aim to restore the wall and improve the quality of the surface. Rendering an external wall has many advantages over and above the appearance, rendering can reduce heat loss and help make the surface more weatherproof and durable, even improving resistance to mould and algae.

There are a number of wall render options available from contractors, and many types of rendering can be found under a number of alternative names and brands. The costs of rendering an entire property can prove to be an expensive home improvement project, but rendering is as an investment that improves your standard of living and adds value to your property.

External Rendering Guide

It is not advisable to attempt to render your own wall, unless you are a professional. The rendering materials used and the techniques applied can take years of skill to develop and perfect, plus there are endless possibilities to get it wrong, which most likely would! The rendering process involves the preparation of the surface to ensure it is dust free with no loose or flaky residue, then the surface is damped down and primed with a bonding solution before applying a quality high polymer render which needs mixed with clean water to make the consistency to suit the surface to be coated.

Once beads have been fixed start, the render can be trowelled onto the wall with the thickness depending on how bad the substrate is, but up to a maximum of 12mm. Once the first base coat is covered, the area must be prepared for the second pass of render, which is best applied before the first coat totally dries out. This second pass is a skimming coat to tidy the appearance up. When the second render pass dries, the job is ready to be finished off using a plasterers sponge to take out any high points or voids. When cured the new rendered surface is then ready for any decorative coating.

Choosing a Plasterer for External Rendering

Rendering is a skill that needs many years to prefect, so always choose a tradesman or company that is well established and can show you previous examples of their work and provide referrals from customers. Then be sure to compare a number of quotes from around three different professional and reputable contractors to make sure you get the best deal and the most professional job is delivered.

The best way to do this is to use the free quote service on this site, simply click the "post your job" button on this page and enter details of your project along with contact information, then local tradesman in your area will get in touch to provide advice and no obligation quotes for your rendering project. As a rough guide, expect to pay around £15-£20 per hour for a plasterer to do external rendering work, plus a labourer at £10-£15 per hour, estimate around £250 per day in total for typical external rendering costs.

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