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  • Cost of Having Double Glazing uPVC Windows Installed

    uPVC double glazing quotes and advice.

    Average cost for the supply and fitting of double glazed uPVC windows is around

    This job normally takes around 3 days to complete


    New windows can liven up the appearance of your home while adding value and appeal to your property. New windows also increase insulation levels, making your home more energy efficient and comfortable, while reducing your bills. The use of un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (aka uPVC) has grown hugely over the last few decades and uPVC is now one of the most widely chosen materials used by all the biggest double glazing companies in the UK. Other types of materials are used for double glazing window frames, including aluminium and timber, but uPVC offers better value for money being considerably cheaper. Another advantage of uPVC is the low maintenance requirement, all you need do is wipe it down with a damp cloth every now and then, that's it! uPVC never rots, flakes or rusts, being one of the most durable of the materials available for window frames.

    Insulation is another area where uPVC material beats the more expensive aluminium frames, uPVC is a very good insulator and only timber frames provide slightly better insulation properties (but at a much higher price). The double-glazing industry has suffered from a pretty bad (mostly well deserved) reputation over the years mainly due to the high-pressure selling techniques employed by many companies. But in terms of picking a decent installer, the best advice is to make sure they are either FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) or CERTASS certified.

    If the window installer does not come under one of these two bodies, then you should probably look elsewhere. To easily find competent double glazing installers, you can use the free service o this website to enter your details and then have up to three local window companies or joiners get in touch with you to discuss providing a quote and offering advice.

    Typical uPVC double glazing prices

    Job Description Duration Material Cost Labour Cost
    Flat with uPVC casement 4 windows 1 day £1900 £275
    House with 8 uPVC casement windows 1-2 days £3850 £500
    House with 10 uPVC casement windows 2-3 days £4600 £775
    House with 15 uPVC casement windows 3-4 days £5800 £1180

    Double glazing - Things to consider

    The more windows you have, the more replacement uPVC windows will cost. The size of the windows makes a difference to as does the type of opening and style of window, but the number of windows is the main factor in the price. There are many choices in terms of window and glass type including Plain glass, Leaded glass, Georgian bar glass, Triple Glazing, Double Glazing, Tinted Glass, Casement window, Bay window, Bow window and Sash window.

    You could probably even specify bullet-proof glass in your uPVC windows but that is beyond the scope of this article! Colour choice affects the price too, standard white uPVC is by far the cheapest. uPVC windows are highly weather resistant and the materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable. They require very little maintenance, with the exception of cleaning them with a damp cloth every so often, and they remain looking good for many years with only a slight discolouration over time. Unlike wood, uPVC won’t change shape or warp over time and will keep its basic structure until the end of its lifespan (which could be 30 years or more).

    But on the downside, some think that uPVC windows look ugly and boring! Another criticism is that uPVC windows are cheap for a reason – they look cheap! Plus, although uPVC can be recycled, it’s actually hazardous to the environment when the window frame is initially created and of course, it is made from an unsustainable resource.

    DIY Double Glazed Window Installation

    To fit replacement double glazing doors and windows in the UK, FENSA registration is required. However, the basic process of fitting windows is reasonably straightforward for a decent DIY enthusiast. Double-glazing comprises the frame, the sill and the glazing unit. When you order uPVC windows from the manufacturer, they usually arrive separately in parts, with the beads in the frame.

    When you remove your old windows it is critical that you do so carefully, as the more of a mess you make of the walls and plaster, the more work you will have later making it good! Be especially careful damp proof courses and ensure that they have not been pulled out with the old window frame. If they have been moved or damaged accidentally, you need to replace or refit them properly. Then simply fit the new windows in place using bolts and then seal carefully around the edges of the frames.

    uPVC double glazing checklist

    • uPVC windows are easy to maintain and clean
    • Double glazed uPVC windows have a high energy rating to reduce your energy bills
    • Aluminium windows are stronger but uPVC is not far behind and much cheaper to buy
    • uPVC windows have a lifespan of around 20 years


    Will new windows reduce noise levels from outside?
    Yes! Modern uPVC double-glazed windows have much thicker glass units than older double glazing which will cut down the noise inside your home.
    Will I need to move out while the windows are being installed?
    No, not normally. You shouldn’t have to move out of your home when getting new windows. Reputable installers will work with you to minimise inconvenience and will normally complete one room at a time before moving onto the next. So while you may need to move around a bit while works are in progress, you will not have to move out! professional double glazing installation companies will sit down with you beforehand and will discuss the installation with you first so you know the procedure.
    How long will it take to install my windows?
    The exact time will depend on the number, type and style of the windows. But in most cases, assuming good access and no problems on-site, a typical 3-bed semi-detached house would take around 2-3 days. The company fitting your windows will carry out a full survey before the new windows arrive, so they will know at that point exactly how long the job will take and can let you know in advance. The windows should arrive made to the exact size needed minimising the time on site and inconvenience.
    Will I need to re-plaster inside my house?
    Maybe! Some minor plaster-work could well be required around the window reveals caused by removing your old windows, although in most cases this should be included in the quote so your installer should carry out this work. Always double check quotations to see who is responsible for that kind of minor repairs.
    Do I need planning permission for windows?
    Planning permission is not normally required for replacing windows, unless you are in a listed building or conservation area. There are special rules which apply to flats and ex-council homes however. In any case, you should always consult with your local planning authority to be on the safe side.
    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 10th January 2020.

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