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    Cost of Installing a Septic Tank

    The average material cost for installing a medium septic tank would typically cost around £800, whereas a large tank could cost a...


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    Cost of Moving a Gas and Electric Meters

    Moving your gas and electric meters isn’t something that everyone will have to do, but if you’re struggling to read your meter...


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    Cost of Installing an Outside Socket

    Installing outdoor sockets is a great way to add entertainment, heating and lighting systems to your outdoor area. Adding outdoor...


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    Cost of Installing New Plug Sockets

    Whether you’ve extended your home or created space for a home office, you will need extra plug sockets at one point or another....


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    Installing a Smart Thermostat Cost

    The cost of installing a smart thermostat will be anywhere from £150 to £280, depending on the make of the thermostat. You will...


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    Cost of Installing Skirting Board Heating

    A skirting board heating system looks just like any conventional skirting board but provides the whole room with heat. Thermaskirt...


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    What Are Our Price Guides Based On?

    Our price guides are based on multiple things from labour cost, material cost and even location. Over the years we have gathered thousands of quotes and have been able to produce average costs for each job. We have a large selection of pricing guides ranging from boiler installations to loft extensions. We aim to provide accurate guides to help you when completing jobs around your home.