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Boarding and Insulating a Loft

Boarding and insulating a loft is a simple way to add extra usable space for storage. But bear in mind simply adding boards to the...


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Single Story Extension

Extending your home is becoming an increasingly popular choice with those looking for more living space but trying to avoid the ex...


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Basement Conversion

Converting a cellar or basement can provide valuable extra living space without drastically altering the exterior of your home. Th...


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Laying Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring is a cheap and versatile flooring material that can be laid on top of almost any surface as long as it is dry, f...


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Installing Downstairs Toilet

Adding a downstairs toilet can make a home much better to live in and can increase the value of the house! Ask anyone who has smal...


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Loft Extension

There is no doubt that not only is it easier to extend than to move, it is also usually cheaper to do so! If you've got some...


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