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Cost of Painting a Bedroom

Paint does not last forever so there will come a time when you, unfortunately, have to consider redecorating your bedroom! It may...


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Cost of Laying Carpet

Hardwood flooring and stone tiles may look great, but there’s nothing quite like sinking your feet into a soft carpet when you g...


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Velux and Skylight Window Cost

A roof window is a fantastic way to bring more light into a room as they allow the sunlight to transform those dark and dingy area...


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Cost of installing a Roof lantern

The glazed roof lantern was originally developed during the Middle Ages and was used in Renaissance architecture in cathed...


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Cost of Treating Rising Damp

Rising damp causes many problems in homes, including tidemarks, wet plaster, peeling wallpaper and mould growth. The health proble...


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Flat Roof Replacement Cost

Constructing a flat roof is quicker and cheaper than a traditional pitched roof, flat roofs require fewer materials which they cos...


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