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    Garage Conversion Cost

    There will come a time in many people’s lives where they will need extra space in their homes. Moving to a new home is a very ex...


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    Installing a Resin Driveway Cost

    It will cost from £40 per square metre to install a resin driveway. A resin bound paving is becoming a popular surface choice for...

    driveways£40 M²

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    Installing a Wet Room Cost

    The cost of installing a wet room is can be priced anywhere between £5,000 and £10,000. If you are having a full bathroom renova...


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    Cost of Installing Wood Floor

    The average cost of buying and installing hardwood floors is £45.00 per square metre for materials and £21.50 per square metre i...


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    Cost of Restoring Wooden Flooring

    Original wooden floor is increasingly becoming a desired feature that’s often already in our homes hidden underneath dated carpe...


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    Cost Of Moving A Radiator

    Moving a radiator or installing a new radiator is a job which is most often required when renovating or extending a home. But occa...


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    What Are Our Price Guides Based On?

    Our price guides are based on multiple things from labour cost, material cost and even location. Over the years we have gathered thousands of quotes and have been able to produce average costs for each job. We have a large selection of pricing guides ranging from boiler installations to loft extensions. We aim to provide accurate guides to help you when completing jobs around your home.