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Cost of Replacing Roof Ridge Tiles

Ridge tiles are more susceptible to damage than other roof tiles as the mortar weakens with age and exposure to the weather and ch...


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Cost of Installing a Driveway Gate

Driveway gates require a lot of planning to get it right. Done well they offer a beautiful entrance to your home, done on the chea...


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Cost of Fitting Pet Flaps

Is your dog often gets locked out or you are sick of draughts because the back door is nearly always open - then fitting a dog or...


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Cost of Building a Garden Shed

Garden sheds are specifically designed to help you store and organize everything you need for your garden. Without a garden shed,...


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Underpinning a House Cost

Underpinning is when extra support is provided underneath a building due to subsidence. This can be to directly counter subsidence...


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Drain Survey Cost

If you have recently moved into a new property and just want check it out, or are you experiencing poor drainage and are not sure...


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