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Cost of Hiring a Gardener for Maintenance

There is a lot of regular maintenance required in a garden, particularly larger gardens. Typical tasks include cutting and feeding...


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Air Source Heating Pump Cost

Air source heat pumps are incredibly efficient at absorbing heat from the outside air and using this to heat radiators or underflo...


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Cost of Building a Summer House

Garden design is hugely popular in the UK thanks to various garden renovation TV programs. This, along with the rise of diy stores...


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Cost of Dropping a Kerb

If you looking to drop a kerb for domestic vehicle access then the price will vary and depend on your location and the local counc...


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Cost of Re-grouting a Bathroom

There are a number of reasons why people decide to replace grouting in bathrooms. But by far the most common reason is simply beca...


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Cost of Replacing Roof Ridge Tiles

Ridge tiles are more susceptible to damage than other roof tiles as the mortar weakens with age and exposure to the weather and ch...


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