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  • Loft Ladder Installation Cost

    Want to know how much it costs to install a loft ladder? Then you've come to the right place. In this article we breakdown the prices for loft ladders and the costs of fitting them.

    The average cost of installing a loft ladder is:

    Depending on the complexity of the job, it usually takes: 1 day


    How Much to Fit a Loft Ladder?

    The typical loft ladder installation cost is between £250-£300, and this covers both the materials and the price of labour.

    However, there are a few factors that could affect the price of the project and possibly make it cost more. As mentioned earlier, one of the most common factors is the type of loft ladder. Also, equally important is the material used.

    As with many other ladders, those affixed to a loft are usually made from wood, aluminium, or steel, all of which have their various characteristics. For example, wood is generally really quiet and is a good example of a cheap loft ladder. Sadly, if not maintained properly, a wooden loft ladder can be potentially infested with woodworm or other pests.

    Apart from that, the complexity of the job also needs to be taken into consideration. For example, if you are only installing a loft ladder, then there should be no problem, but what if a new hatch is also needed? This will significantly increase costs, and you might end up paying between £500-£600 to get the job done.

    Because of the various considerations present, the price of installing a loft ladder fluctuates wildly, and it is important to examine all the necessary information before embarking on the project.

    Loft Ladder Prices

    Job Description Installation Cost Duration
    Loft ladder fitted into an existing hatch £250-£500 2-3 hours
    New loft ladder and hatch installation £500-£700 4-8 hours
    Aluminium loft ladder and hatch £450-£600 4-8 hours
    Wooden loft ladder and hatch £600-£800 4-8 hours
    Concertina ladder installation £600-£800 2-4 hours
    Telescopic ladder installation £650-£850 2-4 hours

    Supply Only Costs

    If you are confident in your DIY skills and decide to handle the project, then it will cost less to install the loft ladder. All you need to do is visit a physical store or order the materials online.

    There are several brands that sell loft ladders and hatches as a pair, and it can be delivered to your doorstep. But what are the cost implications of this move? Below, we’ll examine how much you need to set aside when creating a budget for a DIY loft ladder installation.

    Loft Ladder Prices

    Job Description Supply Cost Duration
    Loft ladder fitted into an existing hatch £120-£150 2-3 hours
    New loft ladder and hatch installation £350-£400 4-8 hours
    Aluminium loft ladder and hatch £150-£200 3-6 hours
    Wooden loft ladder and hatch £350-£450 3-6 hours
    Concertina ladder installation £450-£500 3-6 hours
    Telescopic ladder installation £470-£550 3-6 hours

    Additional Costs

    What do you plan to use your loft for? Is the loft adequately insulated? Is there a need to raise the level of the loft? These are all considerations that could increase the amount of money you’ll be spending on the loft. In this section, we’ll consider some of the other costs that could emerge when dealing with a loft.

    Loft conversion cost

    If you need some additional space, a loft conversion is a great way to go about it. The prices for conversion vary as there are different types. The four major types of loft conversions available are Velux, Dormer, Hip-to-Gable, and Mansard.

    Boarding and insulating a loft cost

    The boarding and insulation of a loft are important to prevent the rapid escape of heat from the house. Furthermore, this also saves energy and money in the process. There are different types of insulation, including blanket, loose-fill, and blown. While they all vary in prices, you can expect to spend between £600-£800.

    However, this could increase significantly, depending on several factors. For instance, if the electricity needs to be sorted out, or an access hatch and ladder are needed, then you can spend over £1500-£2000.

    Loft extension cost

    Loft extensions are quite similar to conversions and are also similarly priced and require several alterations to be made to the existing loft. So, if you have some extra space in your loft, consider building into it to create additional living space.

    Dormer and Mansard loft extensions are amongst the most popular, and you can expect to spend anywhere between £40,000-£70,000 to extend a loft. You can find out more here.

    Loft Leg costs

    Raising the level of your loft will require some loft legs. These are materials designed to elevate the space, and while the installation process isn’t too difficult, it is advised that you get a professional to handle it. Generally, installing loft legs could cost anywhere from £200-£1200. The reason for the wide price range is due to other factors, including loft space and boarding.

    Naturally, a bigger space will cost more money, and the loft board could also dictate the number of legs required. You can save money by going down the DIY route, and the absence of any heavy machinery makes this a very attractive venture for more DIY enthusiasts.

    Insulation will be necessary once the installation is complete, but this shouldn’t cost too much, and you can do it yourself, or hire a local tradesperson to undertake the job. Finally, you can find more quotes and information about what the project entails here.

    Labour Costs and Timescales

    The loft ladder installation cost is usually split somewhat evenly between labour and materials. This is because it is both labour and material intensive. For this reason, you can slash the price of the installation by doing it yourself, but if you’d instead engage a professional, you’ll need to know how much they’d charge and how long the job could take.

    Typically, a professional might charge between £120-£150 for a loft installation. That said, this price could change depending on the nature of the job or if the professional needs an extra hand.

    Also, the price of labour might be added to the overall loft ladder cost if the person engaged is also responsible for sourcing the materials. However, this will be unnecessary if you buy the materials beforehand. For instance, if you buy a loft ladder online, you’ll only need to worry about labour costs when a contractor is engaged.

    Furthermore, installing a loft ladder doesn’t take too much time and could be done in an hour or two. But, just like with the prices, there are situations where the time scale could change. This includes complexity, or if a hatch door also needs to be installed.

    So, if you simply want to replace a loft ladder and connect it to an existing hatch, this could take about 1-2 hours. But if a new hatch also has to be installed, the job could take 3-4 hours. Also, the type of loft ladder installed is of importance with concertina ladders costing about £150-£200 in labour and taking about 3-4 hours to install.

    Wooden loft ladders also cost a fair amount as they are more aesthetically pleasing and silent in operation. So, you can expect to pay between £170-£250 in labour costs while waiting for about 3-4 hours for the project to be complete.

    Cost Factors of Installing a Loft Ladder Cost

    As has been the common theme in this write up so far, the loft ladder price is fluid and dependent on several factors. In this section, we’ll examine each factor and how it can affect the price of installation.

    Type of ladder

    There are four major types of loft ladders available for installation: sliding, folding, concertina, and telescopic. Each of these loft ladders has its advantages and drawbacks and are made with a variety of materials. Due to the difference in materials, complexity, durability, and usability, these ladders vary in price.

    For instance, there are cheap ladders that won’t cost more than £100. On the other hand, a well-manufactured Telescopic ladder could go for as much as £500.

    Therefore, when looking to install a new loft ladder, consider the type you’d prefer. For example, aluminium ladders are not very expensive, but they make a lot of noise which can be a hassle to deal with. Meanwhile, foldable wooden ladders are more aesthetically pleasing, but they cost more as a result.

    Loft ladder material

    As mentioned above, there are different types of loft ladder; however, that’s not all as there are also different materials used to manufacture them. The most common ones are wood, aluminium and steel. Also, due to the various properties each material gives, it can alter the price of the loft ladder.


    For example, aluminium ladders are strong, durable, and affordable, but they are also not very quiet. But, if you want a loft ladder that won’t alert your neighbours every time you want to use it, a wooden ladder is a great option. It’s a lot quieter, and it doesn’t take up too much space. However, it is also more expensive and could be mean to your set budget.

    Location of the property

    The location of your property goes a long way in determining how much you’ll pay for installation. Therefore, the farther away you are, the more expensive the project might become.

    This is because a lot of tradespeople and companies charge from the moment they leave their location. So, if it takes a long time to get to the project site, it’ll factor into their final bill. For this reason, it is good to get a local tradesperson who will arrive in good time. On the flip side, getting a competent professional nearby might prove challenging, and you might need to pay extra to get the best service.

    Ease of access

    The complexity of the job also comes into play when determining the price of loft ladder installation. How easy is it to get to your house? And how easy is it to access the loft? These are some of the basic questions that might add a couple of pounds to the overall bill. So, if you live in a remote area that requires extraordinary measures to access, the price will increase.

    Also, if access to the loft is restricted or impossible, this will increase the price as a loft hatch and ladder will need to be fitted. Hence, it is better to survey your environment while also checking to see if a new hatch is needed.

    What's Involved in Installing a Loft Ladder?

    Whether you want to undertake the task yourself or get the help of a professional, it doesn’t hurt to know what installing a loft ladder entails. So, in this section, we’ll cover the basics of installing a loft ladder and the things you need to look out for.


    Installing a loft ladder requires quite a few tools, and if you are doing it yourself, it will be helpful to get another pair of hands to help with the work. Below is a list of the tools you’ll typically need to carry out the job.

    • Hammer
    • Screwdriver
    • Saw
    • Drill
    • Craft knife
    • Screws


    • Step one
    • Assuming the project is starting from scratch, the most important thing is securing the right spot for the loft hatch and ladder. When scouting for the ideal location for a new hatch, it is important to ensure that it isn’t too close to the external wall.

      Also, ensure that there is enough headroom available to access the loft space with no challenges.

    • Step two
    • Once the area for the new hatch has been identified, the next step is to make an opening in the ceiling. To do this effectively, the area where you make the hole has to be marked for increased accuracy.

      Also, it is important to note that the ladder has to run in the direction of the joists. Hence, you’ll need to check the placement of the ceiling joists and ensure that the hole you make is ideally positioned at a joist.

      Next, the ceiling joists will have to be cut to the length of the ladder and nail a trimmer on either side of the opening. Subsequently, you’ll need to check that the hole is perfectly square and some more plasterboard might be cut to reach the ideal size and dimensions.

    • Step three
    • More often than not, a new hatch will not be needed when installing a new loft ladder. This is because most homes in the UK already have a hatch. However, it might be necessary to expand the hatch or alter it in some sort of way. To achieve this, you’ll first need to determine the position of the ceiling joists.

      Also, it is necessary to ensure that there are no obstructions in the roof that might impede access into the loft. Once you are satisfied with the results, mark the opening, cut the joists, and apply the nail trimmers as in the second step.

    • Step four
    • The next task will be to fit the support battens to the box frame. To do this, the depth of the ceiling joists will have to be measured, and then the four sides of the box frame will all be marked.

      Apply a length of sawn batten to each side of the box frame but ensure that they are level with the marks. After this, mark the dimensions, cut joists, apply nail trimmers, and check for squareness.

    • Step five
    • This is the part where you might need another pair of hands. Here, a partner or companion will need to lift the ladder to the newly constructed hole.

      Then fit the ladder into the opening and ensure that the nailed battens adequately support it. Then inspect your work to ensure that the ceiling and the box frame are level and well-aligned. If not, readjust until you get the desired result.

    • Step six
    • You’ll now need to install the box frame. This is a relatively simple task that requires drilling some holes at the sides and end of the box. It is important to make sure that there are two holes on the short sides, and three on the long sides. Then you can apply screws to secure the box frame.

    • Step seven
    • With all that done, all that is left is to fix the frame and ensure that it is well secured to the hole. You might need some glue, panel pins, and so on for the job. Once done, you can apply finish to protect the wood.

      Once all of the above is done, you are good to go.

      However, a few of the steps might change if you are installing an aluminium ladder rather than a wooden one. In that case, there might not be a need for polishing, and you will likely make use of more screws.

    Can I Install a Loft Ladder Cost Myself?

    Yes. However, it is necessary to accurately gauge your DIY skills before embarking on the project. If you do not have the skills, then call a professional even if it costs extra. In addition, even if you possess the required skills, do you possess the required tools?

    If not, a professional is more likely to have the tools needed to do a perfect job.

    While a lot more money can be saved by undertaking the installation yourself, it might be safer to let qualified individuals handle the installation. That said, if all that is necessary is to replace an old loft ladder with a better one, then it might be something that can be done with some guidance.

    However, if the job requires a new hatch, the complexity should be seriously considered before moving any further.

    Also, time is another major factor. If you are a busy person with little time for home improvement projects, then it might be best to get a professional to do it as this will save time.

    Finally, the last thing to consider is safety. If a loft ladder isn’t sufficiently robust, accidents and falls can occur, which can lead to injury or worse. Therefore, consider the complexity of the job and the level of your skills before taking on the project.

    Types of Loft Ladder

    There are four major types of loft ladder: Sliding, folding, concertina, and Telescopic. In this section, we’ll examine each type, what they are made of and in what situations you might need them.

    Sliding loft ladder


    This is perhaps the most basic of the lot, and it doesn’t require a lot of work to install. It is usually made with wood or aluminium, and it doesn’t cost as much as the others.

    In addition, they are easy to operate and can easily be pulled down to access the loft. That said, they are best used for loft spaces that aren’t accessed often as they don’t do too well with heavy use.

    Also, there’s the constant danger of the ladder falling on top of you when opening and closing the hatch. If you are determined to make use of a sliding loft ladder, there are deluxe editions that feature handrails which are much safer than regular ladders.

    Telescopic loft ladder

    Like the concertina, this type of ladder also saves a lot of space and is even straighter. It is very useful for regularly accessed loft areas and can work with a variety of ceiling openings. They are also expensive and could cost as much as £500 depending on the size and brand.

    Folding loft ladders


    These are very popular due to their design which makes them a safer bet than the sliding variant. Also available in aluminium and timber, folding loft ladders handle more weight and are less likely to fall on you when opening or closing the hatch.

    They are also ideal for lofts that are regularly accessed and are relatively quieter than sliding ladders (especially timber). That said, they are more expensive and might not be worth the money if the loft is not regularly accessed.

    Concertina loft ladder

    This variant is made to save as much space as possible, and this is clearly evident in the design. Not only that, but they are also lightweight and easy to operate. Concertina ladders are typically made with aluminium and are versatile enough to fit with just about any type of ceiling or wall opening. But, just like with folding ladders, they are pretty pricey and might not be useful for those who don’t visit the loft often.

    Cost of Removing a Loft Ladder

    There are several reasons to remove your current, some of which include closing off the space, or removing the ladder and replacing it with a new one. If you have decided to get rid of your loft ladder, how do you go about it? Several professionals are willing to undertake the job, and you can expect to pay anywhere between £100-£200 to fund the project.

    In addition, you can take an old loft ladder off while installing a new one at the same time. But, it might cost more money and might increase the cost of loft ladder.

    This is because coupled with the new installation; the entire job will take up more time and effort. If you want to save money, you can do it yourself which isn’t too difficult if you have the skills. There is no need to lay or cut anything, and this ensures that the job is done at a faster pace.

    But once you’ve removed the ladder, what do you do with the waste? Thankfully, most companies will handle the waste for you, meaning you don’t have to bother about it. If you go the DIY route though, there are still a couple of options.

    The most popular is recycling especially with aluminium. Since the demand for quality aluminium is high, you should have no problems getting someone to take it off your hands. If you would rather keep the ladder, there are a lot of design ideas that incorporate ladders in the home.

    Hiring Someone to Install a Loft Ladder Checklist

    Getting the right professional to install a loft ladder is just as important as getting a suitable loft ladder. If you want to engage a professional to handle the job, here are the biggest things to consider

    • Ensure that the professional specializes in loft ladders and hatches
    • Determine that the professional has the right qualifications
    • When in doubt, hire a pro from a specialized website since the tradesmen featured on such platforms are usually vetted
    • An experienced professional might cost a bit more, but it is always worth it
    • You can check the customer feedback for any professional hired to ensure you get the best available contractor.


    How do you measure for a loft ladder?
    First measure from the floor to the ceiling and the ceiling hole dimensions. Then depending on the type of ladder you want to get, ensure that there is enough space for the ladder to swing.
    What angle should a loft ladder be?
    The most widely accepted answer is 61 degrees. This ensures that the ladder never becomes too steep.
    What loft ladder should I buy?
    This is dependent on several factors. If the loft space is simply for some storage, then a sliding ladder might be the best option. But, if the loft is to be accessed regularly, then you should consider a folding ladder which is also a safer option.
    Can I buy a new ladder and hatch?
    Yes. Several brands sell hatch and ladders as a kit which can be purchased at once.
    When replacing a loft ladder, do I need to replace the hatch too?
    It isn’t necessary to get a new hatch when replacing a ladder. This is because most hatches work just fine with different types of ladders.


    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 19th August 2020.

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