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External Painters

A coat of paint professionally applied can transform the exterior of your home. Modern exterior masonry paints are tough, durable and relatively easy to apply to most surfaces. If you decide to go the DIY route, exterior painting can be done with minimal tools and equipment, you will require a ladder and safety gear, abrasive paper, primer solution, trowel, fabric sheets or polythene sheets and masking tape, paint roller and tray, ladder hook, wire brush, paintbrushes, quick-setting mortar and safety glasses.

Take care to follow safety precautions when working up a ladder, wear flat shoes with grip and never over-reach, maintain three points of contact keeping one hand on the ladder at all times. It is also important to always wear a dust mask and goggles when cleaning the old masonry. Exterior housepainting is a fairly simple but time consuming process with a number of steps; First prepare the walls by tackling any mold, damp, or cracks in rendering; Secondly seal & prime dusty or powdery surfaces with a stabilising primer solution; The third step is the actual painting using rollers to cover most exterior surfaces and a brush for pebbledash.

Painters and Decorator Exterior Painting Services

Painters and decorating companies offer a wide variety of services, including of course painting both interior and exterior surfaces and carrying out minor repairs. While undertaking an exterior decorating job personally can save money, sometimes hiring a professional can be a wiser option. Hiring a professional decorator can cost more money, but will often mean the job is completed quicker with complete peace of mind.

Painting an exterior wall requires some skills and patience, not to mention being comfortable working up ladders. Plus of course many of us simply don't have the time and would rather just get someone in who knows what they are doing!

Choosing a House Painter

A recommendation from someone you know is a great place to start when looking to hire a reputable painter and decorator, plus it gives you the chance to check out the painter and decorator's work first hand. You can also check for memberships of trade associations such as the Painting and Decorating Association, which also has regional bodies such as the London Association of Master Decorators and the Scottish Decorators' Federation.

Painting and Decorating Association members are thoroughly vetted before admission for your complete peace of mind and in the event of a dispute complaints can be dealt with by the trade association. In addition all their skilled members carry adequate Public Liability Insurance. To get quotes from painters near you simply click the "post your job" button on this site to enter details of your painting job and your contact information, then sit back and let recommended painters in your local area get in touch.

House Exterior Painting Cost

Cost to paint outside/exterior walls on an average three bed semi with exterior surfaces in good condition but unpainted, with 2 coats for the first time and no access problems (using ladders rather than scaffolding) will cost around £750. if the house has already been painted and just needs a fresh coat of paint, typical cost will be around £300. Pebble-dashed properties take more time to paint so add on another day of labour (around £150) to any prices.
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