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Bathroom, Kitchen & WC Plumbers

When refitting or updating an old bathroom, it is obviously easier to use equipment that is the same shape and size as the old equipment. This is the best option for those attempting a DIY bathroom refurbishment as all the pieces will fit in the same positions using existing plumbing. But when planning a new bathroom that looks and works better than the old one, often there will be some additional plumbing work required making the job more complex. The best place to start with bathrooms is to decide what improvements could be made, for example adding a shower or bidet, an extra wash basin or perhaps a heated towel rail.

Once you have come to a decision on what bathroom furniture and equipment you require, then you can make up a scale plan of the bathroom. Remember to note positions of windows, radiators and of course doors, taking care to leave sufficient access.


Baths nowadays are made from a variety of materials. Enamelled cast iron was the traditional choice of material, but enamelled pressed steel is the more modern type which has much the same properties, but is much lighter and relatively cheap. Plastic materials are used for cheap baths that are very light and offer good resistance to chipping.bats come in a number of shapes too, the most popular being rectangular and corner. Plain rectangular baths are usually 700mm wide and 1700mm long, they are available with additional features such as handle grips, non-slip base and dipped front. Corner baths have an oval bathing area and take up less wall space. To get a plumber to fit a new bath typically costs around £175 for labour only.


Most bathroom basins are made of vitreous china but some are made from acrylic and enamelled pressed steel. Vitreous china offers good resistance to chemicals and naked flames but is easily cracked or chipped. The main types of basin you will find in bathrooms are pedestal basins, wall hung basins, corner basins and semi-recessed basins. Pedestal basins are most popular as in addition to offering some support for the basin, they hide the plumbing and waste traps. Smaller basins can be wall hung, completely relying on the wall for support and vanity basins can be mounted in a worktop or vanity unit with cupboards underneath. Corner basins are great for confined spaces such as small en-suites. The labour cost for a plumber to fit a new pedestal basin, including the removal and disposal of the old basin, wit the customer supplying the new basin is around £90.


Toilets are an important part of our everyday life and there are different types of Toilets available in the UK market to suit bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Toilets come as 1-piece or 2-piece toilets, in either Wall Hung, Back to wall or Close Coupled WC. If fitting a new bathroom then the toilet, basin, bidet and bath/shower will normally be purchased as a set. Fitting a new toilet in the same position as the old one so no new pipework is needed, costs around £120 if customer supplies the new toilet.

Kitchen Plumbing

If you are installing new kitchen plumbing then careful planning can save you a lot of time and trouble, not to mention additional costs. It is much easier to make changes during the planning stage and earlier in the installation process, but changes can be difficult to apply later. You need to carefully plan the kitchen sink, taps, dishwasher and washing machine into your kitchen layout. if simply upgrading furniture and appliances you can do most jobs on a DIY basis. However, if changing the layout, or if you have a problem with existing pipework, then you need to call in a professional plumber.

To replace standard tap with a new kitchen mixer tap, supply and fit, typically costs around £120, whereas for a local plumber to make totally new hot and cold supply connections for a washing machine, fit a waste pipe to an outside gulley and fit the machine in position ready for use, you are looking at a days work and around £200.

Choosing A Plumber

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