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  • How much to hang an internal door

    I've purchased 10 of the "Wickes Geneva Oak Cottage Internal Door" from Wickes along with fittings: How much would I be looking at to hang these doors?

    Asked by minesh on 4th Apr 2020
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    Sharp sand Vs builders sand

    I'm laying a patio and have heard mixed opinions on which sand I need to use. What sand or mixture should I be using with the cement to lay paving flags?

    Asked by minesh on 31st Mar 2020
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    How do I fix a broken bathroom pull cord ceiling light?

    Hello all I have a ceiling light in my bathroom with a pull cord to switch it on and off. The cord itself has broken from the rest of the switch and the light is stuck on at the moment. I’ve not had this happen before, so I’ve never had to try and fix it. How could I fix this? Is the cord a replaceable part on these light switches? Any information would be appreciated!

    Asked by kashif on 2nd Sep 2019
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    How much to plaster over an Artex ceiling

    How much would it cost to plaster over an Artex (Stipple pattern) bedroom ceiling that is 3m by 5m? The ceiling has been tested and is Asbestos free (with certificate). Would it be cheaper if I were to smoothen off the Artex first?

    Asked by Mathew on 25th Mar 2020
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    What is a typical hourly rate for carpenters?

    Hi, I have several projects that I require carpenter(s) to be hired for, but I am wary about the cost this might be. Does anyone have any reasonable estimates for the hourly cost of a carpenter?

    Asked by Nan on 26th Feb 2019
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    Do Electric Cookers need Electricians to be connected/disconnected?

    Hello I am moving home soon and will be brining my electric cooker to the new house. Do I need a qualified electrician to disconnect in my old house and reconnect the cooker in the new house, or would I be able to do this myself?

    Asked by Carherine on 1st Mar 2019
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    New Plaster Cracking after 2 months

    I have just had my kitchen diner replastered and there are new cracks appearing in the plaster. This started on the ceilings and I have now noticed a hairline crack down one wall. Is this normal? Can I ask the trade back to fix or is it expected and how can I fix it?

    Asked by angie on 31st Mar 2020
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    What is the white substance on bricks and how do I remove it?

    Is it mould?? I’ve got white patches along the wall outside my house, it’s the side that never sees sunlight so I think it could be mould or something. How can I solve the problem?

    Asked by Jenny on 11th Apr 2020
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    Down Lights Fitting Cost

    Hi, I would like to know how much does it cost to install recessed down lights in a room? The existing light fittings are standard pendant lights.

    Asked by Ramya on 25th Feb 2020
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    How much postcrete do I need for each wooden post?

    Hello all, I need some advice for how many bags of postcrete I will need for a new fence I will be putting up. The posts themselves will be 2.4m wooden posts for panels that are 1.8m by 1.8m. The posts will be put in soft and sandy soil. Can anyone give me an idea of what the bag to post ratio would be? Many Thanks, Bill

    Asked by Bill on 27th Feb 2019
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