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    Hello, I am looking to install some small bathroom fixtures, toilet roll holder, towel rack, etc on the walls of my bathroom. The walls have already been tiled, so I want to be sure that I can drill through correctly without getting any damage to the tiles themselves. I have been told that using a low torque setting for a drill and using masking tape around the tile can be an effective way. How would be the best way for me to drill through the tiles? Thanks

    Asked by MRS DAKIRI on 20th Oct 2019

    I am a single working mum of 4 children living in a private rented property. I have informed my landlord on many occasions and I with no other options had to call out environmental health. After 2 visits to the property, they said it was a danger, then after them meeting the landlord, I have been ignored. Since last year I've had cracks appear inside and outside of my flat above a shop which I measure daily and are quite deep and wide enough to get my fingers in. There are also gaps in the stairs and between floors, skirting boards and windows etc. Now door frames are coming away from walls and snapping. Is there a way I can get a free structural report? I am afraid, I'm living here with 4 children and it's dangerous but not able to afford to get help off my own back.

    Asked by Donna on 19th Oct 2019

    All the lights on the control panel of my Indesit washing machine are flashing and the machine won’t work. It’s only two years old?

    Asked by Sharon on 19th Oct 2019

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    I have bought new kitchen units for my kitchen renovation, but I am finding it very difficult to keep the wall units fastened to the walls properly. I follow the instructions from the pack, to drill and use fixing plugs – but whatever I do they do not seem to get any purchase on the walls. All I seem to achieve is more brick dust on my worktops. Has anyone any advice for this? Could it be the walls and not the units that are the problem? As far as I know, I am drilling for the units correctly, but they definitely haven’t got enough purchase to keep them up there. Any advice would be appreciated!

    Asked by Michael on 17th Oct 2019

    Hello all, We are in the middle of planning some redecorating in the house at the moment and currently looking at what paints to use for skirting boards and doors right now. Some of them are bare wood and ready to be painted, while some already have a gloss paint applied to them previously. Should we remove the gloss paint from the already painted areas or just paint over them? Alternatively, we could use a different style of paint if that would better cover existing paint. If we need to remove the paint – what is the best option to do so, so that we can repaint again later? Any advice or past experiences would be great to hear about! Thanks!

    Asked by Christian on 14th Oct 2019
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