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    I have decorative tiling along the walls of my kitchen which have become stained over time. Some stains are very difficult to remove and some I’ve not been able to remove. These are ceramic tiles and are several years old (since fitting) and I would love to get them looking new again. Is there any best methods that would remove these stains completely? These are mostly stains from food and drinks, if this makes any difference.

    Asked by Patrick on 16th Jun 2019

    Hello I have a damaged bathroom toilet seat which I need to remove to be replaced. I remember from previous houses’ toilets that there are usually screws fixing it into the toilet unit itself, but I don’t know how to reach this section to unscrew the seat. Is there any method that will apply to toilet seats? And am I right to assume that the new seat can just be screwed into the same sections of the toilet unit too? Or is there any additional steps to include?

    Asked by Kamil on 13th Jun 2019

    I have had some slate tiles fall from my roof recently due to weather and general ageing. Some of the tiles are barely damaged so would be reusable and I will find some replacement for any others. What would I need to set the slates back on the roof most effectively? Would it usually be by using cement or some other adhesives to keep them in place correctly? I would like to resolve this myself if possible.

    Asked by Nan on 10th Jun 2019

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    How do I work out how much wallpaper I will need for a room?

    Asked by Brigitta on 9th Jun 2019

    I have two sets of taps in my bathroom (sink & bathtub) and would like to replace both of them with new mixer taps – for easier use and due to the taps’ age and wearing. I would to prefer to install these myself if possible, as I’ve had some experience with tap installation in the past. Are there any major changes that I will need to take into account beyond the piping of the hot and cold water to the single tap? Anyone with any experiences of installing mixer taps would be appreciated.

    Asked by June on 7th Jun 2019
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