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    I've purchased 10 of the "Wickes Geneva Oak Cottage Internal Door" from Wickes along with fittings: How much would I be looking at to hang these doors?

    Asked by minesh on 4th Apr 2020

    Hi I recently had a bedroom wall replastered - how long should I wait before painting and do I need to do anything different while painting the first coat? Thank you

    Asked by Karen on 4th Apr 2020

    Hi… We don’t get on with our neighbours but we share our roof with them as the house is a semi. We want to get our roof tiles replaced but were wondering if its possible to have the roof work done without the neighbours permission/approval?

    Asked by Patrick on 4th Apr 2020

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    I need help with a question about replacing kitchen countertops. So we just bought a new house and I like the gloss cupboards but don’t like the countertops. Is it possible to take off just the countertop and replace it with a nicer one without damaging the cupboards or wall tiles behind it?

    Asked by Kamil on 3rd Apr 2020

    Hey guys. Tell me about loft boards. Best types? Do I need legs/stilts for the boards? We are looking at laying boards down in attic for storage space. The insulation is really thick though and comes up higher than the joists so I don’t know how to proceed. What would be the best way to install loft boards over insulation, so they don’t push the insulation down?

    Asked by Michael on 3rd Apr 2020
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