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  • Cost of Installing Fitted Wardrobes

    The costs of fitting a new custom-designed wardrobe into your home..

    The average cost to install and fit a new wardrobe is

    These projects will run anywhere from 1-day, up to 2-weeks for larger homes.


    A new fitted-wardrobe can do wonders for your home. Stating the obvious, it will give you more storage space. More room to hang up your blouses, trousers, and favorite outfits. But, a fitted-wardrobe can do so much more. It can add a touch of elegance, to an otherwise dated-bedroom. It can also take the place of a major-remodeling project, which would end up costing you far more money to complete.

    If you need to maximise space, without tearing or knocking down walls, removing fixtures, and otherwise making a mess out of your bedroom, the fitted-wardrobe affords you this luxury. It is "fitted-into" the space you are working in. So, trades-professionals or carpenters will measure the area, work out detail/designs with you, add drawers, hanging-rods for clothing, and other custom-detail elements, you want to see in your new wardrobe. From there, they will simply fit it into the space.

    Fitted-wardrobes come in many spaces, sizes, styles, and detail-finishes. The beauty of these projects, is that it is truly up to you (and your budget), and your creativity, as to the finished product. When you are planning on increasing closet space, or maximising an otherwise tight-area for your clothing and accessories, the fitted-wardrobe is the solution to your problems. Let's review the details which go into performing this installation in your home below.

    Fitting a New Wardrobe Cost

    The cost of getting bespoke fitted wardrobes installed can vary massivley depending on the size, finish and style you are going for. If you are looking at having sliding mirror doors then it can dramatically increase the price. The average cost of a fitted wardrobe is around £2600.

    Job DescriptionDurationMaterial CostLabour Cost
    Fitted Wardrobe With Sliding Mirror Doors3 - 4 days£1800£600
    Custom 3 Door Fitted Wardrobe With Shelves and Rails3 - 5 Days£1900£750
    Standard 4 Door Fitted Wardrobe1 Week£1800£950
    6 Door Bespoke Custom Wardrobe.1- 2 Weeks£2500£1200

    Things to consider when installing a custom-fit wardrobe.

    A new fitted-wardrobe is a great addition to any bedroom. It will increase storage space, it will provide a custom-detail in design, it will also utilise otherwise unusable space in your bedroom. Before you choose to have a wardrobe custom-fitted, you should consider a few details, which are detailed below.

    Material and design – Before any works is performed, make sure you discuss the material options uPVC is cheaper, but durable, solid-wood grains, such as oak, will look far superior in the space. You should also consider: colour, custom-design work, and other elemental features (such as knobs, sliders, etc.) to ensure the best finishes in the space.

    Usable space – This includes both hanging as well as drawer-storage space. Depending on if you will install hanging rods for pants, blouses, and other articles of clothing, or simply choose to have drawers custom-fitted, the cost and size of the wardrobe will vary. Make sure to discuss with the trades-professional, how much “usable” space is available, to actually store your belongings.

    Detail work – If you want a spinning tie-rack, jewelry storage space, slot for socks and underwear, and other elemental design pieces, this will increase cost of the project, and also duration to complete it. Make sure you discuss the details, and all elements of implementing these features in the design-work, when speaking to a carpenter or trades-professional you will hire for this job.

    It is also important to discuss the time-frame to complete the project, and whether your room can be used while they are working in the space. Discuss potential setbacks, increased costs, and other variables when hiring a professional to install your new wardrobe.

    Lastly, inquire about disposal and removal. Make sure this price is included in the quoted price given for the project, so you don’t have any “last-minute” surprises, when the contractor is ready to provide you with a final bill for payment. Ask questions to avoid headaches, and inconsistencies down the road.

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    Doing it Yourself

    If you are planning on doing it yourself, this is not a small DIY project you can knockout over the weekend. In fact, for the layperson, this will take at least 1-2-weeks, just to buy the materials, measure spaces, and determine proper placement of items. Before you hire a contractor, there are a few things you can do in the room, to help keep costs down.

    First off, you can clear clutter/space. If there are doors or windows which have to be removed, you can do this. If there is dirt, debris ,and other clutter surrounding the space, also consider removing these items. Contractors will charge you for everything, even the most trivial tasks. To avoid these costs, clean-up the space beforehand, and leave them a clean canvas to work from.

    The next thing you can do is purchase the supplies. You can discuss material options with your contractor before hiring them to fit the wardrobe. Most contractors will charge you in increased fee/cost if they have to go out and buy the supplies themselves. So, to avoid this, you can order supplies online, or go to your local hardware store, and buy them. This will greatly lessen the financial cost of having a wardrobe fitted.

    Shop around. This might seem obvious enough, but getting a few quotes prior to choosing a contractor, should be part of the preparatory phases you go through, when installing and fitting a new wardrobe. The more time you take comparing contractors, the better it will be for you (cheaper, and you will hire the most qualified people for the job).

    Ultimately, this isn’t a small job to tackle, or DIY project you can complete over the weekend. But, there are a few things you can do, beforehand, to reduce the financial burden, and possibly lessen the amount of time it will take to fit and install your new wardrobe. These are some things you can do, when you are ready to hire a professional to fit your new wardrobe.

    Hiring a specialist for installing your new wardrobe.

    • Hire a specialist. Don't hire a general contractor, but rather, one which specialises with wardrobes.
    • Consider reputation. Look for reviews, ratings, referrals, etc. before you choose who to hire.
    • Find out how long they've been in the field. The longer they've specialised, the greater their capabilities.


    Can I install my own wardrobe?
    No, this is not a simple DIY job any homeowner can undertake over a long-weekend. In fact, it requires far more than simply measuring a space and installing a few hanging-rods and drawers. It requires: measuring, knocking down walls (possibly), installing sliding doors, moving fixtures, and additional detail work. It isn't a simple task, and isn't one you should undertake, unless of course you are a licensed trade-person.
    Is this a cheap installation/fitting?
    No; in most cases, even a simple fitted-wardrobe will run anywhere from £2000-£3000 (on the lower end). This of course can exceed £6000, for ornate, decorative pieces, quality-materials, and extra-large spaces. So, you will have to budget accordingly when you choose to do this type of work in the home.
    Should I install fixtures/accessory racks?
    This is also entirely up to you. If you want tie-racks, slots for socks/underwear, jewelry storage, and even security locks/features, a contractor can install these. Bear in mind, however, this will increase the cost, and possibly the duration of the project being completed as well.
    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 8th July 2019.

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