Cost of Fitted Wardrobes

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Last updated 7th February 2024 - Reading time: 17 mins
At a glance
  • The average cost of installing a fitted wardrobe is around £2,600
  • The job will take approximately 1 - 14 days to complete
In this article, you'll discover the following:
  • A complete pricing breakdown which includes what cost factors you need to consider, along with what such a task usually involves
  • How long the job should approximately take and a general overview of what types of services can be performed
  • How to find and hire a wardrobe fitter

Interested in a fitted wardrobe?

Installing bespoke wardrobes of this type will typically cost you around £2600 on average. But the costs of fitting a new custom-designed wardrobe into your home can change due to various things.

This guide on custom wardrobes will cover everything you need to know, including material and labour costs.

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Average Cost of Installing a Fitted Wardrobes:

Depending on the complexity of the job, it usually takes: 1-14 Days Depending on Home


How Much Do Fitted Wardrobes Cost?

Fitted wardrobes are the envy of many, and they really increase the value and aesthetics of any bedroom they are placed in.

The benefits stretch further than just pleasing décor as fitted bedroom wardrobes (where they are commonly used) make far better use of the space available in your home, giving you ample space to store just about anything.

The average price to install a fitted wardrobe comes in at around £2,600 and can take as little as one day, to two weeks. Although, this will depend on the size and style of the cabinet, as well as the room that it's being installed in.

fitted wardrobes cost guide

Designers are always introducing new and modernised versions of fitted wardrobes, from interesting door access to stunning aesthetics; however, this variety affects the time it takes to install and the overall difficulty of the job.

Due to the complexity and sheer size of fitted wardrobes, the price can dramatically change based on your preferred style, shape and material. For example, mirrored sliding doors are considerably more expensive than more traditional handled doors.

Even more costly are fitted wardrobes with features on the inside of them, such as spotlights, shelving units, TV units and the like.

I'm finding it hard to plan out my wardrobes. Can I ask a carpenter to help with the design of fitted wardrobes before building them?

""Absolutely ask a carpenter about design. One of the services we offer is using our interior designer to help get the most of these spaces."

Installing Fitted Wardrobes Prices

Job Description Install Time Cost of Materials Cost of Labour
Sliding Doors with No Features 3-4 Days £1,400 £600
Sliding Doors with Shelves and Rails 4-5 Days £1,600 £750
2 Door with No Features 1-2 Days £800 £300
2 Door with Shelves and Rails 2-2.5 Days £1,000 £400
3 Door with No Features 2-4 Days £1,200 £600
3 Door with Shelves and Rails 2-4 Days £1,400 £700
4 Door with No Features 6-8 Days £1,600 £900
4 Door with Shelves and Rails 6-8 Days £1,800 £1,000
6 Door with No Features 7-14 Days £2,000 £1,200
6 Door with Shelves and Rails 7-14 Days £2,200 £1,200
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Supply Only Costs

The materials usually account for around 70% of the overall cost to install a fitted wardrobe in your home. As you can see from the table above, there is quite a stark contrast in price depending on the wardrobe's size and whether you want to incorporate any internal features like shelving and rails in your fitted wardrobe.

Another thing to consider when planning to pay for a fitted wardrobe installation is whether you want a bespoke, custom-built cabinet, or whether you want to choose a predesigned one from a DIY or wardrobe store.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes carry quite a high premium, as a joiner or carpenter will need to design and build the wardrobe from scratch, but if you have the budget for this choice, you will definitely be pleased with the finished result.

You should also consider the materials you wish to use for your wardrobe, with solid woods like oak costing much more than a standard uPVC material. Again, it's all about finding the right balance between quality and cost-efficiency, depending on your budget.

As we'll discuss in more details further along in this article, sourcing the materials yourself is perfectly fine, if you know what you're looking for and understand what will be required by the installer. However, we would suggest against trying to fit them yourself unless you have extensive wardrobe installation experience.

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Additional Costs

A high hidden price that people forget about, especially if they're replacing existing fitted wardrobes, is the cost of waste removal.

Usually, the best course of action is to hire a skip for the day's that the work is being completed, and nowadays skip hire isn't as expensive as it once was.

fitted wardrobes cost guide 6

Another very expensive additional cost is the reorder of materials if the measurements provided weren't accurate.

Of course, if you hire an installer to carry out the work for you this is of no worry to you at all, however, if you opt to order the materials yourself and don't get the measurements correct to the millimetre, you could be in store for a very costly solution. This further illustrates the benefits of using a qualified and experienced installation expert.

Once your new fitted wardrobes have been installed, some people often look to other areas of the room that they feel may need revisiting now the face of the room has been changed.

Often things like painting skirting boards and windowsills should be considered, along with a fitted wardrobe installation.

Labour Costs and Timescales

Wardrobe installers typically work at a rate of about £150 per day, although some tradesmen prefer to price per job instead of the time due to the complexity of some installations. When the tradesmen provide their quote, ensure you ask what that includes.

Generally, this will include the installation and materials, but the quote will be for installation only if you're sourcing the materials yourself. Ensure that you both are on the same page to avoid any confusion.

As we mentioned earlier in the article, if you have an existing fitted wardrobe, enquire about whether there are waste removal services available from the installation team, or whether that's a task for you.

It's fairly common for skip hire to be organised by the person having the work done, but it's always worth asking the question first.

The bulk of the time will be spent installing the wardrobe, after a period of measurements and preparation of the cabinet's space. Even the slightest miscalculation can be detrimental to the entire project, so be patient during this measuring stage, even if it feels like it's dragging on a little, it's done for a reason.

The tradesman will give you some indication on how long each stage will take throughout the installation process. However, don't be surprised if they change at the drop of a hat, some complications are impossible to predict, and no matter how easy they are to rectify, it can still alter the timescale.

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Cost Factors of Installing Fitted Wardrobes

Several different factors can affect your fitted wardrobe installation's overall pricing, from location to ease off access and many others. So, we're going to break down the main factors, and what you can expect from them.


The most common cost affecting factor for trades, in general, is the location of your home. If you live in a popular city like Manchester or London, you will pay an inflated price than other, quieter places in the country.

This is down to the cost of living in those areas, and the price increases are pretty much spread across all services in these areas.

Ease of Access

This is generally more of an issue for outdoor work like aerial installations or roof cleaning. Still, if the room you're hoping to have a fitted wardrobe installed in has any access issues, you can expect the price to increase in turn.

Some people have oddly shaped rooms, either with the layout of the room, its shape, or even sloped ceilings. Once some installation experts have been out to quote the job, they'll be able to identify any access issues that they may come across.

Type or Size of Wardrobe

The cost of your wardrobe installation will vary greatly depending on the cost of the materials. You have quite a vast array of options for the material for a fitted wardrobe, with uPVC, oak, pine and some fitted wardrobes are made from MDF.

fitted wardrobes cost guide 2

The customisation available with fitted wardrobes can also hike the price up quite a bit. You can customise your cabinets in any way you wish, and popular choices have been the additions of mirrors, leather padding and laminate.

What's Involved in Installing Fitted Wardrobes?

Many people may be in the dark about what installing fitted wardrobes entails, so we've broken it down into a step-by-step guide to help you understand what is involved when installing fitted wardrobes.

  1. First, the installer will review the space where you want your fitted wardrobe to be installed, making marks and notes as to where everything will be while measuring the area to ensure everything has been checked and double-checked for accuracy.
  2. The next step will vary depending on whether you have bought the materials pre-cut and measured, or whether the installer is working with the raw materials at the time of fitting. Either way, the materials will be prepared ready to be installed.
  3. Next, the frame of the wardrobe will be built. This sturdy frame will act as the bones to the cabinet and will be fixed to the wall and ceiling to provide the shape and structure of the fitted wardrobe.
  4. After this, the frame will be firmly fixed to the floor as well; this can be tricky if you have any flooring other than wooden.
  5. Once the frame is in place and sturdy, the other panels (made up of whichever material you have chosen) will be attached to the frame. From here, the wardrobe will begin to take shape and start to look like what you had envisioned for your room.
  6. Doors, whether sliding or handled, will be added next. Sometimes sliding doors will be added at an earlier stage, depending on where the sliding fixture is placed on the wardrobes.
  7. Lastly, any internal features will be added and completed before the job is finished. Each of these stages can take varying lengths of time depending on what challenges the installer comes up against. Some installers may have developed their preferred installation techniques in a similar way, so don't think they're mistaken by not following the steps outlined here!

Can I Install Fitted Wardrobes Myself?

As we've mentioned earlier in the article, a significant aspect of getting fitted wardrobes right is to ensure that they are installed and prepared to absolute precision. Fitted wardrobes are often very heavy, so if you were to tackle this as a DIY job, you could really do with a few pairs of spare hands to help out.

We would advise you to use a licensed and experienced professional for a job as important as this one, as even the slight miscalculation can throw the entire project into turmoil.

However, if you intend to attempt it yourself, do some research and follow the guides to the letter. It may also be beneficial to try something similar on a small scale, to see if you find it trickier or easier than expected. That should give you a good indication as to whether you'll be able to complete a larger job successfully.

If you attempt this as a DIY job ensure you have all the tools and materials to hand, ensure you use safety precautions when cutting materials and wear gloves throughout the installation to protect your hands from any slips or traps.

Choosing Fitted Wardrobes

We've put together a pro's and con's list for the most popular fitted wardrobe options to help you choose the wardrobe that best suits your needs.

Fitted Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Cost

These are probably the most popular options with fitted wardrobes. They really add a classy look to whatever room they are installed in, and certainly make the room look like a larger space.

fitted wardrobes cost guide 3


  • ✔ Mirrored wardrobes can make the room look and feel much bigger
  • ✔ Mirrored wardrobes are sleek, modern and will remain at their best if looked after properly
  • ✔ Sliding doors help maximise all the space available in the room, without the need to account for opening doors


  • ✖ Mirrored wardrobes can look grubby and dirty if they're not cleaned often, especially if there are small children in the house
  • ✖ Sliding doors can be difficult to reattach if they are knocked out of their sliding module

Fitted Corner Wardrobe Cost

Corner wardrobes sit snugly in the corner of the room and work with either a handled door or very smart, but expensive, sliding doors in which the door overlaps to the other side of the wardrobe.

While these types of wardrobes are relatively rare, they are an excellent choice for those with limited space, as corners are often written off as lost space.


  • ✔ Corner wardrobes make use of space that is often overlooked and ignored
  • ✔ Corner wardrobes often have a large surface area of space inside which can be used for larger items like boxes or small units


  • ✖ Corner wardrobes can be a little tricky to install, making them a little more expensive than other options
  • ✖ Limited to few door options

Fitted Gloss Wardrobe Cost

This type of wardrobe has become more popular in recent years due to the lightweight, inexpensive materials and sleek look they provide. The wardrobe doors, either sliding or handled, are covered in a glossy plastic covering.

fitted wardrobes cost guide 4


  • ✔ Inexpensive when compared to other fitted wardrobe options
  • ✔ Very customisable, even after installation it's pretty easy to remove the glossy covering to change to a different colour
  • ✔ Some reflection without using the more expensive mirror


  • ✖ Can sometimes look a little cheaper than other options
  • ✖ Can dull over time after multiple cleans

2-Door vs 4-Door vs 6-Door Fitted Wardrobes

A big question people ask when considering a handled fitted wardrobe is how many doors to incorporate into them.

Generally, the larger the wardrobe, the more doors you have, but some cupboards incorporate larger and fewer doors if they have the room available.

Whereas some people prefer to have narrower doors, so they can have more sections within the wardrobe.

Building Regulations & Planning Permission for Fitted Wardrobes

You don't need planning permission to install fitted wardrobes providing you don't change the permanent structure of the walls within your home. Fitted wardrobes are still technically removable if needed without causing damage to the structure.

Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

Custom Fit

When you pay to have a fitted wardrobe installed in your home, it's a perfect fit for where you want it to be. When you buy a freestanding cabinet, you do your best to pick one that fits the space you have, but you'll be hard-pressed to find one that fits flush to the walls and the ceiling.

fitted wardrobes cost guide 5

Efficient Use of Room Space

With the custom fit of the wardrobe, no space will be left unused. You'll be surprised just how much spare space you have leftover, even with a large, fitted wardrobe in the room. If you have mirrored wardrobe doors, the room will look and feel bigger too!

New Décor

A new fitted wardrobe can revitalise your bedroom space, giving it a new lease of life, while bringing much more light into the room. Many people design their bedrooms around a new fitted wardrobe, so giving your room a fresh lick of paint and adding new furniture can really transform the space.

Removing Fitted Wardrobes Cost

Removing a fitted wardrobe is considerably easier than installing one and is certainly a job that can be done DIY if you take it slow and have help. Take the wardrobe apart piece by piece until you get down to the frame. From there, you can look for the fixings and remove them with the necessary tools.

If you want to hire someone to do this work for you, the price will depend on the wardrobe's size, but usually, someone can be hired for £300-£400, although this will be without removal costs. To dispose of an old fitted wardrobe, you can either hire a skip to put all the pieces in before it's taken away, or you can break it down and take it to your local recycling plant.

Hiring Contractors to Install Fitted Wardrobes Checklist

When considering any tradesmen to carry out work on your home, it's essential to check them over thoroughly before hiring them:

  • You should ask them about their experience in installing fitted wardrobes, especially in the style you want and see if they have any photos of past projects that they can show you.
  • You can check reviews online from multiple websites like Yell and Google. Good customer reviews are always a good sign.
  • It's important to get different quotes from different people to see if anyone is trying to charge too much for the installation.
  • You should also ask them about any accreditations that they hold and check them online.


What is a fitted wardrobe?

A fitted wardrobe is a structure that is fixed to your walls and floor, instead of the more standard freestanding cabinet. They look much neater, make better use of space and generally offer far more storage space than any freestanding wardrobe.

How much space do I need for a fitted wardrobe?

As fitted wardrobes are customised to the space you have available; you don't need much space at all. If you can fit a freestanding wardrobe in the room, you'll be able to install a fitted wardrobe.

How can I customise my fitted wardrobe?

Many people add shelves, rails and drawers into their fitted wardrobe system, but you can get quite inventive when it comes to customisation. Some people have actually implemented TV units into their fitted wardrobes so they can shut the doors on it when not in use. This makes the room look much tidier and neater.

Can you place electric's inside a fitted wardrobe?

Yes. If you need electrical sockets or ports in your fitted wardrobe for any reason, an electrician will be able to install these either in the space before it's fitted, or once the cabinet has been installed.

Do fitted wardrobes require regular maintenance?

If you have sliding doors, you may want to lubricate them periodically to keep them running smoothly. However, apart from that, there isn't much maintenance needed, apart from regular cleaning to remove dust and marks from the doors and mirrors.


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