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    Looking for a local roofing company? At MyJobQuote you can easily compare the best roofing contractors in your area, get multiple quotes and get the best price. Need a local roofer to complete a job, well now you can get free quotes from a number of reliable roofers around you by simply filling in the form above. Save time and money when looking for a roofing service. Do you need some gutters or fascias repairing or replacing or even bigger work like building or repairing a chimney stack? Get an obligation free quote today.

    Roofing involves everything from the construction of a new roof, roof and gutter replacement and repairs, along with general cleaning. The job of a roofer is crucial as they construct one of the most important elements of a property – the roof. Roofing is also important for maintaining older buildings which may require a roof upgrade or replacement.

    It is important that homeowners keep an eye on the condition of their roof, as they may need to hire a roofer for small tasks such as roof tile and guttering maintenance and replacement. They can also help with large scale jobs such as leaks or complete roof replacement for different homes and roof types.

    What a Roofer Near You Can Do

    Homeowners can benefit from a variety of roofing services, including:

    Fix Roof Leaks

    If you notice water dripping from your roof or ceiling, the most likely cause is a roof leak. This is a common issue, especially if you have an old roof, as tiles or flashing can start to become loose, allowing moisture to seep through the roof and into your home.

    To fix your leak, you should call in a professional roofer, who will assess your roof and find the source of your leak. They will then fix the area where the leak begins, which could involve anything from replacing roof tile , vents and flashing. They may also apply sealants and install waterproof barriers as a leak prevention method.

    Clean Roof Tiles

    The majority of roofers offer roof maintenance services which include cleaning roof tiles. This is a worthwhile service as it helps to prevent leaks and any other roof issues. Professional roofers will assess your roof before deciding on the right cleaning method for your roof type.

    The majority of roofers will use high-quality chemicals and a power washer to clean roof tiles, making sure they take great care when cleaning older tiles. Different methods are involved for slate roofs which should be cleaned with a low-pressure washer, while a thatched roof does not require water and instead a thin layer is shaved off the roof to remove any dirt or algae.

    Flat Roof Replacement

    If your flat roof is more than 20 years old or you have had a number of repairs and are still experiencing leaks, then you may need to invest in a professional flat roof replacement.

    Before installing a new flat roof, the existing plies will be removed, which includes the felt, mats and fabrics. The mortar perimeter will then be lifted along with the timber battens and the rest of the roof remains will be scraped off. An EPDM membrane will then be installed and secured with a water-based adhesive.

    Replace a Garage Roof

    If you notice a significant amount of noise sounding from your garage roof during high winds, then this may be caused by loose roof tiles or sheets which will definitely need replacing. You may also notice leaks that may be a sign that a garage roof replacement is needed.

    Professional roofers specialise in garage roof replacement, which is similar to a house roof replacement, although it usually involves different materials such as asphalt and steel. To replace the roof, they will remove the existing roof and fix or replace the foundations. The new roof covering can then be installed along with new guttering.

    Repair a Thatched Roof

    If you have an older property with a thatched roof that’s over 10 years-old, then you may need to have it repaired by a qualified roofer with knowledge of thatched roofs.

    A thatched roof repair requires a significant amount of skill and can also be a dangerous job, depending on the height of the slope. The job involves removing the damaged roof material, followed by tucking away any binding wires and securing the holes with a thatch plug. The thatching material should then be attached to the roof battens and secured with galvanised steel wire. This involves a significant amount of skill and can also be a dangerous job, depending on the height of the slope.

    New Roof

    If you have more than a couple of roof tiles loose or notice any significant water damage or sagging, then you may need to hire a professional to replace your entire roof.

    A professional roofer will need to remove your existing roof and clean the entire roof structure. They will then prepare the roof bed by repairing any cracks and getting rid of rot or debris. Once this complete, the underlay can be installed, followed by the drip edge and finally the roof covering of your choice. They will then assess the roof and clean up any dust and debris.


    Another important roofing job is guttering, which involves cleaning and scooping out leaves, branches, dirt and debris. This will help to prevent damp and will also prolong the lifespan of your gutters and roof.

    It also involves gutter replacement, which may be required if you find any moisture or mould inside or outside your home, which can lead to cracked walls. The best way to prevent this is by hiring a professional roofer to remove your old gutters by removing the bolts and lower the gutters to the ground with a rope. The tradesman will then fit the perfect-size gutters to fit your roof type, making sure they are secure and clean.

    Roofing Contractors Near Me

    When searching for “a roofer near me”, you will find a number of different roofing companies located in your nearest city, which is convenient; however, they may not offer instant roofing quotes.

    When searching for a roofer, you should ask about their experience, as you need to ensure that the person completing the job has the knowledge and skills to take on the task. You should also make sure you get a roofer that has public liability insurance, as this will protect them and you in the event of damage or an incident.

    MyJobQuote can help you narrow down your search with three free roofing quotes per job, which will allow you to find a local roofer within your budget that is reliable and competent.

    Recommended Roofers Near Me

    Here at MyJobQuote, we conduct thorough checks on all roofers who sign up. This involves submitting all information, including their personal details, company name, contact number, email, work experience, bank details, qualification credentials, and insurance documentation.

    We also have a five-star review service which allows homeowners to browse our recommended roofers and find the right person for the job. This also helps homeowners find local recommended roofers who are both convenient and reliable.

    Roofer Hiring Checklist

    When hiring a roofer, you should do the following:

    ✔ Inquire about their services and experience.

    ✔ Request proof of their previous experience in pictures or review form.

    ✔ Ask for their credentials and qualifications.

    ✔ Check they have public liability insurance.

    ✔ Inquire about job guarantees.

    What to Ask a Roofer Contractor

    Before hiring a roofing contractor, you should check that the tradesman you choose has the knowledge and skills to perform a specific job. To ensure you are hiring the right person, you should ask the following questions:

    • Can you give me a quote?
    • How much will the job cost?
    • How long will the job take?
    • Do you have insurance?
    • Do you offer a warranty for roofing work?
    • Do you need to remove my old roof?
    • How many years of experience do you have doing this particular job?
    • Do you have any examples of previous work?
    • What precautions do you have in place to ensure the safety of my home?
    • How do you plan to access my roof?

    Qualifications a Roofer Needs

    Roofers do not need a formal education to become qualified. However, many opt to enrol on roofing courses such as a Level 2 Diploma in roof slating and tiling or roof occupations. This will teach them the basic skills for various roofing jobs, including repairing and replacing various roof fixtures.

    Entry requirements for roofing courses include two A*- D GCSEs or any equivalent to this. For an apprenticeship, they will need a GCSE in Mathematics and English in order to enrol on a course and start on-the-job training. They will start on an apprenticeship wage then move to a roofer salary after two years.

    Insurance for Roofers

    The roofer you choose you should have roofers insurance which will include public liability cover that protects their business and customers in the event of an accident or damage during a new or existing roofing job. This will cover legal costs and compensation for businesses and their clients.

    At MyJobQuote, we advertise tradesmen with roofer liability insurance, however, it is important that you ask your roofer if they have insurance before signing any contracts.

    Day Rate of a Roofer

    The normal day rate is between £150 to £250 for a roofer. The cost of roofer services can vary depending on the job, for example, more difficult jobs such as a brand new roof may cost more, while some roofers will only charge half a day rate for smaller repairs job.

    The cost of a roofer per day will also depend on how long the business or trader has been operating, as rates are typically lower for newly qualified roofers. The size of the company and location will also be determined by location, with large companies in London charging 20% more than the rest of the UK.

    Cost of a Roofer Per Job

    The majority of roofers have an average daily rate of around £150. Roofing prices will, of course, vary depending on their experience, especially if it is a complicated job.

    They may also charge per job, so the cost will depend on the particular task that is required. For example, smaller jobs such as cleaning gutters tend to start from £100 for a semi-detached property with 15 metres of gutters and up to £150 for a detached property with 20 metres of guttering. Prices may increase if you need your gutters replacing, with UPVC guttering costing around £200 to £450 in labour depending on the size of your home.

    To maintain your roof, you may want to hire a roofer to power wash your roof, which typically costs around £300 for a bungalow and up to £600 for a detached property.

    Roof repair costs may also vary depending on the extent of the damage, for example, a roof leak repair cost may only be priced at around £150 to £400 if only a couple of roof tiles need to be replaced. While the cost of a new roof is normally priced at around £2,000 or more.

    A flat roof repair cost will also be determined by the damage, with flat roof prices starting at around £500 for a garage flat roof or up to £900 for an extension flat roof.

    How to Keep Roofing Costs Low

    Roofing costs can be kept low by purchasing your own materials, although some roofing contractors can benefit from trade discounts so it may be worth getting some quotes first. You may also want to find a roofer in your area research local roofing repairs to see which companies offer the best quotes.

    Tile roof costs will vary depending on the size of your roof, and the material you pick. To reduce the cost of new roof tiles, you could consider choosing a low-budget material such as asphalt shingles or interlocking tiles.

    How Long Does Roof Repair Take?

    The time frame for each roof repair job will vary, with smaller tasks such as cleaning the gutters can take anywhere 2 to 5 hours, although it can take a full day if scaffolding is required.

    If you have a leak or any broken tile, then you may need a roofer to replace a few tiles which can take around 2 hours, although this can increase to 5 hours if the roof has restricted access and requires scaffolding.

    A complete roof replacement can take around 2 days for a new garage flat roof or up to two weeks for a brand-new pitched roof.

    Emergency Roof Repair

    If your roof has significant damage, then you may need to call an emergency roofer to fix the problem, which typically costs around £150 per day; however, you may be able to claim this back on your home insurance. This could include major leaks coming from your roof, where water has seeped into the walls of your home and starts to come through the ceiling.

    If you notice tiles falling or crumbling off your roof, then it may be worth calling out an emergency roofer to prevent your roof from collapsing and putting your home and family in danger.

    During bad weather, you may require an emergency roofing service, especially if any branches or trees have fallen onto your roof, as this can cause your roof to cave in.

    Roofing Maintenance

    To prevent roof issues, you should hire a roofer to conduct the following roof maintenance:

    Roof Inspection

    This involves roof inspections by professional roofers who will check your roof tiles, flashing, and guttering for any damage. They will also assess the roof for any rust or corrosion, and remove any damage using a wire brush.

    General Cleaning

    Other roofing maintenance jobs include cleaning the roof and removing any leaves, branches, dirt and debris from your roof and gutters using a power washer. This prevents a build-up of algae and moisture, which could lead to a leaky roof.

    Roof Sealing

    If your roof is around 5 to 10 years old, then you should consider roofing maintenance services such as roof sealing. This will involve removing the old seal and applying a new seal across the entire roof to protect it against harsh weather conditions and general wear and tear.

    DIY Roofing

    Roofing can be a dangerous job as it requires work to be completed at a significant height; therefore it is important to take precautions when tackling jobs on a DIY basis. This could involve purchasing a roof harness or simply working with a friend who can hold and secure your ladder.

    Some roofing jobs should be avoided and left to the professionals; however, the following tasks can be done on a DIY basis:

    Shed Roof Repairs

    If you notice that your shed roof has loosened or is leaking, then you can easily it repair it with the help of a ladder and a pry bar which should be used to remove the existing roofing materials.

    Once the old roof is removed, the new felt can then be attached to the roof and hammered in place using roofing nails.

    Garage Roof Repairs

    If you need to replace your flat garage roof, then you will need to remove the old roof with the help of a fellow DIY enthusiast. You will then need to check the timber foundations for rotting, as they may need to be removed if they are damaged.

    Once the foundations are prepared, you can then install your new roof, making sure that it is placed on a slight slope. Once the roofing material is in place, it can then be secured with the appropriate roofing nails.

    Cracked Roof Tile Repairs

    If you have any cracked tiles, then you should repair or replace them as soon as possible.

    Before the repair, you should start by cleaning the area with a brush to remove any dirt or debris. Then once the tile area is clean, you should fill the space with roofing cement and leave it to cure.

    Broken Roof Tile Replacement

    If your tile is completely broken, then it will need to be replaced. This involves prying up the broken tile, breaking into small pieces and removing the tile and nails.

    Before installing the new tile, you will need roofing equipment, which is easy to find if you try searching “roofing materials near me”. One of the most important materials is roofing cement which should be spread along one side of the tile. It should then be secured in place, making sure it is the right fit before applying adhesive or nails if necessary.

    DIY Roof Maintenance

    To ensure your roof lasts and doesn’t turn into a state of disrepair resulting in costly repairs, you should conduct the following DIY maintenance.

    Gutter Cleaning

    To prevent damp, you should clean your gutters regularly. This involves using a ladder to access your gutters, making sure you have someone securing the ladder on the ground. You will also need some waterproof gloves for hygiene purposes.

    You can then use a trowel to remove leaves, branches, dirt, sludge and any other debris and transfer it all into a bucket. Once this is full, you should then come down from the ladder, and then move onto the next section of guttering.

    General Roof Maintenance

    One of the easiest ways to clean your roof is by using a garden hose, making sure that it is on a low setting to avoid damaging the tiles.

    To ensure you wash your roof properly, you should brush any large pieces of debris. You should then mix together water and bleach and pour it into a spray gun which can then be attached to your hose and sprayed onto a section at a time then left to dry.

    Roofing Guide

    To help you understand the different roofing jobs, take a look at the following breakdown:

    Fascias, Soffits and Cladding

    One of the most important elements on your roof are fascias, soffits and cladding which all support the roof in different ways, and are usually a popular roofing installation.

    Fascias are in place to protect your roof rafters while also supporting the tile edges. A qualified roofer may advise you to have fascias installed on your roof to prevent moisture from entering your home and causing damp, while also improving the aesthetic of your roof.

    Soffits may be a feature on your roof which are placed on the edges of the roof and act as a protective barrier that seals in rafters. They are normally made out of uPVC, although older models are made of timber which can be prone to rot. Roofers can easily replace wooden soffits with uPVC, which require little to no maintenance.

    Cladding installation or replacement is another popular roofing job which helps to protect the external part of the roof. This acts as a waterproof layer which prevents damp issues and damage from harsh weather conditions.

    Flat Roof

    Flat roofs tend to have various issues,, including leaks which can lead to damp on the inside and outside of your property. While they are not a common application for homes, they are often found on sheds, garages and extensions which must be maintained as much as the main house.

    There are a variety of flat roof specialists to choose from, who are able to repair or replace a traditional flat roof with a more modern installation which has multiple layers and is less prone to damage and moisture build-up. Professional roofers will ensure that your new roof meets building regulations along with your aesthetic requirements.

    Guttering and Pipework

    Another popular job is gutter and pipework maintenance, repairs and replacement. These are an important roofing element, as they ensure that your roof has the right drainage to prevent flooding or damp.

    Many roofing specialists offer a gutter and pipework cleaning service which involves flushing out and removing all dirt, debris, leaves and more from your gutters to ensure they are working properly. They may also repair or replace your gutters or pipework if need be, while also offering advice on whether uPVC or cast-iron fixings are right for your roof.


    Roofing leadwork can be beneficial for homes that are exposed to harsh weather conditions, as leadwork can be used as a waterproofing tool. It can also be used to replace flashing as it is a flexible and robust material.

    Many roofers specialise in leadwork installation, which includes replacement and renewal. Depending on the extent of the damage, they will decide which option is necessary for your roof.

    Slate and Tiled Roof

    Some of the most common roof jobs are carried out on slate roofs, especially on older properties, as new building regulations state that all roofs must be fire and frost-proof. Roofing specialists tend to use man-made slate material which adheres to the regulations.

    Slate roofs can be easily repaired when broken, as slate tiles can be refitted. However, in some instances, roofers may need to replace the entire roof if there is extensive damage.

    Roofing FAQs

    What is roofing?

    Roofing is the construction, repair or replacement of a property roof. Roofing is usually conducted by a qualified roofing specialist with extensive knowledge of roof construction.

    How much does it cost to re-roof a house?

    The average cost to re-roof a house is around £2,300 to £7,300. These prices will vary depending on the size of the home, with some roofing specialists charging between £300 to £400 per square metre.

    What kind of plywood is used for roofing?

    There are two main types of plywood used in roof construction – structural and general. Out of the two structural is the strongest and is required for structural applications under building regulations.

    Why use roofing felt?

    The majority of roofing specialist use roofing felt to protect the roofing deck from harsh weather conditions and moisture. It is usually placed between the roof deck and shingles in order to repel water.

    What is roofing cement?

    Roofing cement is usually made up of plasticisers, asphalt, minerals, and reinforcing fibres. This is used to repair cracks or holes in a damaged roof, and can also act as an adhesive to attach flashing and roof shingles.

    What are roofing shingles made of?

    Roof shingles are made up of a variety of materials including wood, slate, plastic, fibreglass and asphalt.

    How long does a thatched roof last?

    Thatched roofs can last up to 40 years or more if they are installed by a qualified roofer. However, roof ridges on a thatched roof may only last up to 10 years so they may need to be replaced.

    How are roof tiles laid?

    The majority of roof tiles are laid on top of underlayment and timber battens which form the roof’s foundations. The tiles can then be placed across the roof then once the positioning is right, they can be nailed down into the battens and cut to size if need be.

    Can roof tiles be painted?

    Yes, roof tiles can be painted to improve the aesthetic of your property, although only acrylic paint can be used on the roof as this protects the roof material. Painting a roof can also prevent cracks as the level of porosity is reduced.

    What roof insulation is best?

    The insulation you need for your roof will depend on the type of roof you have. For instance, the most popular choice for a pitched roof is cold loft insulation, which is also the cheapest option. This is normally placed above and between the wooden joists of your top floor ceiling.

    For converted loft spaces, you may need to opt for warm insulation, such as glass wool, spray-foam or mineral insulation. This is typically installed beneath the roof’s slope panel.

    If you have a flat roof, you can choose warm deck insulation which is normally used for cold and dark areas in your home and is placed above the roof deck. Another option is cold deck insulation that is placed below the deck and is installed with insulation.

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