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  • Plumbing and Heating Costs

    The Cost of Installing a Steam Shower

    Steam showers are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners who are looking to add a touch of spa-luxury to...


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    Cost of Installing a Durgo Valve

    Durgo valves, sometimes referred to as air admittance valves are used in households and buildings as a form of ventilation. It all...


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    Cost of Running Gas to a Property

    Choosing to have a gas supply to your property could be because of a number of reasons. Maybe you have just moved into a new prope...


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    Bathroom Refurbishment Cost

    In general the average cost of a new bathroom is £4,500 in the UK and this includes furniture and installation. If you select a b...


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    Cost of Moving a Gas and Electric Meters

    Moving your gas and electric meters isn’t something that everyone will have to do, but if you’re struggling to read your meter...


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    Cost of Installing an Oil Boiler

    Installing an oil boiler can cost anywhere between £1,180 and £2,700, depending on the type and size of the boiler and the engin...


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    Installing a Smart Thermostat Cost

    The cost of installing a smart thermostat will be anywhere from £150 to £280, depending on the make of the thermostat. You will...


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    Cost of Installing Skirting Board Heating

    A skirting board heating system looks just like any conventional skirting board but provides the whole room with heat. Thermaskirt...


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    Cost of Installing a Log Burner

    It will cost £1200 to install a log burner if chimney already present, to include cleaning and lining chimney and installing log...


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    Cost Of Moving A Radiator

    Moving a radiator or installing a new radiator is a job which is most often required when renovating or extending a home. But occa...


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    Replacing an Immersion Heater Cost

    Although most UK homes only use immersion heaters as a backup source for hot water, they can be incredibly useful during the summe...


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    Installing a Heated Towel Rail

    Everyone loves having a warm towel, especially on colder days. With warm towels, you stay warm for longer after a hot bath or show...


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    Air Source Heating Pump Cost

    Air source heat pumps are incredibly efficient at absorbing heat from the outside air and using this to heat radiators or underflo...


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    Drain Survey Cost

    If you have recently moved into a new property and just want check it out, or are you experiencing poor drainage and are not sure...


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    Cost of Installing a Power Shower

    People sometimes get confused between power showers and electric showers, but a power shower has a pump that increases the flow ra...


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    Cost of Bleeding a Radiator

    Bleeding a radiator is a task which should be done for general maintenance. It is something that a homeowner should have done ever...


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    Cost of Replacing a Kitchen Sink

    A new kitchen sink looks good. More sinks today are more efficient, so they don't require as much energy, and are also going...


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    Cost of Treating Rising Damp

    Rising damp causes many problems in homes, including tidemarks, wet plaster, peeling wallpaper and mould growth. The health proble...


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    Cost of Underfloor Heating

    Underfloor heating is becoming a popular alternative to conventional radiators, especially so in luxury bathroom renovations, but...


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    Installing New Combi Boiler Cost 2019

    A central heating system can be powered by many fuels but always essentially consists of a heat source combined with connected hea...


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    Power Flushing a Central Heating Cost

    Power flushing is designed to clean out your central heating system, by removing the sludge or debris that tends to build up over...


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    Cost of Installing a New Boiler

    Most boilers are replaced due to problems as they simply don't work anymore! But some are replaced for better energy efficien...


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    Cost to Remove and Replace a Radiator

    Radiators are essential to distribute the heat generated from the boiler around your home. But sometimes they stop working and nee...


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    Cost to Get Your Boiler Serviced

    Gas boilers should be serviced every year by a Gas Safe registered installer to ensure they are operating safely at peak efficienc...


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