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  • Cost of Installing Skirting Board Heating

    This guide will cover everything you need to know about installing Thermaskirt Skirting Board Heating..

    Average Cost of Installing Skirting Board Heating

    This type of job normally takes around 1 day.


    A skirting board heating system looks just like any conventional skirting board but provides the whole room with heat. Thermaskirt skirting board heating is popular amongst modern homes as it acts like underfloor heating but is often easier to install.
    Skirting board heating not only could reduce your energy bills, but it evenly distributes the heat around the room unlike radiators. It also gives you back valuable space that bulky radiators often take up. The invention of skirting board heating has been greatly appreciated by homeowners for its sleek and minimalism functionality.

    The cost of Thermaskirt skirting board heating will vary depending on which system you choose. There are two types of skirting board heating. There are the water skirting board heating systems which are fitted with two pipes transporting hot water to heat up the space. There is also the electric skirting board heating that allows you to control the temperature of the room via cables feeding to the electric thermostat.

    We always recommended hiring a professional tradesperson in to fit your Thermaskirt skirting radiators as they’ll not only have experience, but they will be a qualified professional. You should make sure you get up to 3 quotes for the job to ensure you find the best price for skirting board heating.

    By filling out My Job Quote's quick and easy form with details of your job, you will save time finding a trusted tradesperson for the job. We will connect you with up to 3 qualified and trusted professionals to help with your new skirting heating from our network of 100’s of tradespeople specialising in a variety of areas. You will receive an instant price guide for your job when you use My Job Quote today.

    Cost of Skirting Board Heating

    Job Description Duration Material Cost Labour Cost
    Fitting skirting board heating 1 day From £40 per linear metre £100-£200 per day

    Things to Consider With Skirting Board Heating

    Installing Thermaskirt skirting board heating comes with many benefits. Not only is it easy and quick to install, but it takes up less space than radiators. There are a few things to consider when installing skirting board heating. Installing skirting board heating prevents the growth of mildew and damp walls as the heat evenly spreads across the room from the floor.

    It’s worth noting that skirting board heating won’t be as effective if you live in an old house as there will be a lot of large rooms with more draught. You should also note that a fully qualified engineer should install your water skirting board heating system whilst an electrician will have to install your electric skirting board heating system. To compare quotes from trusted electricians and engineers, get connected with My Job Quote.

    The cost of skirting board heating starts at £40 per linear metre which works out cheaper than pricing it up with the square metre of a room. Skirting board heating is also cheaper than underfloor heating as it’s installed above floorboards, avoiding the cost to fit new flooring. Obviously, the cost of your skirting board heating will depend on the builder’s daily rate. We recommend comparing up to 3 costs from builders to get the best price of skirting board heating.

    Ready to get a price for your job?

    Doing it Yourself

    It would take a lot of time and effort to install Thermaskirt skirting board heating to say the least. You would require the professional and expert knowledge of a qualified electrician or engineer to install your skirting board heating. Not only will they be able to complete the job to a high level of standard, but you’ll save on the cost of skirting board heating by comparing quotes.

    The ThermaSkirt is designed to be connected with conventional boilers, heat pumps, solar and direct electric so you will need a professional tradesperson to install your Thermaskirt skirting board heating to minimise any health and safety hazards from attempting it yourself.

    The ThermaSkirt skirting board heating system will need to be fitted to the external walls, which also means less heat is lost, which is another benefit of installing skirting board heating.

    As the installation of skirting board heating could be complicated for a builder who has never experienced this before, you will want to compare up to 3 quotes from professionals giving them as much detail about the job as you can.

    Skirting Board Heating Checklist

    • Skirting board heating is the eco-friendliest way to heat your house.
    • Skirting board heating will distribute heat evenly around the room.
    • Skirting board heating frees up a lot of space that would normally be taken up by radiators.
    • Skirting board heating is the cheapest heating to install as it usually is priced by linear metre and not square metre of a room.
    • You’ll avoid extra costs by not replacing floor boards like you would with underfloor heating.
    • Installing skirting board heating prevents the growth of mildew and damp walls.


    What types of skirting board heating is there?
    There are two types of Thermaskirt skirting board heating. Water and electric.
    Who can install my skirting board heating?
    If you’re installing a water skirting board heating system, you will need an engineer to do the job and if you’re installing an electric skirting board system, you will need an electrician to complete the job.
    Is skirting board heating expensive?
    No, skirting board heating is the cheapest method of room heating as it is priced by linear metre and not square metre of a room. You will also avoid new flooring cost as you would with underfloor heating.
    How is skirting board heating eco-friendly?
    Skirting board heating is eco-friendly as it will evenly heat up the whole room, saving a lot of money on your energy bill.
    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 7th May 2019.

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