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  • Cost of Installing a Steam Shower

    Everything you may want to know about installing a steam shower, including the costs involved and the time frames you should expect.

    The average cost of installing a steam shower

    Depending on the your bathroom and chosen shower, it usually takes: 1-2 Days


    Steam showers are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners who are looking to add a touch of spa-luxury to their properties. In the UK, the cost of purchasing and installing a steam shower can be anywhere between £1500-£6000. There are many great reasons why someone would be interested in installing a steam shower, along with some excellent health benefits. One great advantage of installing a steam shower within your property is that they generally increase the value of your home. You will also be able to save money on regular spa-treatments, as you will have your very own at-home spa. Not only that, but a steam shower is a self-contained unit that usually takes no longer to install than a regular shower unit. This is a great advantage for properties with limited space, as the units themselves are generally compact and low maintenance. This article is designed to help you understand everything you need to know before installing a steam shower, including advice on hiring the right tradespeople along with the average cost of installation.

    The standard installation process for installing a steam shower into your home is relatively straightforward. However, as with any other installation process, you will achieve the best results by hiring a licenced professional to assist you. Depending on your level of DIY skill, you may feel confident enough to install the steam shower yourself. Be sure to examine the manufacturer's instructions to make an informed decision before attempting to do so.

    Always remember that as with many other shower units, steam showers contain both water and electrical points. It is vital that these connections are installed precisely, as water and electricity do not mix. Therefore, we advise that you seek the assistance of a qualified and licenced installer to carry out the installation. Bathrooms are very humid environments, so any form of electrical work carried out in a bathroom must be installed by a tradesperson who has a Part P qualification.

    Typical prices

    Job Description Duration Material Cost Labour Cost
    Installing a Insignia Shower 1-2 Days £1500-£2000 £300-£500
    Installing a Novellini Shower 1-2 Days £2000-£3000 £300-£500
    Installing a Custom Shower 3-5 Days £5000+ £600-£1000

    Things to Consider Before Installing a Steam Shower

    It is recommended that your maximum ceiling height does not exceed 8 feet when installing your steam shower enclosure. If your property has a ceiling height of over 8 feet, then you may require a more powerful steam generator to achieve the best results.

    Consider adding seating to your steam shower enclosure to increase comfort. Homeowners with smaller spaces may opt for fold-up seating options to maximise space. Where space isn't limited, you may wish to install a bespoke tiled bench or corner seat for an extra touch of luxury. Always remember that if you are installing tiles that you source non-slip flooring options as steam can make porcelain tiles very dangerous.

    Remember that no heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems should be installed inside the steam shower enclosure. You can choose to install a standard bathroom extractor fan outside if you wish. However, many steam shower units are specially designed to condense the vapours back into the water.

    Steam showers are an investment. While steam production doesn't require much water, it does require electricity. If used frequently, you could see an increase in your electricity bill. There are a number of things that may increase the cost of your steam shower, such as the size, materials, addition of a bench and lighting. Depending on the make and model of your steam shower, the cost of installation varies greatly. Not only that, but remember that as you will require the assistance of two professional tradespersons, the labour charges will affect the installation of your steam shower tremendously.

    Your ceilings must be sloped. This is due to the amount of steam and condensation inside the enclosure itself. Sloping the ceiling prevents the water from harbouring where you sit or stand and causes it to drip into the desired location or drainage system.

    Remember, if you are hiring a tradesperson, you will require the assistance of both a plumber and an electrician too. For your steam shower to perform, both water and electricity must be correctly installed. The job can be dangerous so, never attempt the installation of a steam shower unless you are qualified to do so.

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    Installing a Steam Shower Yourself

    Installing a steam shower is a delicate and tricky process. Never, under any circumstances, attempt to install a steam shower yourself unless you feel absolutely confident and qualified to do so. Water and electricity do not mix, which makes the installation dangerous.

    Step 1: It is essential to check your items prior to beginning the installation process. Thoroughly ensure that all required elements are present for a successful installation. It would be a shame for you to invest your time in installing your steam shower and not achieving the correct performance or aesthetics.

    Step 2: You will need to identify a water supply for both of your hot and cold water connections. Decide where your steam shower will be installed and begin following the assembly instructions provided by the shower's manufacturer. The assembly process should take between 2-3 hours to complete.

    Step 3: Connect the water supply from the hot and cold outlets to the steam shower unit. These connections will be 1/2 inch flexible line connections which allow you to manoeuvre the shower unit to access the components for servicing.

    Step 4: Connect the drainage system underneath the steam shower unit. Level the steam shower by adjusting the levelling legs until you have established a stable base for your enclosure.

    Step 5: Connect the electrical components following manufacturers instructions. These components will power the steam generator and the shower system.

    Step 6: Apply a layer of silicone or any other kind of finishing material around the perimeter of your steam shower to ensure a sealed enclosure. Make sure that this material is suitable for wet conditions and is mould resistant.

    Installing a Steam Shower Checklist

    • Ensure that your bathroom is suitable for a steam shower enclosure.
    • Measure your space correctly and decide on the best design for you.
    • Research reviews on the various brands and model steam showers on the market.
    • Seek professional assistance and advice for the correct installation of your steam shower.
    • Ensure you thoroughly read the recommended guidelines from the manufacturer.
    • Regularly service and maintain your steam shower to optimise performance.


    What are part P qualifications?
    Part P qualifications state that any person carrying out the electrical installation must ensure the work is installed correctly to protect others from fires and electric shocks. UK Building Regulations set these guidelines.
    Should I have ventilation above my steam shower?
    No! You shouldn't have any ventilation systems installed inside the steam shower enclosure. You dont want electrics so close to your steam shower.
    Do I need a qualifies electrician?
    All electrical work to accommodate a steam shower needs to be carried out by a qualified electrician
    Can I have a steam shower in the corner of my bathroom?
    Yes, of course but bear in mind that you need to allow a minimum of 40-50 cm space around the base of the shower for assembly. It can then be moved back flush in the corner of the room.
    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 5th February 2020.

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