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  • Cost of Servicing a Gas Fire

    A gas fire service and safety check will usually cost around £50-£100, with an average cost in the UK of £75.

    Are you looking for a detailed breakdown of gas fire servicing?

    Then check out this cost article which is full of information on the cost of gas fire servicing.

    Let's take a look...

    Servicing a gas fire guide

    Average Cost of Servicing a Gas Fire

    Depending on the complexity of the job, it usually takes: 1-2 hours


    How Much Does It Cost to Service a Gas Fire?

    A gas fire service and safety check will usually cost around £50-£100, with an average cost in the UK of £75. These prices are based on one gas fire only. Additional gas fires would be charged at an extra cost per fire.

    If you are based in London, you can expect the cost of a gas fire service to be around £20-£30 more than those based in the North or other parts of the UK.

    Gas fire service

    A gas safety check alone costs on average £50-£80. However, many people will choose to have an annual gas fire service which usually includes a safety check.

    Some gas providers may offer free gas safety checks in some circumstances. For example, if you are registered disabled, a pensioner, chronically ill, or have children under five years old.

    Gas Fire Servicing Prices

    The table below highlights the average cost for a gas fire service and a gas fire safety check:

    Job Description Average Cost
    Annual gas fire service and safety check £50-£100
    Gas safety check £50-£80

    Additional Costs

    There are various additional costs that you may need to think about when it comes to servicing your gas fire. Below is a list of these additional costs:

    New Gas Supply

    In some circumstances, you may need to invest in a new gas supply to your home. If your home is a new property, then it may not have a connection to mains installed.

    Some older homes may also not have a gas supply, or you may be switching to a gas supply for central heating. The average cost for installing a gas supply at your home is around £300-£1000.

    Boiler Service

    Along with your annual gas fire service, you will also need an annual boiler service if your boiler runs on gas.

    This is very important to ensure that your boiler runs efficiently, and all the parts are working to their peak performance. An annual boiler service costs on average around £50-£90.

    Labour Costs and Timescales

    The average labour costs for having your gas fire serviced is around £50-£100.

    The cost for labour can vary depending on a number of factors, including whether you hire a local contractor or a national company, where your property is located, and if there is any additional work that needs to take place.

    If you choose to hire a local contractor to carry out your gas fire service, you can expect to pay a lot less than if you were to opt for a national company.

    You must ensure that the contractor is gas safety registered before carrying out the work.

    If your property is located in London, you can expect to pay around £10-£30 more for the cost of labour than those based in the North or other parts of the UK.

    You can also expect the price of the job to increase if there is additional work needed.

    This will result in the overall job taking much longer and will lead to increased labour costs overall.

    The average gas fire service will take around 1-2 hours, providing there is no additional work needed.

    Cost Factors of Servicing a Gas Fire

    There are several cost affecting factors of getting a gas fire service. Below is a list of things that may affect the price of the job:

    Size and Type of Fire

    The size and type of the fire may affect the overall cost of the job. A fire that is more difficult to examine or one that is larger than most can end up taking much longer to service. This may, in turn, result in higher labour costs for the job.

    Location of Property

    The location of your property can affect the overall cost of the gas fire service. If your property is located in London, you can expect to pay around £10-£30 more for the cost of labour than those based in the North or other parts of the UK.

    On rare occasions, some additional work may need to be carried out. If that is the case, this will add extra costs onto the price of the job.

    The contractor may need to install new parts or repair some of the old parts. With this in mind, you may need to pay for materials and extra labour costs if additional work is needed.

    What's Involved in a Gas Fire Service?

    A gas fire service usually compromises of a gas safety check along with some additional checks and cleaning of some parts of the fire. The following list highlights the steps involved with servicing a gas fire:

    • Check that the pipework for the gas fire is correct
    • Check the overall condition of the gas fire
    • General cleaning
    • Check for wear and tear on the flue
    • Check that the flue is operating efficiently
    • Check that the ventilation is adequate
    • A visual inspection of the external appearance of the gas fire
    • Check that the flue is unobstructed and clear away any waste combustion products
    • Check the flue seals and internal parts for any leaks
    • Conduct a gas flue analyser test
    • Conduct a gas tightness test

    Can I Service a Gas Fire Myself?

    A gas fire service can only be completed by a gas safe registered engineer. If you are gas safe registered yourself, you may be able to carry out the service provided you have had the appropriate training.

    Gas fire servicing

    The gas engineer will give you a copy of the service report when the service has been completed.

    Common Gas Fire Issues

    Below is a list of some of the most common gas fire problems:

    Leaking Underlying Piping

    If you can smell gas in the room when your fire is not ignited, this could be due to a leak in the pipe.

    This is an extremely dangerous problem and shouldn't be fixed as a DIY job. In this case, you will need to call a professional gas safe registered engineer to fix the problem.

    Burner Issues

    If the burner on your gas fire is not regularly cleaned, it may accumulate dirt. It can result in the burner not working properly and can affect how your gas fire works overall.

    Proper cleaning of the burner jests and pilot cavity can resolve this issue. These parts will usually be cleaned during your gas fire service. This is why servicing is so important.

    Blocked Gas Valve

    If you are trying to light your fire and there is no ignition and can't smell any gas, this may be due to a blocked gas valve.

    Make sure your gas valve is turned on, and if it is, you should call a professional to inspect the valve and remove any blockages.

    Issues with a gas fire can be very dangerous and shouldn't be taken lightly. If you are experiencing any problems with your gas fire, refrain from using it and call a professional gas engineer to inspect the fault and recommend the best course of action for rectifying the problem.

    Building Regulations & Planning Permission for Gas Fire Servicing

    When it comes to gas fire servicing, you won't need any planning permission, and you won't need to adhere to any building regulations. These will only apply if you are having a new gas fire installed.

    Gas fire service labour cost

    However, you must ensure that the contractor conducting the gas fire service is on the gas safety register. Gas safe registered engineers will be able to provide you with an ID that proves that they are on the gas safety register.

    Hiring Contractors to Service a Gas Fire Checklist

    There are several factors that you should consider when choosing someone to carry out a gas fire service for you. Below is a list of some of the main things that you should think about when looking for the right contractor for the job:

    • Does the engineer offer any guarantees with their work?
    • How much is the work to complete? – Ask for a breakdown of costs so you can ensure you are paying a good price for each element of the job.
    • Does the engineer have experience working on your particular type of gas fire?
    • How many years' worth of experience does the engineer have in servicing gas fires?
    • Is the engineer on the Gas Safety Register?


    What does a gas safety check involve?
    A gas safety check involves a number of things, including checking the ventilation, checking for leaks, cleaning some elements, and ensuring that the appliance is working effectively and efficiently.
    How often does my gas fire need a service?
    Your gas fire should be serviced once a year.
    How long does a gas fire service take?
    The average gas fire service will take around 1-2 hours, providing there is no additional work needed.
    Can I install a gas fire myself?
    All gas fires should be installed by a gas safe engineer. It should not be attempted as a DIY job.
    Can a gas fire be used as a primary heat source?
    It is recommended that you use a gas fire in conjunction with central heating. Gas fires can provide a great source of heat but will usually only heat the room that it is in.


    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 28th June 2021.

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