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  • Cost of Replacing a Kitchen Sink

    A new kitchen sink can improve your kitchen's appearance. So, how much will a new sink cost?.

    Average price for a kitchen sink and taps can run from £150-£400

    Duration to install a new kitchen sink is 2-4 Hours.


    A new kitchen sink can improve the look of your kitchen dramatically. Although it is a fairly easy project, hiring a plumber is well worth it when it comes to installing a new kitchen sink. The simple fact that they will replace piping, check the faucet and drain systems and can do the work in a matter of hours rather than days and it is worth the additional cost you will pay.

    With many new sinks, you can choose from undermount and over-sink options. You will also find various materials, finishes, and design options. Prior to choosing your new sink, compare several varieties to ensure you find one which is going to fit with your decor accordingly.

    A new sink is a simple upgrade which is affordable and truly improves the overall appeal and appearance of your kitchen. When time comes to choose a new sink and install it take the time to compare several models and hire the top plumber to do the work for you.

    Cost to Install a New Kitchen Sink and Taps

    Job DescriptionDurationMaterial CostLabour Cost
    Stainless Steel Sink & Taps1-4 Hours£120-£200£75-£150
    Composite Sink & Taps1-4 Hours£130-£200£75-£150
    Cast Iron Sink & Taps1-4 Hours£400-£800£75-£150
    Ceramic Sink & Taps1-4 Hours£160-£250£75-£150

    Factors to consider when buying a sink and hiring a plumber

    You should consider several factors when upgrading your kitchen sink. First off, the actual sink. Do you prefer dual or single-capacity? Do you want a removable sprayer head or touch-less technology? Do you prefer fast or slow flowing systems?

    In addition to the sink you choose you want to consider plumbing work. New piping, improving efficiency, changing taps and so forth. If your home is older then these upgrades should be considered when updating your kitchen sink. A qualified plumber will be able to tell you about different things you could do it improve your sink.

    Make sure you hire a licensed and insured plumber just in case you have any problems down the link after they have fitted it. If you hire an experienced and qualified plumber they will do the work quickly, guarantee it and ensure all taps are functioning properly prior to leaving the home after the new installation is complete.

    Ready to get a price for your job?

    Doing it Yourself

    Installing a new sink isn’t difficult if it doesn’t require new plumbing, piping or the kitchen worktop cutting then most homeowners will be able to complete this job. But, consider the fact that it will take you 4-8 hours, while it will take a plumber 1-4. It will take you a lot longer to complete the installation.

    Sometimes you might have to do a little pipework in order for the new sink to fit properly. This can take time and if you are unsure about how to do it then I would recommend getting a local plumber to complete the work because they should guarantee the work and put right anything which isn't correct down the line if you have a problem.

    Hiring a local plumber

    • Hire plumbers who specialise in new installation.
    • Choose those which include cost of materials with their quote.
    • Consider plumbers which will allow you to buy your own materials, and simply pay the cost of labour.
    • Make sure they fully check and test the piping and sink, before leaving your home.


    How much is a new sink?
    This depends on how ornate and decorative a sink you choose. You can find one for as little as £250, and newer models for more than £500.
    Is it easy to install a new sink?
    Yes; if you simply have to remove the old and replace with a new one. If there is plumbing work to be done, however this will take longer and typically requires hiring a licensed plumber.
    Should I DIY this project?
    It is highly advised to hire a plumber. But, if you are only replacing the sink, and simply need to swap out the old with a new one, it is possible to do this project yourself over a long weekend.
    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 7th May 2019.

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