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  • Cost of Running Gas to a Property

    A quick look at what you need to know about running gas to a property..

    Avergae cost of running a gas supply to a property.

    Depending on the work required, the job can take between 8-12 weeks


    Choosing to have a gas supply to your property could be because of a number of reasons. Maybe you have just moved into a new property which has never had a mains connection before, or the property is an entirely new build. Or, one of the most common reasons being, you have decided to switch to gas heating and are looking to fit a boiler and some radiators in your home. Whatever the reason is, the job in question is not an easy task and initial upfront costs can be quite off-putting to some. However, there is the argument that gas heating is a lot more cost effective in the long term in comparison to electricity. So while you could be facing an expensive upfront cost, you will start to see savings in your energy bills for years to come.

    Because of the complex nature of this job, you will be best-suited hiring specialists to carry this out. If you are not already connected to the gas grid, you will need to be, and this can only be done by a Gas Distribution Network (GDN) company, which operate regionally and are responsible for the gas distribution and transportation to homes, such as piping and the mains. Smaller companies known as Independent Gas Transporters can be hired to take on certain parts of the job. Doing so will help keep costs down as they can offer competitive prices.

    Cost of Running Gas to a Property

    Job Description Duration Labour Cost
    Simple connection – within 23m of supply 8 weeks £300
    Complex connection – over 23m from supply 12 weeks £1000

    Things to Consider When Running Gas to a Property

    Deciding to have gas connected to your property is a major decision, and could require a lot of work, depending on your property and the location. In order to have a gas connection to your property, you must be connected to the main gas grid. If your property has once been connected, then it is a simple task of reconnecting to the mains supply, and it shouldn’t cost you a whole lot of money to do so and should keep you in the mid-hundreds. However, for new connections, you will need to be connected to the mains and the gas grid, this, unfortunately, could raise the cost to thousands of pounds. However, as mentioned, it really does depend on your location and your property.

    You must start the procedure by contacting a Gas Distribution Network company. GDNs are responsible for distribution of gas, pipelines and utility work for regional locations across the UK. There are currently eight companies, responsible for eight regions. They include Wales and West, Northern Gas Networks and SGN – to name a few. You must identify which one of these companies operate in your area, you can easily do this online in a matter of minutes. There are also smaller companies that operate in these regionalised areas, known as Independent Gas Transporters. IGTs own and operate a number of smaller gas networks in these regions.

    Hiring an IGT will serve you well if you are desperately looking at ways to keep costs to a minimum. Because the regional GDNs hold a monopoly on gas and network connections, OFGEM has introduced regulations to encourage competition and choice for consumers, allowing IGTs to offer their services. However, there are some aspects of the work the regional GDN will not allow them to undertake under certain regulations, this is known as ‘non-contestable’ work, whilst the opposite is known as ‘contestable’ work, meaning part of the job can be done by your chosen independent transporter. So if you are looking at ways of keeping costs down, then this is a great way of doing so, as independent contractors will offer much more competitive prices.

    Other aspects to consider when choosing to connect gas mains, is the location of your property and its proximity to a mains supply. If your neighbours have a gas supply, or you are living in a suburban or well-populated area, then the chances of there being a mains supply nearby will be high. Making it easier for you to get a connection to your property, and possibly keeping the costs of doing so, low. If you are living in a much more rural area, then the chance of there being a mains supply nearby will be low, making it much more difficult to run gas to your property. If your property is within 23 meters of a mains supply, then cost of connection will be quite low, if not then new piping will have to be laid which will end up increasing the cost of the project into the thousands.

    Ready to get a price for your job?

    Doing it Yourself

    Unfortunately, this is not a job you can carry out yourself. It is best to leave this job to your regional or independent gas distributor.

    Checklist for Running Gas to Your Property

    • Identify your regional GDN and enquire with them about the job you want doing and request a quote
    • Do some research into local IGTs who can do some aspects of the job at a lower cost
    • The cost of the job will be based your location and the type of property you have
    • A gas supply will be costly in the short term, but you will see savings over the coming years


    Who do I need to contact get a gas supply to my property?
    To start running gas to your property, you will need to contact the regional Gas Distribution Network to evaluate the job and carry out the work for you. GDNs own and are responsible for most of the utilities and networks in the region, therefore will have authority to complete the work.
    Can I hire a different company to connect my property to a gas supply?
    Yes, you can - instead of going to a GDN, you can go to an Independent Gas Transporter. IGTs are allowed to operate within the regions due to OFGEM regulations for competitors and consumer choice as GDNs hold a monopoly on this service. IGTs can offer much more competitive prices. However, they are only authorised to carry out some aspects of the job, the work will have to be completed by the GDN.
    Can I run a gas supply to my house without hiring a specialist?
    Unfortunately, you cannot undertake this work as a DIY project. Running a gas supply to a property requires access to the gas supply in your area, and you are not authorised to do that. You will have to contact the regional GDN.
    Last updated by MyJobQuote on 16th December 2019.

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