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    Hi, I have a combined living/dining room with separate light fittings for the living and dining room areas. The problem is that both areas are controlled by the same single light switch. How much work would be required and what would the cost be to remove the single switch and install two separate switches to control both areas individually. Thanks

    Asked by Akeem on 25th Nov 2019

    How much would it be to install my cooker? It's brand new and when it arrived the cooker came without a wire.

    Asked by Carla on 21st Oct 2019

    Hi, I was wondering where I could acquire replacement strip lighting for a kitchen? I require two replacements due to dysfunction in the current strip lights, and then i would like a quote regarding what it would cost to install the strip lighting.

    Asked by Rob on 11th Oct 2019

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    Hello In the past I have used fused spurs for any and all appliances that are built-in to work tops or under the counter, but I had been told recently that this wouldn’t be necessary and that I could just run these appliances via sockets in adjoining cupboards. Should this be what I am doing instead nowadays or am I fine to continue as I have been? I want to be sure that I am installing appliances as safe as I can.

    Asked by Lou on 29th Sep 2019

    Hello I am living in a property currently which does not feature a fitted oven and does not seem to have any specific points for a cooker to be attached currently. In the meantime, would it be acceptable for me to use a free-standing electric oven using a sole plug socket or would I need an electrician to fit the oven in by some special electrical point? Any advice would be appreciated! Many Thanks!

    Asked by Greg on 5th Sep 2019

    Hello all I have a ceiling light in my bathroom with a pull cord to switch it on and off. The cord itself has broken from the rest of the switch and the light is stuck on at the moment. I’ve not had this happen before, so I’ve never had to try and fix it. How could I fix this? Is the cord a replaceable part on these light switches? Any information would be appreciated!

    Asked by kashif on 30th Aug 2019

    Hi I wondered how much it would be for 4 new spot lights in my bathroom? I have a single light at the minute

    Asked by Aimee on 18th Jul 2019

    Due to renovations in my home, I will need some additional electrical sockets installed in a bedroom. Currently we have electrical sockets on the wall directly opposite where we want the new electrical sockets. The room itself is approximately 9ft squared. Is this sort of installation something I can do myself and if so, what considerations will I need to take into account? Could I install the new sockets and use a connection to the existing sockets for the power and will it be safe? I want to be very sure that everything will be safe. Any advice from electricians with experience of this type of scenario would be appreciated! Many Thanks John

    Asked by lauren on 16th Jul 2019

    I would like to install more switches at two different doorways within the same large room. Ideally both switches could be used independently of each other without any conflict. Is it feasible for me to install the additional switch and make adjustments by myself or is this more for a professional electrician to complete? In either case, is it likely that I will need to repaint or plaster around the switches afterwards? Any advice on this project would be great!

    Asked by Patrick on 1st Jul 2019

    Hi, Keeping it short here, I had a bottomless hole which I filled in with expanding foam with no issues. However, under that foam is some wires I wish to add a backbox and cover that with a blanking plate (So, it will act as a wire junction box) but how can I insert a backbox into foam? I have had two ideas 1, cut a hole and glue the backbox into it or 2, remove the foam and start again but this time was holding the backbox in place as I foam around it. Thanks!

    Asked by Dave on 28th May 2019
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