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    I am adding some extra sockets to the ring main in my bedroom. I have done this before and used open grommets in the back boxes to protect the cables. However I've seen in one diy book that we should only use blind grommets and cut a hole in them just big enough for the cable - apparently this is to hinder fire / smoke spreading in event of a fire. Is this correct?

    Asked by Mark on 16th Jun 2020

    Do I need an electrician & a plumber to have an electric shower fitted, or are there companies that will have both so I pay one price for the job, rather than get an electrician to do electrics then a plumber to do plumbing?

    Asked by Faith on 9th Jun 2020

    I have just bought a new cooker its says this cooker is designed for a 220-240v it has a smaller wire fitted on it my old cooker had a much thicker wire on it is it still ok to be hard wired to same connection in my wall any help will be much appreciated

    Asked by Faron on 2nd Jun 2020

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    We require a cooker hood installed in our kitchen. Do we just need an electrician for this? How much is it likely to cost? Thank you

    Asked by Jade on 30th May 2020

    I have 2 lights in my Kitchen/Diner and looking to replace them with a dozen spotlights. These will need to be fitted from underneath i.e not taking carpet up from above. What should i expect to pay for the job and will a plasterer be needed after ?

    Asked by Michael on 14th May 2020

    I have a socket switch that powers my electric shower. It started smelling “fishy” and the socket/switch was very warm/hot. Now it has stopped working. The switch turns to ‘on’ position but there is no power. How can this be repaired cost effectively?

    Asked by Wayne on 19th Apr 2020

    The electrical wires in my fuseboard are red and black in colour, Is this old wiring? and do I need to have a rewire?

    Asked by Joy on 18th Apr 2020

    Hi can someone help me work out what’s wrong with the plug socket? The switch is permanently 'on' on the faceplate and when I press it to turn it off it won’t stick down, it just clicks back into ‘on’ position. I had another one do this last year but one day it just worked again and I have no idea how it was fixed. How can I fix the switch?

    Asked by Pete on 15th Apr 2020

    Hey there, do the gas and electric company need to change the box covers or can I do it? I want to change the old boxes from brown to white.

    Asked by caroline on 10th Apr 2020

    Hi, I’ve got questions about putting up lights in the garden. 1. What’s the safest way to string up lights in a small tree? We’re talking 12ft high. 2. Will old outdoor xmas lights work? 3. How can I hide the wire between the garage and the tree safely?

    Asked by minesh on 9th Apr 2020
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