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    As the weather gets warmer I'll be spending more time in my conservatory and I want to make sure it's safe. How do I maximise security for a conservatory?

    Asked by Kamil on 13th Apr 2021

    Are there any schemes ongoing where the government or any local authorities might help with buying security for your home? Me and my family need to save as much as we can.

    Asked by lauren on 24th Feb 2021

    If you have CCTV installed and take measures to improve home security, to what extent does this impact on insurance? If there was a burglary, if you had security are you more likely to have a favourable insurance offering since you’ve done more to protect your home or does it not work this way? Just something I thought was worth asking about.

    Asked by Beverley on 23rd Feb 2021

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    Got a question that only a tradesperson can answer? We have thousands of trades ready to answer any question you may have.

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    Does CCTV really deter burglars and if so to what extent? Do you have any stats on this I could check out, please? I’m a very factually oriented person so seeing the actual statistics would really help give me piece of mind if buying CCTV. Thank you.

    Asked by Sharon on 18th Feb 2021

    What are some of the best wireless security alarms on the market? I have an old wired alarm that I would like to replace and I want to know what products I should consider.

    Asked by Sarath on 20th Oct 2020

    I’d like to know some examples of the best smart alarms with Wi-Fi capability that I can purchase. What are some of these products and how much do they cost, generally?

    Asked by angie on 29th Sep 2020

    My family and I would like to minimise the risk of a break-in. What type, material and style of door should we have fitted? What are the most secure locks too?

    Asked by Christian on 28th Sep 2020

    Can you advise me on the best home security measures I can take for my home and situation? So, I am living on my own and I’d like to feel more comfortable and safe at home. I’ve been reading about all the smart home technology available for securing your home. What are the best options for me? I’d also like to increase the security of my doors and windows.

    Asked by Greg on 23rd Sep 2020

    How can I increase the security of my doors without replacing them? I imagine that replacing the locks is probably the best step I can take but is there anything else I can do to alter my doors to enhance security or am I better off simply having them replaced with more secure fittings?

    Asked by duncan on 22nd Sep 2020

    How risky is it to leave an upstairs bedroom open when no one is home during the day time? Do burglars try and enter upstairs windows very often or is this an unlikely occurrence? The bedrooms can get very warm during the day especially in the summer months unless a window is kept open.

    Asked by Joyce on 18th Sep 2020
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