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    How long does it take to install solar tiles? Are they affordable? Can I install them by myself and if so when I purchase them from? If not, how long might it take to have a roofer install these tiles on my roof? Also, how do solar tiles connect to my house’s energy system?

    Asked by Christian on 20th Jul 2021

    My neighbour has a new roof, they have not said how they were joining the 2 roofs, or asked any permission to move our tiles, when I looked up and asked why they had a divider installed wonky / top bowing towards our roof, if I could add a pic I could show you, they argued my roof tiles aren't straight, but before they removed them roof was fine, it will be the only roof I have seen without a straight line down, can they do this?

    Asked by Nicky on 17th Jul 2021

    I have old wooden gutters on my property. They are at a point where most would simply have them replaced, however, they’re extremely important to me as it's a family home and my grandfather built them by himself sixty years ago. So I am willing to pay more than most would to preserve these gutters as long as possible. What efforts can I have, even radical efforts to keep these gutters going for at least another say ten to fifteen years? At what point, do worn down gutters become a danger? 

    Asked by Catherine on 16th Jul 2021

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    Do you need planning approval to make a chimney taller?

    Asked by Pete on 6th Jul 2021

    Sat in my house today and my neighbour was having a dry verge system fitted to both gable ends, we are semi detached but the workmen were on my side of the roof without asking. Are they allowed to do this? What do I do if they have caused damage to the tiles or my solar panels?

    Asked by Jill on 21st Jun 2021

    I live in a terraced house, there is a skew between us and next door. Next door is rented, few weeks ago the landlord said he'd had front skew repaired (we'd seen they'd been getting repairs, no idea what exactly, the scaffolding just appeared one day), the back one needed doing and would we go halves. I asked him to send me the quotes he gets, he laughed and said he'd get his builder to do it. Turns out his 'builder' is a local handy man. I've since had two roofers to look at the roof, the skew definitely needs work, but the 'builder' who did the front skew has bodged it, and carried out work on our roof at the side of the skew, that now needs fixed. Where do I stand on 1) getting next door to pay for putting the dodgy work put right, and 2) stopping them doing any more work on our side of the roof? I'm having visions of coming home one day and them up on the roof without asking again, same as when the front was done!

    Asked by Elizabeth on 7th Jun 2021

    How can you make a roof better at insulating and more eco friendly? Will it cost much to achieve these sorts of improvements? 

    Asked by Mo on 10th May 2021

    If eave trays have been fitted by nailing them on top of the felt will this a) cause any problems b) if yes, what kind of problems c) can these problems be rectified easily without incurring massive costs e.g. the need for more scaffolding etc Many thanks

    Asked by Lesley on 6th May 2021

    What are the benefits of Bespoke roofs? Why should I go with this option or why should I not? How much does a Bespoke roof cost?

    Asked by Pete on 6th May 2021

    We went to view a terraced house we're interested in buying and noticed a brown stain in the ceiling of the second bedroom. The condition of the roof from the outside looked suspect. Is it possible this brown stain is coming from the poor roof? It didn't appear damp but the ceiling was supposedly newly decorated so strange that this has appeared.

    Asked by Simon on 6th May 2021
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