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    I've a small leak into the loft from the firewall on a three-storey Victorian terrace house. All the firewalls and chimneys were re-rendered about eight years ago but on inspection there are quite a few fine cracks and in places some of the outer layer of the render has come away. I've had two quotes from roofers to hack off the render and replace. Both of them then recommend a fibreglass paint that lasts for 'ten years'. I've queried this (no answer as yet) and looked it up online but can find little information. In both instances the roofers insist the fibreglass paint waterproofing is integral. My father in law is a retired architect and says nothing like fibreglass should be used as the walls needs to breathe or flex (though this is a paint, I guess?). Any advice on this would be really helpful. Thank you.

    Asked by Colin on 30th Oct 2020

    My roofer has installed vented soffit as a facia board . Is this acceptable?

    Asked by Robert on 23rd Oct 2020

    Which is better overall, steel or aluminium guttering?

    Asked by Pete on 19th Oct 2020

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    How can I tell when it is best practice to hire scaffolding as opposed to using a ladder to access a roof for DIY work? Is it related to the extent of the work? How about the height of the house? Are there any other factors I should consider?

    Asked by Greg on 14th Oct 2020

    I live mid terrace my neighbours have had a new roof. The tiles are different to ours. When the scaffolding came down there is a uneven gap from ridge to gutter. My side has nothing to keep the tiles lifting and I’m worried about rain and the wind. What can I do

    Asked by Lynn on 11th Oct 2020

    My neighbour has designed a new dormer window that only has 11 inches of roof left on their roof. The builder is now using my roof space to construct the dormer. The neighbour has refused to offer a Party wall agreement. What is my recourse?

    Asked by David on 5th Oct 2020

    Aside from replacing tiles and other fittings, how else can I freshen up and revitalise the look of my property’s roof?

    Asked by Adam on 29th Sep 2020

    Hello, I have a bungalow which has a small extension to the side running the length of the property. The flat roof on the extension is knackered. I want to take it all off and re-do the extension properly by building and replacing all the windows etc. Where the original house was the guttering is still on it and the flat roof is under the guttering. When i build the side extension do i need to keep this guttering or can i raise the roof a little and have it so the rain water runs straight off the house roof onto the flat roof then into the gutter of the flat roof? If not what else coudl i do?

    Asked by Pete on 18th Sep 2020

    How can I tell if flashing has been installed incorrectly? I performed the work as a DIY job but now I am uncertain if the flashing was fitted completely right. How can I tell for sure either way?

    Asked by LAURA on 8th Sep 2020

    Hi, we are currently renovating our house (bought 3 years ago )and building a extension to our kitchen (build notice/permitted development). Part of this involves replacing the current grp roof ( which has failed and leaks ). We are semi detached and our flat roof backs on to our neighbours flat roof on the party wall. Their roof is currently 6 inches higher than ours and the joint laps over our roof . We spoke to our neighbours yesterday and informed them of our intention to replace and raise our roof level to give us a little more head room in the new kitchen. They have said that we cannot do this as they a have a lifetime guarantee on their roof and that is if we alter the overlap it will invalidate their guarantee. Is this true? Also do they have the right to refuse permission? Finally as we are intending to raise the roof, would this come under the scope of a third party wall notice? Thanks in advance

    Asked by Dan on 6th Sep 2020
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