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    Hi… We don’t get on with our neighbours but we share our roof with them as the house is a semi. We want to get our roof tiles replaced but were wondering if its possible to have the roof work done without the neighbours permission/approval?

    Asked by Patrick on 4th Apr 2020

    Internal wall in bedroom sometimes feels wet - especially after winter months/heavy spells of rain. There is some staining at the top of the walls and also some areas of damp/mould in adjacent cupboard. Old chimney breast runs up same wall so suspect it is related to this. Unsure whether I need a roofer or bricklayer or even if it's related to guttering/flashing. Thankfully, it is the only room in the house which has any damp/mould but would like to get it resolved. Any hints or troubleshooting tips appreciated.

    Asked by Edward on 20th Mar 2020

    How much it would be to remove one chimney stack that's not in use, install new lead flashing around shared chimney and concrete the flaunching? This installation is on a shared chimney stack. Additionally, how much would it cost to re-render where there is evidence of some cracks? Many thanks.

    Asked by Santi on 15th Jan 2020

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    There is water coming in from my roof and also the neighbours roof is having problems. We need to find the source of the leak.

    Asked by Margaret on 31st Aug 2019

    I have had some slate tiles fall from my roof recently due to weather and general ageing. Some of the tiles are barely damaged so would be reusable and I will find some replacement for any others. What would I need to set the slates back on the roof most effectively? Would it usually be by using cement or some other adhesives to keep them in place correctly? I would like to resolve this myself if possible.

    Asked by Nan on 10th Jun 2019

    Hello, I have no lead flashing on my artificial slate roof, but have been told there are lead soakers. My local roofer says lead flashing isn’t a requirement for this roof type. Does anyone know if I should have lead flashing on my roof? I have some concern that some leaks on a ceiling-adjacent wall could be related to this, or perhaps the soakers aren’t effective enough. Any info would be appreciated – thanks Gordon

    Asked by Adam on 28th Feb 2019

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