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  • What is the best paint to stop rust on metal gates and railings?

    Hello all I have metal gates at the end of my driveway and metal fences and railings around the perimeter of my garden. I have noticed the paint work is beginning to wear and I am concerned about the damage of leaving them exposed to the elements for too long. Is there any paints which can prevent the risks of rust and other wearing on metal like this?

    Asked by jonathan on 6th Mar 2019
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    What drill bit for use on steel?

    What type of bit do I need to drill through a stainless steel tube that's about 4mm thick?

    Asked by Jenny on 1st Dec 2022
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    Weld repairing rusty steel

    How large a hole in rusty steel can you weld repair? I've got a tubular steel frame that has a few rusty holes but I'm not sure if it's salvageable.

    Asked by June on 15th Feb 2023
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    Aluminium vs steel metal sliding?

    How do aluminium and steel metal siding compare?

    Asked by Charles on 30th May 2022
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    Electricity for a metal garden shed?

    Is it possible to have electricity supplied to a metal garden shed? How complex is this and must it all be done by a professional and qualified electrician?

    Asked by Pete on 31st May 2022
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    Metal sheds rust quickly?

    Do metal sheds rust quite fast? If so, how fast and what can be done about this, whether in terms of preventative measures or maintenance?

    Asked by Elly on 7th Jun 2022
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    Life expectancy of metal sheds?

    On average, how long do metal sheds last?

    Asked by Catherine on 8th Jun 2022
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    Best sheet metal for worktops

    What's the best metal to use for a worktop other than stainless steel. I want something a bit different in my kitchen.

    Asked by Harry on 3rd Jan 2023
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    Best paint or treatment to stop metal rusting

    I live in a seaside town and my home has a metal balcony rail which is prone to rusting. What's the best paint or treatment to protect it from the salty sea air?

    Asked by Cheryl on 30th Nov 2022
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    Metal shearer adjustments

    I have a Machinemart 3 in 1 universal metal shearer with 305 mm bed, the blade needs adjusting as it is not cutting properly. Does anyone know how I adjust it?

    Asked by Sarah on 17th Sep 2020
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