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    I want to fit 2 doors how much will be the charge?

    Asked by Mohamad Aslam on 21st Jun 2020

    I have bought some Lightweight polystyrene coving to finish my living room off but I am having problems when it comes to mitering the Internal corners. I have already wasted one length of Coving and don't want to attempt to try again. I have four Internal corners in my living room. Can someone give me a rough Idea of how much it will cost for someone to Mitre the corners for me only? I don't have a problem Installing the rest of it and only need the corners done.

    Asked by Maria on 18th Jun 2020

    I bought a kitchen from Wickes, I am having trouble decipher how to install all the pull out baskets. Any suggestions.

    Asked by Elisa on 18th Jun 2020

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    Hello, I want to fence off some space for my dog in the back garden but he jumps up at everything. I’m worried he will get splinters in his paws/snout from the wood. What would be the best material or type of wood to avoid him getting hurt?

    Asked by kashif on 20th May 2020

    I’ve lived in my two-storey house for 6 years and I’ve never had the gutters cleared. My friend said I should get someone in to do it for me but I don’t know what the state of them is. I’m worried I’ll be wasting money hiring someone. Are there any tools I can buy to clear them from the ground (not good with heights) or should I bite the bullet and get someone in?

    Asked by Patrick on 20th May 2020

    Hi guys, I’m looking at buying a hot tub for the back garden for summer but what is involved with this job? Will I need an outdoor socket installed? Do I need a platform to put it on or can it go straight onto the patio?

    Asked by Karen on 20th May 2020

    I have an internal PVC window sill that has hair straightener burn marks not too bad, i dont know if it needs replacing or it can be polished? If replacing it how long the job will take and what estimate price including material. Size of window is 35"x6 and its PVC white sill standard one.

    Asked by Muhammad on 3rd May 2020

    Need changing PVC bathroom panel only 1 side of bath tub, my current one is cracked. How long is the job and what will be the estimate including parts? How much warranty etc

    Asked by Muhammad on 3rd May 2020

    Can you let me know if its possible to get hot water for the garden hose and how?

    Asked by Lou on 11th Apr 2020

    I wonder if there is a way to tell what a wall can hold without just hanging something and hoping for the best. I’ve inherited a TV bracket to mount the TV on the wall but I’m a bit worried its going to be too heavy. How can I check?

    Asked by asa on 11th Apr 2020
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