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    Hi all, We have moved into a new property and are in the process of renovation currently – which includes removing the old skirting boards to replace with newer style skirting boards instead. Our main concern with removing the skirting boards is the radiator pipes that intersect with them and some micro pipes running along the boards. How can we remove the skirting boards safely without causing any damage to the piping work? Any suggestions would be great to hear about!

    Asked by carole on 17th Sep 2019

    How much does it cost to clear gutters at the front of my house?

    Asked by Sue on 11th Sep 2019

    We want to install an indoor climbing wall to our child's bedroom. What kind of tradesperson would we need? Is it simply a handyman? Or do we need a specialist? We want to ensure the wall can hold enough weight to last until teens (if they still want it then). Any advice would be appreciated.

    Asked by Ceara on 28th Jul 2019

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    I want to install a new clothing rack in a bedroom which will hang from the slanted roof side of the room. At the lowest point is about 1 metre from the floor and about 2 metres at the highest point, the angle is roughly 45 degrees too – so it seems an ideal size for a rack. I am planning on having joins that hold the rail every half metre or so, to distribute the weight - the length of the rail will be around 2 metres long. Are there any reinforcements for the weight or other adjustments I might need to install the clothing rail on my slanted roof?

    Asked by Catherine on 28th Jun 2019

    Hi, I have a glass coffee table top that needs reattaching to its base. I’ve tried using silicone but it doesn’t work. I’ve read that epoxy would be the best glue to be used but that UV light should be used to cure it? I’d appreciate any guidance. Thanks Teri

    Asked by Teri on 25th Jun 2019

    Hello I have a damaged bathroom toilet seat which I need to remove to be replaced. I remember from previous houses’ toilets that there are usually screws fixing it into the toilet unit itself, but I don’t know how to reach this section to unscrew the seat. Is there any method that will apply to toilet seats? And am I right to assume that the new seat can just be screwed into the same sections of the toilet unit too? Or is there any additional steps to include?

    Asked by Kamil on 13th Jun 2019

    Is it possible to mount a tv on to a plastered wall ?

    Asked by Stephen on 23rd May 2019

    I have a 32” TV that I would like to have mounted to my wall. Ideally to hide the TV cables behind the wall too. It is a plasterboard wall and is internal, so wouldn’t involve dealing with any brickwork. The aerial connections are already working and a plug socket already available within reach of the wall. Would this be strong enough to support a TV of this size or would it need some other kind of support?

    Asked by Carol on 8th Mar 2019

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