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  • Why is there no TV signal from the aerial port?

    Hello I have been trying to get my TV to connect to an aerial point of the home, but there apparently no TV signal. This is an aerial port I have not used before and features two cables from the point. The aerial seems to have worked fine through other ports in the past. Has anyone any advice on this issue?

    Asked by Christian on 25th Feb 2019
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    How to boost wifi?

    Is there a way to boost the wifi signal in my house, where is the best place for the router? I’ve heard of something called a wifi repeater but I’m not sure if they work.

    Asked by Beverley on 10th Apr 2020
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    All new but is cost right?

    Hi Have a 3 bed semi detached house in west Sussex, near Gatwick. Tv's aren't working properly in the bedrooms anymore and issues with buffering downstairs. Lots of cables on outside of house that I thought have needed looking at since I've been there. Friend of friend came out to quote says need new ariel and there's a splitter in the loft with water regression, all needs re-doing with 3 new plates ? which I wasn't surprised at. £170 + VAT total cost £400-£500 .... Is that about right???

    Asked by Tracey on 7th Jan 2024
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    Freeview box

    Which Freeview box comes with the most channels and most HD channels?

    Asked by Lou on 28th Oct 2020
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    Misaligned satellite dish

    How can I find out if my satellite dish is out of alignment? What can cause this to happen? I’d like to also know ways to avoid this in the future and what I can do to better secure the dish in place to prevent the same problem happening again. Thanks!

    Asked by Lou on 3rd Feb 2021
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    Disappearing channels on Sky

    Some channels intermittently disappear on my Sky Box even though I am fully subscribed to the Sky package. Do you know why this could be happening? Is it related to Sky or more likely to do with my satellite dish? If the latter is the case, what should I do about this? How can it be fixed?

    Asked by Jenny on 1st Feb 2021
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    Missing channels on Sky Q Box

    My Sky Q box is missing some channels and I’ve no idea why. I am subscribed to these channels. What is causing this problem?

    Asked by Beverley on 25th Feb 2021
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    RF IN snapped off my TV

    Hi, Unfortunately someone has managed to snap off the aerial connector on my TV when they were mounting my TV on the wall. I am trying to find someone near who can potentially fit a new one on my TV but I have also read about a 'HDMI adaptor' that I could use to get normal TV channels. Does anyone have any that they would recommend? Trying to figure out the best option. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

    Asked by Becki on 17th Nov 2023
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    What is CAI certification?

    I’d like to know more about what the CAI certification scheme is?

    Asked by jonathan on 2nd Feb 2022
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    Satellite dish size

    How large should a satellite dish be? Does it depend on where I live? And how can I tell how big a satellite dish needs to be to provide me with a good signal?

    Asked by minesh on 16th Aug 2021
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