Down Lights Fitting Cost

Hi, I would like to know how much does it cost to install recessed down lights in a room? The existing light fittings are standard pendant lights.

Asked by Ramya on 25th Feb 2020
Expert Trade Answers
"It depends on the number of down lights, the quality of the fittings, the type of LED lamps and finally the location of the room. Any access for wiring from the loft for an upstairs room is easier. For a downstairs room, either lifting of the floor boards above the room for access for wiring or a small chase in the ceiling has to carried out. In case of the chased ceiling, the chased bits have to filled in with filler and painted over.
For a room with 8 fire rated, good quality down lights, and dimmable lamps the cost would be approximately £250.00"
Answered on 25th Feb 2020 - Member since Jul 2015 - report
"We normally charge £30-£40 per spot light and that’s with us supplying them."
Answered on 5th Mar 2020 - Member since Feb 2020 - report
Depending on where you live I would normally charge about £40 per light
Answered on 31st Mar 2020 - Member since Nov 2018 - report
"Cost is dependent on how many fittings. A rough estimate including materials and labour for 1-6 lights would be between £100-£300. I will come and give you a quote if you require."
Answered on 8th Mar 2020 - Member since Mar 2020 - report
"Usual rule of thumb would be £50 per point + the cost of the fittings. This would be assuming that the current installation and wiring is up to standard."
Answered on 25th Feb 2020 - Member since Oct 2019 - report
"Depending on the amount and how accessible it is to get the wire across to each new fitting. It might require the floor boards to be lifted above.

We have experienced this many times and while some floors joist run perpendicular you can run the new cable from each new spot easily using a rod. It's then when you run across that it's requires drilling through the joists.

Also fuse that the lights are need to be checked they are appropriate for the new lights. Sometimes when fitting spot lights I place of a pendant can cause nuisance tripping.

This works requires a Electrical minor works certificate.

Costs vary but around the £450 Inc parts and labour."
Answered on 10th Apr 2020 - Member since Nov 2019 - report
"Depending on the complexity of the down lights and the height of the ceiling, the installation cost is £30 - £65, while the straight swap cost is £20-£35."
Answered on 2nd Mar 2020 - Member since Mar 2020 - report
"Tough one to answer. Every electrician will charge differently. Most charger per downlight. Ball park figure would be £30-£40 per fitting."
Answered on 21st Mar 2020 - Member since Mar 2019 - report
"From £150 depending on how many down lights you want installed in a room."
Answered on 21st Mar 2020 - Member since Feb 2020 - report
"Depends whereabouts in the country you are really so the hourly rate / day rate will vary but expect to pay about £10 to £20 for decent LED downlights.
Also access via loft space will be much easier to run cabling compared to a downstairs room with a room above"
Answered on 28th Mar 2020 - Member since Jan 2018 - report
"Usually the cost is £55 per spot.
This covers white LED down lights supplied and fitted.
At the moment I have a monthly offer of £40 supplied and fitted per down light.

Pld electricals"
Answered on 25th Feb 2020 - Member since Jan 2020 - report
"Hi, the cost for supply and installation of a led fully integrated light is £40 each."
Answered on 25th Feb 2020 - Member since Dec 2019 - report
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