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    How long will the whole process take for the following tile job: Tile 182.88cm x 243.84cm (6ft x 8ft) floor with 45x45cm Porcelain Tiles. Total floor area = 4.45934592 m2 (5sqm) Please can you give an estimate on all the steps and their duration, e.g. layout, grouting, drying etc.

    Asked by Amy on 5th May 2020

    Hi! I have a beauty salon opening in a couple weeks. I hired the same builder to do floors, ceilings, walls, plumbing, carpentry, demolition, etc. and have a question about the quality of their work. The builder was hired to build two separate raised platforms on the main floor to support raised benches and work areas for pedicure services. The agreement was to use the same faux-marble ceramic tiling as the floor itself so that it’s just essentially a raised step. We did not discuss the builders use of metal tile trim along the edges of the raised platforms—sort of to cap the corners of the ceramic. I’m concerned this is clearly cutting corners and it is not aesthetically favourable. Considering there was no discussion regarding the use of trim, can I insist he redo it? This is for a £20K+ full shop fitting renovation after all. Also, his tile work is rather sloppy and there are significant chips along the cut lines too. Much thanks for any insight!

    Asked by Cathy on 26th Feb 2020

    Hello, I have a total area of about 60m² to be tiled. There are old floorboards currently. I’m considering adding 6mm (1200 x 800) hardie backer cement board before tiling. What is best adhesive I can use for sticking the cement board to the old floorboards? Would tile adhesive be enough? Is there any recommended specialist glue type? Would the cement board need to be screwed in after laying it with the adhesive?

    Asked by Karen on 5th Mar 2019

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