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    Hello all I have found that I have two windows which have been developing condensation in between the glass panels. Is this usual for double glazed windows? As I have never seen this happen before, I had suspected that they may have a gap allowing for the water vapour to get in – is there any ways to fix this or at least keep the glass clean enough? If this isn’t repairable and needs replacement – is there any causes that could prevent it happening again? Thanks

    Asked by LAURA on 3rd Aug 2019

    I have a back door and the bottom panel needs replacing. It looks like the inner security panel is missing. Who do I need to approach about this?

    Asked by Anne on 27th Jul 2019

    Is FENSA registered to the company or the person? I have recently found that my windows need replacing and I have a friend who can change windows, but they are not FENSA registered themselves, but the company that employs them is. If they change my windows, is that covered if the one of the other company staff checks the work for them?

    Asked by MRS DAKIRI on 3rd Mar 2019

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