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    What is the best way to heat a conservatory? It’s really cold in there in the winter which means we can’t use it for 6 months of the year. Is installing a radiator the cheapest way to heat a conservatory? I’m worried we will be throwing away money through our heating bill to heat up the space.

    Asked by lauren on 3rd Apr 2020

    Hi there, I have seen a second hand conservatory which looks to be in good condition. I'm wondering how much someone would charge to install it? My garden is paved and it would need a base to be built. Its around 3.5 metre by 2 metre and is a lean to conservatory. Are there any drawbacks to getting a used conservatory rather than a new one?

    Asked by Lou on 31st Mar 2020

    In the front of our house we have an old uPVC porch. Its going to come down easily enough because it's just glazed panels. Im just wondering how it's actually attached to the house. I don’t mind ruining the porch but want to have minimal damage to the walls of my property. Thanks.

    Asked by Charles on 31st Mar 2020

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    Hi all, Just wondering if you could advise me on a gap in my window where the hinge is. I have a brown uPVC window but it seems to be letting in a draught. If you sit at the right angle you can see daylight coming through. This is the space between the window opening and the frame, is this something that can be tightened and re-aligned or does the window opening need replacing? Thanks in advance.

    Asked by Greg on 31st Mar 2020

    I hired a window fitter to replace my living room window. He's replaced the window but when he was installing it I felt like he used a lot of white silicon before he covered it with a cover. How much sealant would be too much? Also he used white sealant with a brown frame? Am i wrong in thinking he could have colour matched? Thanks.

    Asked by MRS DAKIRI on 31st Mar 2020

    I've just noticed that 4 of the double glazed windows in my mums bungalow have condensation inside. They arent that old and appear to be in good condition apart from the condensation. Is there anything that can be done to remove it or do the windows need to be replaced?

    Asked by Nan on 28th Mar 2020

    How much would we be looking at to measure and fit 2 composite doors? No side panels required as far as I'm aware, and not ordered yet. N.B. Near Market Drayton.

    Asked by Lee on 30th Jan 2020

    Could you provide an estimated price to remove a 70 inch window and replace it with French doors?

    Asked by David on 24th Jan 2020

    What would it cost to remove brickwork below current lounge window and insert standard UPVC french doors? Approximate space would be 2100mm X 2100mm.

    Asked by Dean on 10th Jan 2020

    I had new windows fitted 5 years ago without trickle vents. Can I get these fitted retrospectively? Will it solve a minor condensation problem?

    Asked by James on 2nd Dec 2019
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