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    Hello, I have a log burner fire installed in my home with a plate fitted above it also. When the fire is burning, the chimney breast does get very hot and there are some occasional crackling noises. Due to this I am considering a chimney liner to try help resolve this. Does my log burning fire need a chimney flue liner and will it make much difference to the heat on the chimney breast? Is my fire still safe to use in the meantime?

    Asked by Beverley on 28th Jul 2019

    For the past week, I’ve had a small drip leaking from the u-bend pipe underneath my kitchen sink. It seems to be from the joins of the pipe sections. So far, I’ve had to put bowls underneath to collect the drips, but I can’t leave it like this for too long. Is there anything I could do that might fix this drip in the meantime? I could probably take it apart, but haven’t just in case I can’t put it back together. Alternatively, should I just hire a local plumber to take a look?

    Asked by Karen on 22nd Jun 2019

    Can anyone tell me what difference there is between having flue and flueless gas fires? I have recently removed an old gas fire from my house and now have a gap. I want to install a modern gas fire in the space, but I don’t know what difference it would be if it is flue or flueless. Is it related to the chimney pipe up to the chimney from the fire? Can anyone advise me on here, please?

    Asked by Michael on 10th Mar 2019

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    Hi All, Can anybody tell me, how many turns of PTFE tape is required on radiator joints? I have been told that it should be 10 to 12 turns, but I usually use 3 to 5 turns of PTFE on CH joints which hasn’t been much of a problem to me so far. (Apart from an occasional leak on the first test anyway!) Thanks, Harry 

    Asked by Harry on 5th Mar 2019

    Hi All, I am looking to install a new garden tap at home. Some have told me that I would need a “double-check valve” fitted for the water supply, to prevent freezing the valve in cold weather. Is this an absolute requirement? Would this mean that I would have the valve inside the house and then use a garden tap that does not contain this valve inside it? Are there any problems in using a tap with a check valve built-in, instead? IE – could it still cause freezing during cold weather? Any advice would be appreciated!

    Asked by Jackie on 2nd Mar 2019

    Hello, I have installed a new bath shower screen recently. It does fit, but seems to be a little looser than expected. Does this happen usually, or ought there be more stiffness or friction to limit it’s movement? Also – I have a seal leak at the end of the hinge. Is there a possible way to stop this? Or any recommended seals I should use instead? Any advice would be appreciated – thanks!

    Asked by asa on 25th Feb 2019

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