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    How much it would cost to replace a hardwood plank (one) floor board which was damaged ?

    Asked by Insu on 6th Dec 2019

    I have a hardboard floor in my kitchen and living room which have cork tiles fitted to them. I’m told they were glued down. Is there any specific method to lift off these tiles and remove them? We don’t want to leave the layers beneath damaged or with any major glue residue of we can help it.

    Asked by carole on 11th Oct 2019

    Hello all I am planning on having the same carpet fitted across multiple rooms in my home. Are carpet door bars going to be required even if it is the same joined carpet between the rooms? Will it help to keep the carpets fitted, neat, etc? Is there any other options instead for the door bars which still allow the carpet to be fitted across rooms?

    Asked by jonathan on 2nd Sep 2019

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    I have had some tiles fitted recently which have not been fitted correctly which do not seem to have enough adhesive used. They are quite loose in some areas when they have any weight on them & can be quite wobbly in some cases. I want to lift off the tiles so they can be refitted with more adhesive. Is there any simple way for me to lift off the tiles without causing any damage to the tiles themselves and the floors beneath? Is there any tools that could be used for this specific purpose?

    Asked by Jenny on 12th Aug 2019

    The best place to buy vinyl tiles for a large room, on a tight budget.

    Asked by Sophia on 21st Jul 2019

    My floorboards have become scuffed over time, with some areas becoming quite noticeably worn. If possible, I would like to hide or get rid of them, one way or another. Is it possible that sanding the areas very lightly could work? Or are there any special treatments that could remove/hide the scuffs as effectively? Any professionals’ opinions or personal past experiences would be great to hear from!

    Asked by MRS DAKIRI on 7th Jul 2019

    Hi All, I have a ply lined bathroom floor and would like to know which adhesive would be best for porcelain floor tiles (600mm x 600mm). Does anyone have any suggestions? Currently, I have some leftover unibond ave a 20kg bag of unibond rapid set ceramic floor tile adhesive cement based left over from another.

    Asked by Simon on 7th Mar 2019

    Which adhesive for slate tiles will cement work?? I’ve had some tiling work on some floors done recently but found some of the tiles don’t stick down at all – I can lift them straight up! It is a concrete floor underneath and the tiles still need to be grouted. Is this normal to not be grouted yet? Should it be concrete or some kind of tile adhesive?

    Asked by Robert on 28th Feb 2019

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