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  • Ask a Trade: Kitchen Fitters

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    I have bought new kitchen units for my kitchen renovation, but I am finding it very difficult to keep the wall units fastened to the walls properly. I follow the instructions from the pack, to drill and use fixing plugs – but whatever I do they do not seem to get any purchase on the walls. All I seem to achieve is more brick dust on my worktops. Has anyone any advice for this? Could it be the walls and not the units that are the problem? As far as I know, I am drilling for the units correctly, but they definitely haven’t got enough purchase to keep them up there. Any advice would be appreciated!

    Asked by Michael on 17th Oct 2019

    Hello, I have a fairly new kitchen worktop that has become damaged in one section, which will need to be removed. I would consider just replacing this one section of the worktop if I can, instead of seeking an entirely new worktop style again after just 2 years. Do kitchen fitters offer partial worktop replacements as a service usually? And is it possible to replace this one worktop section without upsetting the rest of the fittings and worktop areas? My only alternative would be to look at getting a new worktop entirely, so I would rather replace the single damaged section somehow, if it’s possible.

    Asked by June on 10th Jul 2019

    I have decorative tiling along the walls of my kitchen which have become stained over time. Some stains are very difficult to remove and some I’ve not been able to remove. These are ceramic tiles and are several years old (since fitting) and I would love to get them looking new again. Is there any best methods that would remove these stains completely? These are mostly stains from food and drinks, if this makes any difference.

    Asked by Patrick on 16th Jun 2019

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    Where can I go to get the best kitchen? I have a recently bought a property which needs a new kitchen fitting. Is it better to find somewhere to supply the kitchen and then hire a tradesmen to fit it, or have a tradesman supply and fit the kitchen alone?

    Asked by Tushar on 7th Mar 2019

    I have some kitchen cupboard doors which are starting to look a bit worse for wear. It’s had some basic water damage which have turned created a few dark patches (from some leaks of the sink above). Should I replace these doors or are they possible to clean up, repair & repaint? If I can repaint them, what types of paint are best to use? Thanks

    Asked by Claire Kate on 25th Feb 2019

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