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  • Ask a Trade: Kitchen Fitters

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    Hello, Would it be a difficult job to take out a cupboard and strengthen the support sides, run a power line and plumb in a dishwasher into the drainage in the adjacent cupboard?

    Asked by Nigel on 3rd Sep 2020

    What is the hourly cost of hiring a kitchen fitter in Northern Ireland? Does it depend on the town/city/locality you live in? Or is it more or less the same everywhere?

    Asked by Adam on 21st Aug 2020

    What is the best material for a kitchen cabinet to choose from when it comes to longevity and its ability to resist scratching and other forms of damage?

    Asked by Elly on 20th Aug 2020

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    Got a question that only a tradesperson can answer? We have thousands of trades ready to answer any question you may have.

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    Do kitchen fitters charge a high rate? What is the hourly and daily charge of a kitchen fitter in Yorkshire? How about in Merseyside? I am asking because I am from Yorkshire and my brother from Liverpool is interested in having his kitchen upgraded too.

    Asked by Patrick on 15th Aug 2020

    My family and I live in London and we’d like to have a cabinet kitchen island added to our kitchen. How much might this cost in terms of the supply and labour costs? We would like an average quality and average-priced product but preferably something stylish and that which will last long.

    Asked by angie on 14th Aug 2020

    I am looking to have a new kitchen fitted in my home. In essence, I would like to have my old kitchen completely remodelled. I am looking to have a microwave, fridge and dishwasher replaced with up to date, smart versions. I am planning to also have a kitchen island added and several cabinets replaced. Further I would like to have the floorboards replaced with engineered wood flooring. Finally, I would also like to have the walls and ceiling repainted. With all of this taken into account, what sort of price do you think I might expect to pay for this specific kitchen redesign/remodelling?

    Asked by duncan on 14th Aug 2020

    I am planning to entirely remodel my kitchen. Do you have many recommendations when it comes to lighting? My kitchen is 15 square metres and I’d like to have the remodelled kitchen lit up in the best way possible! What are the best types of lighting and way of arranging it that I should take on board?

    Asked by Michael on 13th Aug 2020

    How much cost and time is required to remove kitchen worktop? The hob and sink will be reattached to a new worktop which the provider will be fitting, but they won’t remove it. Need someone that can disconnect and reconnect gas supply

    Asked by Varsha on 9th Jul 2020

    Hi I am looking to buy a new kitchen suite and would like to know where the best place to buy a full kitchen would be? I want to buy it and get it installed ideally unless it would be better to buy it separately? I'm after the full kitchen with units, worktops and built in appliances. Any advice on the best place to buy them from without getting ripped off would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Asked by Steve on 1st Jun 2020

    We moved into a house with a broken oven. All the ones to replace it are 90cm wide and the existing oven and gap are 89.5cm. There is a single cupboard to the right of the oven with worktop above (probably about 50cm long) so I think the best solution is to take out this bit of worktop, trim off c.1cm and then reseal it back in. Does this sound possible and how much might it cost? To a layman, it sounds like with the right tools it could be quite a quick job.

    Asked by Jessica on 27th May 2020
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