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    How much roughly does it cost to replace window seals on double glazed UPVC windows and how quickly can it be done?

    Asked by Katey on 3rd Oct 2019

    Hi all Today I had a blockage in my sink’s drain pipe – I decided to unblock it using some drain unblocker liquid, thinking the block may just be some leftovers that had gotten stuck somehow. Unfortunately, this hasn’t helped and now I have a blocked drain pipe with unblocking liquid in there too. Is there any way I could try and fix this myself or would I be best to ask a plumber to take a look?

    Asked by duncan on 2nd Oct 2019

    Hello In the past I have used fused spurs for any and all appliances that are built-in to work tops or under the counter, but I had been told recently that this wouldn’t be necessary and that I could just run these appliances via sockets in adjoining cupboards. Should this be what I am doing instead nowadays or am I fine to continue as I have been? I want to be sure that I am installing appliances as safe as I can.

    Asked by Lou on 29th Sep 2019

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    Who would I need to come out to look at a damp patch in my kitchen? I'm guessing rising damp on a wall that used to be external, now part of extension. Would it be a builder or a damp specialist? Thanks

    Asked by Gemma on 29th Sep 2019

    We have got damp around our chimney breast what could it be? It appears to be working its way up from the floor.

    Asked by Debbie on 27th Sep 2019
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