Thoughts on Colefax & Fowler?

What are your thoughts on Colefax & Fowler wallpaper? Are they among the best brands in terms of value for money?

Asked by Karen on 13th Jul 2022
Expert Trade Answers
"I would have to say they are right up there with couple of other quality wallpaper brands and as for the value again all good quality products cost decent prices but as they say you only get what you pay for!! Pay once and get quality materials and you save in the end."
Answered on 13th Jul 2022 - Member since May 2020 - report
"I find it a good quality paper and easy to lay. The price is dependent on the design but all round a good product."
Answered on 13th Mar 2024 - Member since Dec 2021 - report
"Colefax & Fowler is a well-respected British brand in the home decor industry, known for their high-quality fabrics and wallpapers. They offer a range of classic and timeless designs that are suitable for traditional and modern interiors alike.

In terms of value for money, Colefax & Fowler wallpaper is generally considered to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. However, many people believe that the quality of their products justifies the higher price point. Colefax & Fowler wallpapers are often made using premium materials and printing techniques, which can result in a more durable and long-lasting product.

Ultimately, the value of Colefax & Fowler wallpaper depends on your individual preferences and budget. If you are looking for a premium quality product with a timeless design that will last for years to come, Colefax & Fowler may be a good choice. However, if you are on a tight budget or looking for a more trendy or contemporary design, there may be more affordable options available"
Answered on 11th Mar 2023 - Member since Sep 2022 - report
"Colefax & Fowler is a prestigious and well-regarded wallpaper brand, known for its classic, elegant designs and high-quality materials. Here’s an overview of Colefax & Fowler wallpaper and its value proposition:

### **Quality and Design**

1. **Design Aesthetic**
- **Traditional Elegance**: Colefax & Fowler is renowned for its timeless, classic designs that often feature florals, damasks, and chinoiserie motifs. Their patterns exude a sense of refined, traditional elegance that can enhance the sophistication of any room.
- **Color Palette**: The brand typically uses a restrained and sophisticated color palette, making it suitable for creating serene and harmonious interiors.

2. **Material Quality**
- **High-Quality Materials**: The wallpapers are made from premium materials, ensuring durability and a luxurious finish. This attention to quality means the wallpapers maintain their appearance over time.
- **Craftsmanship**: The printing techniques used by Colefax & Fowler emphasize detail and richness, contributing to their reputation for high-quality products.

### **Value for Money**

1. **Pricing**
- **Premium Pricing**: Colefax & Fowler wallpapers are positioned in the higher price bracket, reflecting their quality and design prestige. While they are more expensive than some mainstream brands, the cost is justified by their durability and timeless appeal."
Answered on 12th Jun 2024 - Member since Dec 2023 - report
"Like anything in life sometimes the cheaper brands out do the more expensive, in my years as a painter decorater i have hung wallpapers over £100 a roll & some that were £10 a roll & better quality, go with what you like design wise forget the name"
Answered on 8th Apr 2024 - Member since Mar 2024 - report
"Colefax & Fowler makes really nice wallpapers. They're known for being super good quality and having really pretty designs.

But they can be a bit expensive.

If you care a lot about having a really nice design that lasts a long time, they might be worth the extra money. It's like choosing between a regular shirt and a fancier one that costs more.

Some people think it's worth it for something special!"
Answered on 8th Dec 2023 - Member since Dec 2023 - report
"With a rich history dating back to 1930, Colefax and Fowler has become renowned for the craftsmanship and heritage behind its traditional British fabric and wallpaper collections. The brand is best-known for its use of trailing florals, classic stripes and charming jacquards."
Answered on 14th Jul 2022 - Member since Oct 2021 - report
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