Removal of lead paint in old house

Have any experienced painters had to remove lead paint before? Is it dangerous to do yourself? Is it better/safer/cheaper to remove it from timer door and bay window frames or remove and replace them with MDF?

Asked by Mischa on 16th Feb 2021
Expert Trade Answers
"The best way to get it off is using a chemical stripper and the correct ppe. Gloves mask and goggles are essential. Not dangerous to do yourself of you follow the instructions and advice. But will take you longer than someone who is used to doing it. Without looking at the work. It’d be hard to say if your better replacing or renovating. Could be the paints hiding issues and you won’t know about them until you get it off."
Answered on 17th Feb 2021 - Member since Jan 2021 - report
"Removing lead paint can be dangerous, as lead is a toxic substance that can cause serious health problems if ingested or inhaled. It is important to take appropriate safety measures when removing lead paint, including wearing protective clothing and respiratory equipment, and properly disposing of all materials contaminated with lead.

If you have experience with lead paint removal and feel comfortable doing it yourself, there are safe and effective methods for removing lead paint from timber door and window frames. This typically involves using a heat gun and scraper to remove the paint, and then sanding and repainting the surface.

However, if you are not experienced with lead paint removal, it is generally recommended that you hire a professional contractor who is trained in lead-safe work practices. They will have the appropriate safety equipment and experience to safely and effectively remove the lead paint.

In terms of whether it is better to remove and replace the frames with MDF, it depends on the condition of the existing frames and your personal preferences. If the frames are in good condition and have historic or aesthetic value, it may be more appropriate to remove the lead paint and repaint the frames. However, if the frames are in poor condition or you prefer a different material, replacing them with MDF may be a good option. It is important to weigh the cost, benefits, and potential risks of each option before making a decision."
Answered on 19th Mar 2023 - Member since Sep 2022 - report
"In relation to removing paint of this type from a door, I would recommend dipping. It is a process where a company takes the door away or you take it to them and they strip the paint and will normally offer services to clean and sand the door as well.

This is both the safest way and less time consuming. In relation to the windows if you use a heat gun it will release toxic poisonous fumes, which are hard to get rid off.

Some painter and decorators may have an infra red paint stripper, these are expensive and unless it something you use regularly they may not have part of their tools.

Here is a link to help give you a visual in relation to the preparation and process to remove the lead paint."
Answered on 2nd May 2021 - Member since Mar 2021 - report
"Hello, I have not personally been involved with the removal of lead paint, but the answer to your question is DO NOT DO IT YOUR SELF! Lead poisoning is very serious, specialist PPE and equipment with expert knowledge and certified disposal are required. 100% google a certified specialist and trusted trader with relevant experience and credentials."
Answered on 26th May 2021 - Member since Oct 2020 - report
"If you protect your eyes with goggles and your mouth with a face mask and gloves you will be fine."
Answered on 24th Mar 2021 - Member since Mar 2021 - report
"Hi there, lead paint is dangerous if you try to sand over it to remove it, however, you can do it yourself with the right procedures. Lead paint is poisonous and can be a serious health problem, usually lead paint is primarily in homes built before 1978 the year lead paint was banned."
Answered on 16th Oct 2021 - Member since Feb 2021 - report
"Sodium phosphate is excellent for the removal of led paint. Always wear eye protection and gloves"
Answered on 15th Apr 2021 - Member since Mar 2021 - report
"When I’ve removed lead paint in the past I’ve always used sodium phosphate. Does the job easy to apply"
Answered on 4th May 2021 - Member since Apr 2021 - report
"It's safe to remove lead based paints, using either abrasive
Or burn off, providing its well ventilated, fire extinguisher at
Hand and adequate PPE worn by the person carrying out the task in question


Answered on 16th Feb 2021 - Member since Nov 2020 - report
"Replace with new.
It’s dangerous to burn off.
There are some liquid paint removal.
It’s really a job for a professional"
Answered on 16th Feb 2021 - Member since Sep 2019 - report
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