Internal Glass Door

Can you fix a 40kg glass door to a non load bearing internal wall. If so what trade is the best to do the job window fitter or builder?

Asked by Michael on 10th Jun 2024
Expert Trade Answers
"I personally don't think window fitter is a trade.This job should be done by a joiner.As regards the wall that glass door would hang off,I obviously hung off a frame ,is the wall stud ,timber/metal,or single skin thermalite block .
These are all configurations that determine what fixings are to be used.
Hope this helps."
Answered on 10th Jun 2024 - Member since Jan 2022 - report
"Yes if the wall is masonry if timber you should be able to but it will need strenghnin"
Answered on 11th Jun 2024 - Member since May 2020 - report
"Fixing a 40kg glass door to a non-load bearing internal wall can be challenging due to the weight of the door and the structural limitations of the wall. It’s important to ensure that the wall can support the weight without any risk of damage.

For this task, a builder or a carpenter who has experience with structural modifications would be the best choice. They can assess the wall’s capacity to hold the door and make any necessary reinforcements. A window fitter is typically specialized in installing windows and may not have the required expertise for structural work.

It’s crucial to hire a professional who can evaluate the wall and install the door safely and securely. Make sure they are qualified and have good reviews or references."
Answered on 18th Jun 2024 - Member since Jun 2024 - report
"Yes dodo is masonry but you will need a lintel above to carry the space where you have taken out for the door. Make sure it’s resting 150mm over run each side and rests on the brick work. 100x50mmwill be ok.
If it’s timber then you will have to strengthen the timber up and make sure you frame it either side. I would put a double header at the top or 2x 4x2 stitches together.
Hope that all makes sense"
Answered on 11th Jun 2024 - Member since Feb 2024 - report
Universal property services on"
Answered on 30th Jun 2024 - Member since Apr 2024 - report
"The builder should be able to help you with this task"
Answered on 11th Jun 2024 - Member since May 2024 - report
"You will need to reinforce the wall and a joiner would do the job"
Answered on 23rd Jun 2024 - Member since May 2024 - report
"Hi yes you can the best trade would be a carpenter he will be more precise and as long as the door fits the door frame"
Answered on 10th Jun 2024 - Member since Aug 2017 - report
"It depends on the construction of the wall, if its a prefab wall it may not be strong enough, but if its a proper one made with four x two studs or blockwork then it should be fine.
Either a door fitter or carpenter would be best."
Answered on 30th Jun 2024 - Member since Jun 2024 - report
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