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Hi, I'm looking for help with doing a quotation for cladding wood and stud wall. How much per square metre?
Anyone know a professional man who knows how to do a quotation?

Any help please.

Asked by Andrzej (andrew) on 21st Feb 2024
Expert Trade Answers
It very hard to offer a price pm2 on something like this. There could be many factors to consider when completing an installation.

You may want to consider posting a job advert in here for tradesmen local to your to visit the property and carry out an inspection of the works you need doing.

Any professional should want to visit the property, look at the access for working, consider things like access platforms or scaffolding for safe working conditions. They will also need to discuss with your what colours or designs you may want.

Hope this helps
Answered on 21st Feb 2024 - Member since Sep 2023 - report
"Hi, the price for cladding wood and stud wall would rage from £100 to £150 per metre square. It also depends on type of cladding."
Answered on 24th Feb 2024 - Member since Jul 2022 - report
"Work out how many linear metres of wood you'd need and get a price per metre from your supplier, for materials cost
Then estimate the amount of time to do the job and multiply by your rate
Add on any business expenses and profit to give your total price"
Answered on 4th Mar 2024 - Member since Jan 2019 - report
"Calculate materials and add your time plus some mark on top and you got quote"
Answered on 11th Mar 2024 - Member since Jan 2022 - report
"Hard to price something like this normally how long it would take, also depends on what materials your using"
Answered on 11th Mar 2024 - Member since Dec 2016 - report
Really all depends on material you want to use it prices
for example I done it recently oak cladding and cost was 55£ just for wood not cheap there are more alternatives I could help with quotation but will needed more details"
Answered on 13th Mar 2024 - Member since Mar 2024 - report
"Hello Andrzej
I am happy to help you
I have many years years experience with building , joinery , cladding,fencing , paving
Let me know if you interested for me to pop in and have look on job to be done.

Regards Imrich"
Answered on 21st Feb 2024 - Member since Dec 2023 - report
"You can’t price it in sq metres. What are the dimensions"
Answered on 21st Feb 2024 - Member since Jan 2024 - report
"Good morning to you we can help you with your quote regarding cladding and how much it cost and labour as well just send over the height and width and we help you cost it ok"
Answered on 21st Mar 2024 - Member since Mar 2023 - report
"I don’t personally quote per square metre. I take a measurement of the whole wall (area wall to be fitted) and then draw it on my iPad but paper works as well. Then you can see how many metres of timber your need. Cladding will be priced at square metre to you, be sure to allow for 10% wastage (due to cuts and damage) if you have sizes I can help you price it."
Answered on 22nd Mar 2024 - Member since Mar 2024 - report
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