Wooden floor scratches

My wooden floor is scratched. How do I get rid of scratches?

Asked by Karen on 3rd Feb 2021
Expert Trade Answers
"It’s important to note that while engineered wood flooring is more durable than traditional wood floors, it can still get scratched. You will see this most often in high traffic areas. Scratches on engineered flooring can be repaired using a wax-based repair kit made specifically for this type of floor.  There are many different brands available. Read the label to make sure it’s suited to your flooring or give us a call for a recommendation.

For this process, you will use a putty knife to push the filler into the scratch. It will make the scratch unnoticeable, even invisible. Just be sure to read the label and instructions."
Answered on 3rd Feb 2021 - Member since Mar 2019 - report
"Obviously you are referring to hardwood flooring. If they are just surface scratches you could possibly try sanding them out or if they are a little deeper you can try a wooden floor repair kit that has wax of different shades."
Answered on 4th Feb 2021 - Member since Dec 2020 - report
"Hi . A little tip. If the scratches are not to deep. This may sound strange but if you rub a walnut on the scratch the oil from the nut will hide the scratch. Ok for small area"
Answered on 17th Feb 2021 - Member since Feb 2021 - report
"Would depend on how badly scratched and type of flooring 👍🏻"
Answered on 3rd Feb 2021 - Member since Nov 2020 - report
"You can get out scratches easy enough by sanding it down, by hand or can use a power tool"
Answered on 9th Jun 2021 - Member since Jan 2019 - report
"Purchase some hard wax sticks in the same colour as your floor. Melt the wax into the scratch after thoughtlessly cleaning the scratch out (if it is only small you may have to make it slightly deeper to accept a little bit more of the wax) as I say melt the wax stick into the scratch leave to dry and sand back to the correct level. Should leave a hard wax filling in the scratch which will be almost invisible to anyone else but you."
Answered on 3rd Feb 2021 - Member since Nov 2020 - report
"You can use a belt sander then re varnish or laquer, or if not to bad a scratch use colour matched waxes"
Answered on 9th Feb 2021 - Member since Oct 2020 - report
"Hi, there are many types of wooden floors. I order to provide the right answer need to know what type of wooden floor is. If you can give more details of the type of floor, for example: laminate, natural, solid, engineered, softwood, hardwood, painted, etc."
Answered on 3rd Feb 2021 - Member since May 2020 - report
"Coffee and a bit of water
Wax crayon
Nearest colour marker pen"
Answered on 3rd Feb 2021 - Member since Apr 2019 - report
Depending on how big the scratches are, you can use some wax and filler if you now how to use it.
Answered on 18th Feb 2021 - Member since Nov 2020 - report
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