Wood floor restoration advice

I’m considering having my wood flooring restored but I don’t know if I should sand and varnish or sand and oil it? What do you think is the best method overall?

Asked by Sarath on 11th Mar 2021
Expert Trade Answers
"Many products on the market depends on colour choice etc.. most oils dont really add colour."
Answered on 30th Mar 2021 - Member since Mar 2021 - report
"A varnish is best as can be, oil protects the wood but not the surface, varnish protects the surface."
Answered on 4th Jan 2022 - Member since Feb 2018 - report
"Hi The answer is oil as it is easier to maintain.
Norman Styles"
Answered on 7th May 2022 - Member since May 2021 - report
"I would hire a sanding machine and re sand it go over it with a damp mop , oil it then give it another light sand and then oil it again"
Answered on 11th Mar 2021 - Member since Jun 2020 - report
"Hi I would recommend you hire a sanding machine make sure you start on a low setting keep the machine moving all the once you have stripped the floors make sure you clean all the dust away then you can reseal the floor"
Answered on 11th Mar 2021 - Member since Aug 2020 - report
"1. Oils are more expensive, they can add up to £3.00 per square metre to the cost of a floor overall.
2. A lacquered floor can have a low shine matt finish and look exactly like an oil.
3. Lacquered lasts longest and performs best against surface moisture.
4. Maintaining an oiled wood floor can enhance the appearance and remove light scratches. It can often be as easy as just cleaning the floor or applying new oil with a roller. With lacquered flooring, sanding is often required to refinish a floor."
Answered on 4th Feb 2022 - Member since Feb 2022 - report
"Depends on your lifestyle.
Oil goes into the wood and therefore scratches are easy to repair.
Varnish is a surface treatment and once scratched requires more work to fix.
If you have dogs, children etc oil is always best."
Answered on 11th Mar 2021 - Member since Apr 2019 - report
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