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    What is the best way to paint a bathroom ceiling?

    Painters & Decorators

    Hi all
    A few months ago I had been redecorating my bathroom, which included repainting the ceiling. I had used Dulux’ bathroom specific paint – for better mould and moisture resistance.
    Since then, the paint has become flaky as small cracks are appearing – surely this is too soon for any noticeable wear?
    Is there any better suited paints for bathrooms ceilings? Or is there some way that the paint should be applied to be most effective?

    Asked by Karen on 31st Jul 2019
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    Best Answer


    "There maybe a couple of reasons for your predicament.
    Firstly when you applied the dulux specific paint the surface may have been dusty (this stops the paint adhering). Other possible reasons for bad adhesion are wax furniture polish (by accident) concentrated PVA glue(can be used for sealing surfaces), and/or the paint may have needed stirring and/or was dry when applying.
    But the most likely reason for the cracking/flaking of the paint might be that in the past an oil based (satin or gloss finish) paint has been applied to the surface and then you have put a water/vinyl based paint on top. This has the effect that up-cycling people are after when trying to give furniture an ”antiquey” look.
    As long as you have ruled out past water damage and/or condensation problems (bad ventilation) the solution is to firstly apply a primer/sealer (matt finish) , over which you can apply almost any paint.
    As you can see there are many possible reasons for the condition of your bathroom ceiling. I hope that this answer is not too long winded. Trying to cover all bases. :-):-)"

    Answered on 2nd Aug 2019 - Member since Jul 2019 - report
    NL roofing and building

    "I would pva the ceiling first then try the bathroom paint."

    Answered on 1st Aug 2019 - Member since Jul 2019 - report
    hawk property maintenance

    First of all dulux isnt as good as it makes out, secondly how was the surface before you started to paint? Clean, and dust free? I would recommend removing what you can of the flaking paint and using a pva bond to seal the ceiling let dry and re paint over"

    Answered on 14th Aug 2019 - Member since Oct 2017 - report

    "Damp seal all the ceiling then repaint with soft sheet emulsion"

    Answered on 18th Aug 2019 - Member since May 2019 - report

    "You have used the right paint but not prepared the surface properly, sand down old paint and give it two coats of kitchen and bathroom paint and it should be fine
    Brian from sortit4u"

    Answered on 19th Aug 2019 - Member since Aug 2019 - report

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