What can I do about a leaking u-bend pipe beneath my sink?

For the past week, I’ve had a small drip leaking from the u-bend pipe underneath my kitchen sink. It seems to be from the joins of the pipe sections.
So far, I’ve had to put bowls underneath to collect the drips, but I can’t leave it like this for too long.
Is there anything I could do that might fix this drip in the meantime? I could probably take it apart, but haven’t just in case I can’t put it back together.
Alternatively, should I just hire a local plumber to take a look?

Asked by Karen on 24th Jun 2019
Expert Trade Answers
"Hi there, Middlesex Plumbing & Heating here. If by the u-bend you are referring to the trap this is a very easy repair. Simply disconnect the trap, put a towel/bowl under it to catch any water (around a glassful just the contents of the trap). Loosen all connections and re tighten them ensuring that none of them are cross threaded, just hand tight will do. If the leak continues you can put silicone around the joints which are leaking but it is just as quick and cost effective to just replace the trap. A sink trap can be purchased for under £10 and exchanged with the current one in just a few minutes."
Answered on 9th Jul 2019 - Member since Jun 2019 - report

It is a very simple job to be honest you can always change the bend yourself by taking a picture of the bend and bringing it in to your local plumbing merchants. take the bend apart step by step by taking photos this way you can look back at each step."
Answered on 1st Aug 2019 - Member since Jun 2016 - report
"Take apart all threaded joints, ensure the joints have not been cross-threaded - check all seals, ensure they are complete and are not damaged.
When replacing do not over tighten- hand tight only- do not use grips - do not use any PTFE on joints. Worst-case scenario - buy a replacement trap and fit it correctly"
Answered on 25th Jul 2019 - Member since Jun 2019 - report
"If you have a leak in a U-bend, try tightening up the joins by twisting them. If there is a small leak, I still recommend dismantling and checking all rubber seals ( most probably the problem).

A plumber may charge you £25 call out then £25 for the first hour."
Answered on 27th Oct 2019 - Member since Jul 2019 - report
"I would hire someone if you are not confident taking it apart."
Answered on 24th Jun 2019 - Member since May 2019 - report
"Hi, if you take the trap (u bend) apart you will probably find either a build up of dirt or damaged seals or both. You can buy a new trap seal kit quite cheap, or a new trap (whichever you would prefer). Taking apart and putting together the trap is relatively simple. Hand tighten the connections and test for leaks. If you are still unsure then call a plumber.
Hope this helps you"
Answered on 28th Jun 2019 - Member since Aug 2018 - report

2 options.

1). Warm water and a plunger while sealing all other holes.

2). Take the pipework apart. Take a picture of it assembled first."
Answered on 18th Oct 2019 - Member since Aug 2019 - report
"Probably better to get a good plumber out unless you feel confident you can do yourself, it could be just a quick tighten up on joints or it may need a new trap and fittings.
Hope this helps."
Answered on 19th Jul 2019 - Member since Jul 2019 - report
"I would ask local plumber or add a job on to here. Taking it apart and finding the problem is the best soulution may need new rubbers or washers"
Answered on 22nd Aug 2019 - Member since Oct 2018 - report
"Hi there , all the joints on the trap should have a rubber seals (unless it's a grey Frankie type) they might need just hand tightening up . You can check where / if it is leaking by wiping with a dry piece of paper kitchen towel, any moisture/ water will show up..
If hand tightening doesn't work , take a photo of it , disconnect and clean or replace trap, or use "my job quote " to get a local plumber in .."
Answered on 9th Feb 2024 - Member since Nov 2023 - report
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