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    wallpapering a room

    Painters & Decorators

    How do I work out how much wallpaper I will need for a room?

    Asked by Brigitta on 9th Jun 2019
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    Best Answer


    "Start the calculations with the height of the room (say 3 metres, 100 inches). Take the length of the roll of wallpaper (printed on the packaging) Dividing the height of the room by the length of the whole roll will give you how many “Drops” you can get from each roll.Then measure the width of the wall to be papered (say 5 metres,160 inches) , divide this by the width of the wallpaper roll to work out how many drops are needed for each wall. When calculating total lengths of each drop care should be taken if applying patterned wallpaper, as matching the pattern can add up to 18 inches to each “Drop”. Plain papers, single colour paper or lining paper can be cut/spliced into the corners of the room, saving time, effort and materials. Alternatively invite me round to do the calculations for you."

    Answered on 19th Jul 2019 - Member since Jul 2019 - report
    D J Loveless Renovations & Maintenance Ltd

    "Measure the height and width of the room as a total and then look at the length and width of the rolls of wallpaper if a plain no patterned paper that doesn’t need matching up."

    Answered on 10th Jun 2019 - Member since May 2019 - report
    MD Contracts Ltd

    "A standard roll of wallpaper is approximately 10.5m (33ft) long and 530mm (1ft 9in) wide. If you measure the height of the walls from skirting to ceiling, you can work out how many strips of paper you can cut from a standard roll - four strips is about average. If wallpaper has pattern and should match, than average will be three strips, it depends on how big are steps of patterns."

    Answered on 21st Jun 2019 - Member since Dec 2018 - report

    "Ideally count how many full strips and divide by 4
    And another roll to cover smaller bits, if a big pattern match or double match divide by 3 .
    If not papered count how many times 21 inches goes round the room and divide as above
    Brian from sortit4u"

    Answered on 5th Sep 2019 - Member since Aug 2019 - report
    Cotswold Paint and Paper

    "Average ceiling height of 2.1 metres will use four drops(one standard roll of single drop wallpaper."

    Answered on 1st Sep 2021 - Member since Nov 2019 - report
    Jarvis Decor

    "The simplest way to measure up for me is. Rooms 2.7 and higher are 3 drops per roll
    Room that are the standard 2.1/4 are 4 drops per roll. Then just using 1 roll go round the room counting the drops."

    Answered on 15th Jul 2019 - Member since Mar 2018 - report
    Au Faix

    "Normally you will get three pieces from a roll depending on the match but if you got an old roll of paper and go around the room you can easily work it out"

    Answered on 6th May 2021 - Member since Apr 2021 - report

    "hi i use this to help"

    Answered on 2nd Jul 2020 - Member since Mar 2020 - report
    T@P decorating

    "Depends on weather the paper has a match or plain. But the roll will tell you what the coverage is"

    Answered on 20th Apr 2021 - Member since Mar 2021 - report

    "You have to work out the height of ceiling and width of the roll. Usually for a standard 2.4 metre floor to ceiling wall you would get roughly 3/4 drops per roll depending on the pattern."

    Answered on 23rd Nov 2019 - Member since Nov 2019 - report

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