Tape vs scraper when painting

Is it better to tape around windows before painting or use a scraper afterwards?

Asked by June on 20th Dec 2022
Expert Trade Answers
"Is better to tape around the Windows befire painting is more sure and more easy ,because if you not mask tape around and use the scraper is not good ideea the Windows will show scratch"
Answered on 20th Dec 2022 - Member since Nov 2020 - report
"Scrape Paint Off Windows, Instead of Using Tape. Don't bother taping windows when painting sashes—it takes a long time and paint usually ends up on the glass anyway. Go ahead and let paint get on the glass. Once it dries, simply scrape it off with a razor blade"
Answered on 23rd Dec 2022 - Member since Oct 2022 - report
"Takes less time to paint onto windows & scrape off after a couple of days drying time.
Also covers gaps better"
Answered on 20th Dec 2022 - Member since Aug 2017 - report
"The answer is neither. Purchase a sash brush and just paint the frame not the glass. It takes time and patience. Have a cloth with you. That’s the right way."
Answered on 21st Dec 2022 - Member since Jul 2020 - report
"A good quality tape is better, and make you leave the paint to completely dry before removing tape"
Answered on 22nd Dec 2022 - Member since Dec 2022 - report
"Just be careful and do a good job none of these are required"
Answered on 24th Dec 2022 - Member since Jul 2019 - report
"Painting windows requires special preparation and techniques because of their glass and open-and-close operation. To protect the glass, you can use masking tape or a wipe-on protective film that's dispensed much like deodorant. Another option is to skip this step and scrape off any paint from the glass with a razor"
Answered on 22nd Dec 2022 - Member since May 2022 - report
"Hi June
I like to tape around windows and doors for a nicer finish."
Answered on 21st Dec 2022 - Member since Aug 2020 - report
"It's is best to tape round a window making sure you peel off before the paint dries so the tape doesn't rip also you cud damage the window with a scraper"
Answered on 27th Dec 2022 - Member since Jun 2019 - report
"Use tape around the glass . Afterwoods use the scraper to align sharp edges. Hope this would help . Decor8"
Answered on 20th Dec 2022 - Member since Nov 2022 - report
"Good idea to practice cutting in to the best of your ability, then use a Stanley blade scraper to remove any excess, leaving a straight sight line.
Good luck
Tip: Use a short bristle brush, but make sure you. Have enough paint on it so that the paint flows as you move the brush."
Answered on 20th Dec 2022 - Member since Nov 2022 - report
"It’s better use tape before painting if you can’t doing the cut in."
Answered on 20th Dec 2022 - Member since Jul 2022 - report
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