Sanding sheets for floor sanders

How many sanding sheets am I likely to need when I hire a floor sanding machine to do a 3m x 4m room? We're intending to smooth the boards and remove the dark staining.

Asked by Akinfolayan on 15th Mar 2023
Expert Trade Answers
"This depends a lot on the dark staining you mentioned I would imagine the staining is a darkalene stain which is tar based so can block sand papers you may need 4 or 5 coarse sheets then once the staining is removed you would need a couple of medium and fine papers. Make sure to punch nails before starting and during sanding process as nails blunt sandpaper."
Answered on 6th Apr 2023 - Member since Apr 2023 - report
"It will depend on what sort & how much varnish/grime your sanding off.. I would always have two or three off each .. just in case.."
Answered on 24th Sep 2023 - Member since Sep 2023 - report
"If you are renting the sander you can take 4 sheets each big grit and small grit for a smooth finish. Also for orbital sander (edges you need 4 any left over unused they will refund you"
Answered on 15th Mar 2023 - Member since Jan 2023 - report
"I would recommend a strong grip sanding sheet and get a pack of 5 to be conservative"
Answered on 23rd May 2023 - Member since May 2023 - report
"The hire centre will be able to advice you for the best sanding pads for specific surfaces"
Answered on 5th Apr 2023 - Member since Apr 2023 - report
"You will probably use 2 rough and 2 smooth sanding belts but you must make sure you punch all nails and screws in as the will rip the paper ie you will use lot’s more if you don’t"
Answered on 27th Jun 2023 - Member since Jun 2023 - report
"Good afternoon. It depends on the floor covering, sanding mashine size and sheets quality. If it's a big mashine - 3-4 should be enough for 1 number, second number 2 and all next numbers 2 sheets on different grift. Good luck and don't forget for PPE!"
Answered on 15th Mar 2023 - Member since Mar 2023 - report
"it may vary on how rough to get the initial coat of but you may need a couple of different grades to get it back to a posh finish."
Answered on 16th Apr 2023 - Member since Jan 2023 - report
"you would be best to use a machine. you will get a better finish and save your hands and arms"
Answered on 3rd Oct 2023 - Member since Aug 2018 - report
"It depends on how much a certain area needs sanding compared to the others and depends on how wide the sander is."
Answered on 9th Aug 2023 - Member since Aug 2023 - report
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