Quality paintbrush

What makes a high quality paint brush exactly? What qualities should I be looking for?

Asked by Greg on 17th Dec 2020
Expert Trade Answers
"Hi Greg,

The Herris is the best

Kind regards John G'Services"
Answered on 17th Dec 2020 - Member since Mar 2020 - report
"Agree with most purdy brushes are really good as long as no bristles dropping should be good"
Answered on 28th Dec 2020 - Member since Aug 2019 - report
"A brush that leaves no brush marks or drops any bristles"
Answered on 17th Dec 2020 - Member since Nov 2019 - report
"Hey, I use Harris Trade brushes from Screwfix. They are strong, reliable, relatively easy to clean.


This is the link I use on Screwfix to get my brushes. The brushes with an angled edge work brilliant when cutting in and tend to be my brush of choice.

Best of luck!!"
Answered on 2nd Jan 2021 - Member since Jan 2021 - report
"The best way to check if a brush is of a decent quality pull the hairs apart and if you can see the wooden stock through the bristles easily it is not ver good also it needs to feel soft the best brushes in my opinion is Purdy followed by Hamilton I hope this helps"
Answered on 17th Dec 2020 - Member since Dec 2019 - report
"I all ways use Purdue brushes , no bristle loss
Hold more paint , same with roller sleeves Purdy best there is"
Answered on 17th Dec 2020 - Member since Sep 2019 - report
"Purdy brush (harris if on budget) painting with a purdy is the diffence between walking bare foot on velvet versus a door matt. Tried many brushes Purdy is the best. Starting price 13 pounds to 26."
Answered on 25th Jan 2021 - Member since Jan 2021 - report
"Depends on what you are using it for?
If using oil or gloss paint l would use a stiff brush
If using for emulsion a softer brush type of bristle does no really matter ,l would suggest asset of professional brushes from Screwfix or Toolstation 5 brushes in s set for under £15"
Answered on 17th Dec 2020 - Member since Aug 2019 - report
"if you what a good finish on wood work are walls use a roller as you will not see the brush marks only use a small brush for the edges that are hard to get to with a roller

hope this helps
Answered on 22nd Dec 2020 - Member since Aug 2016 - report
"For me the best brush, is purdy monarch
Is my opinion"
Answered on 17th Dec 2020 - Member since Jul 2020 - report
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