MDF and wood skirting boards

Can you tell the difference between MDF and wood skirting boards once they're painted?

Asked by Christian on 12th Feb 2023
Expert Trade Answers
"There is a slide difference as mdf gives ya a better smother finish when painted ad ya timber has a grain in"
Answered on 5th Mar 2023 - Member since Feb 2023 - report
""MDF is a man-made material that is known for its uniformity and stability. This makes it ideal for painting as the paint finish will be smooth and consistent, without any knots or grain patterns to interfere.
On the other hand, wooden skirting boards can be made from a variety of different types of wood and will have a natural grain pattern that can be visible through the paint finish. This can give the skirting board a unique, natural appearance.""
Answered on 13th Feb 2023 - Member since Nov 2022 - report
"On wood, you will probably be able to notice the wood grains. And need a lot of sanding ,prime and two to three coats of paint. The wood maybe it will be more durable in a long term ."
Answered on 12th Feb 2023 - Member since Jan 2021 - report
Both look the same. As long as undercoated and at least 1 top coat there’s no diffebce."
Answered on 12th Feb 2023 - Member since Feb 2022 - report
"Not really, although a carpenter or painter could probably tell straight away. If either is sanded down well between coats of paint, both should give a good finish.
Solid timber is more durable than mdf but can cause minor problems at external mitred corners if the timber is "cupped" (ie slightly bowed in its height), where as mdf is always flat.
If using mdf in a kitchen or bathroom it is always a good idea to run a silicone bead between flooring and skirting after decorating because mdf will suffer water damage (from mopping, spills etc.) quicker than timber."
Answered on 12th Feb 2023 - Member since Jun 2019 - report
"As long is not in wet area ,after painting no much difference mdf almost bit better as wood can dry / twist/ crack also dealing with knots before painting and with the time thay still could be visible ."
Answered on 12th Feb 2023 - Member since Dec 2018 - report
"The only difference is the MDF doesn’t have a grain or imperfections, it is also easier to install"
Answered on 14th Feb 2023 - Member since Jan 2023 - report
"Not really apart from maybe a bit of the wood grain showing through but its minimal ,mdf skirting boards are a lot easier to work with and they come primed"
Answered on 6th Mar 2023 - Member since Jan 2023 - report
"Yes. There is no noticeable grain patterns on MDF unlike wood. MDF has a smoother finish"
Answered on 14th Feb 2023 - Member since Dec 2022 - report
"Depends if your painting or not you do not have a grain on MDF"
Answered on 28th Feb 2023 - Member since Jun 2021 - report
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