Making a slatted wall panel

I want to create a slatted wall panel as a feature in my dining room. What type of wood should I use and what's the best method for attaching it to the wall?

Asked by Cheryl on 2nd Dec 2022
Expert Trade Answers
"Hi, it depends on the budget you have. It can be hardwood, which is more expensive, or Smooth Planed Square edge Whitewood spruce Timber from B&Q or Wickes ... You have to make the frame the first time, after fixing each battens with pin nails, with a distance of 5 or 10 mm, it depends how you want it"
Answered on 2nd Dec 2022 - Member since Nov 2022 - report
"Mdf is definitely the best if use B&Q u can get the strips cut to the size needed use no nails and pins for fixing"
Answered on 31st Dec 2022 - Member since Dec 2019 - report
"Most types of wood can be used for a wall panel, however it needs to be well seasoned and fully dried. Best methods for installation from experience is by fixing timber struts to the wall the opposite way that the slats will be fixed. This way the slats can be nailed to these struts. Always allow space between pieces and at the ends for expansion."
Answered on 3rd Dec 2022 - Member since Dec 2021 - report
"Hi theres quite a few ways to hang the panels here a few double sided tape is good one, liquid no nails, tacks, little nail gun, screws and wall plugs etc, hope this helps"
Answered on 13th Feb 2024 - Member since Jun 2022 - report
"I’d personally use oak as it would suit it very well"
Answered on 22nd Jan 2024 - Member since Jan 2024 - report
"it depends on what look & durability you expect, as well as, what budget you have.
Hardwood is expensive in this country but it would provide you with best durability and really good look.

Softwood is more budget friendly and can provide very good results too in terms of looks.

You could also use laminate panels with glossy, mat (etc.) finishes.

As to how you attach it - it depends on what type of wall you are attaching them to! if it's a brick wall (such as a load bearing wall) then you can securely really well with scews; these can be covered ... but could be made a feature too ... i mean, there is options there depending on your creativity.

Glue could also be used on *any* type of wall.

Then you'd have to consider the finish - natural wood looking, actual natural wood, glossy, etc....

Panels could also be atached to a subframe (which would need done) - it would make it easier to remove if you change your mind later :)

It also depends on the space/dimensions itself - small area vs. bigger area; does it go all the way to the end of the wall or ends in the middle ... - details which you have not provided.

These are things i'd cosider if I was doing this for myself."
Answered on 15th Jan 2024 - Member since Jan 2024 - report
"You can use various different woods, cedar is a popular cladding material but its expensive, pine is probably the best value for money
Install battons on the wall then clad to these, pinning through the shoulder of the tongue"
Answered on 6th Mar 2023 - Member since Jan 2023 - report
"It all depends on your budget there are meany ways cheap option is moisture resistant MDF any thickness that suits your needs with some nails and a glue more expensive part is Timber"
Answered on 2nd Dec 2022 - Member since Jan 2021 - report
"i agree with the other trademens that have answered your question, but also have to make sure that the wall isn't bowed so you might have to pack out the batterns especailly if you want the timber to be flush finish and if using t and g makes your life easier to put together. and you also have to thing about any electric that are on the wall."
Answered on 2nd Dec 2022 - Member since Jul 2020 - report
"2'by 1" planned is best,fixed with panel adhesive and 50mm paslode brads"
Answered on 4th Aug 2023 - Member since Jun 2023 - report
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