How much would it cost to refurbishment my outside drain pipes

I have 3 pipes outside that are all metal and the paint is peeling hoe much would it cost to refinish these so that they look nice

Asked by Debbie on 8th May 2024
Expert Trade Answers
"Probably it will cost you 300-500£ it s depends on the laborer experience and price.
A laborer with more experience it will charge you more, but the final result will be 100%
A beginner will charge you less, but the final result may be 60-70%"
Answered on 18th May 2024 - Member since May 2024 - report
"Hi, please send me some pictures and I can give you a price.

Kind regards

Lucy Victoria Browne"
Answered on 8th May 2024 - Member since Oct 2023 - report
"It all depends on how high we are talking about and the access to the pipes I.e can it be done off ladders or would you need a tower or even a scaffolding so I would need photos or come and look at it in person."
Answered on 8th May 2024 - Member since Apr 2024 - report
"It depends which is doing your hob ,and £450to £750 that's how much it should cost you .
That's its also depends to the hights of your house ."
Answered on 9th May 2024 - Member since Jun 2020 - report
"Hi Debbie that an impossible question to answer unless someone visit.
1. How many pipes / junctions are involved
2. How easy or hard it is to access
That sort of thing.
I would probable be able to help you or know someone who could.
A Quick Look on wickes website will give you an idea of how much the materials are"
Answered on 9th May 2024 - Member since Jan 2024 - report
"Extent of Damage: Minor repairs such as sealing leaks or replacing a small section of the pipe will cost less than major repairs or a full replacement.

Pipe Material: The type of material (PVC, cast iron, clay, etc.) will affect the cost of both materials and labor.

Length and Accessibility: Longer pipes and those that are difficult to access (e.g., buried deep underground or under concrete) will be more expensive to refurbish.

Labor Costs: Labor costs can vary significantly depending on your location and the rates of local contractors.

Permits and Inspections: Some areas may require permits and inspections, which can add to the cost.

Additional Features: Installing new features like cleanouts, backflow preventers, or more advanced drainage solutions will increase the overall cost.

Here is a rough breakdown of potential costs:

Minor Repairs: Sealing leaks or patching small sections can cost between $100 to $500.
Pipe Replacement: Replacing a small section (a few feet) can range from $500 to $1,000.
Full Replacement: Replacing an entire drainage system can range from $2,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on the factors mentioned above.
Permits and Inspections: These can add another $100 to $500, depending on local regulations.
To get a more accurate estimate, it’s best to contact a few local plumbing or drainage contractors for quotes. They can assess the specific conditions of your drainage system and provide a more detailed estimate based on your needs."
Answered on 25th May 2024 - Member since May 2024 - report
"Depending on which paint you choose, the prices fluctuate. It requires surface preparation and possibly sanding or grouting. Manpower, travel and working time. approx 80-150 gbp. And for undecoat/primer and gloss or matt materials, for exterior, and sandpaper.

Answered on 10th May 2024 - Member since May 2024 - report
"It's important how long they are and at what height, but about 150f + paint.."
Answered on 11th May 2024 - Member since May 2024 - report
"Depending on the length and how wide they then you would be able to know how much paint is needed"
Answered on 12th May 2024 - Member since May 2024 - report
"It's about a days work
The cost should be in the region of £200
Answered on 13th May 2024 - Member since Sep 2022 - report
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